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Dreams starting with letter – A

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Abalone Shell

To dream of an abalone shell represents something in your life that’s unique, that’s just for you, or that no one else can have.

Abandoned House

To dream of an abandoned house represents belief systems, ways of living, or relationships that have been discarded. It may also reflect abandoned ideas or a future you planned for yourself and gave up on. Decisions or lifestyle choices you are aware of yourself having purposely given up.

You might also be curious about the past or why other people stopped doing something interesting.

*Please See Derelict


To dream that you are abandoned represents feelings of being neglected or overlooked. It may also reflect something in your life that you were confident about suddenly being unavailable.

You may also have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. The dream may stem from a recent loss or a fear of losing a loved one.

The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream to reflect insecurities or issues with self-worth.


*Please See Convent

*Please See Church


To dream of an abbot represents you or someone else that has the power to dictate how sacrifices are to be made. If you are the abbot it may reflect your feeling that others are not sacrificing enough.

Negatively, an abbot may reflect feelings of being forced to do things that you don’t like. You may feel confined or restricted.


*Please See Stomach


*Please See Kidnapped

Abe Lincoln

To dream of Abe Lincoln may represents an aspect of your personality that leads others by being a role model or mentor. An ability to guide others with good advice and valuable experience.


To dream of an abnormality represents something in your life that may not be consistent with how you feel things should be.

Negatively, something abnormal in a dream may reflect feelings about yourself being unacceptably different. Jealousy that you aren’t as good as someone else in some way. Issues with no fitting in socially. Unwanted attention being drawn to some area of your life.


To dream of something being abolished may represent feelings that some area of your life is censured. It may also reflect fear of being involved with certain behavior. Feelings about restrictions that have been placed on you.

Abominable Snowman

To dream of an abominable snowman (yeti) represents a positive waking life situation that intimidates you. It may reflect positive change or positive influences that are too dramatic or sudden for you. A positive situation that is too far out of your comfort zone or scares you.

Negatively, an abominable snowman may represent a situation that you feel is shockingly terrible or disproportionately unfair. A person or situation that you feel is kicking you when you’re down. Something that’s making an already difficult situation much harder.

Alternatively, an abominable snowman may represent an elusive fear. Threats that never seem to reveal themselves for real. A sign that it may be a good idea to finally call someone’s bluff.

*Please See Bigfoot

Aboriginal People

To dream of an Aboriginal people represents aspects of your personality that resist change, are stubborn, or sacrifice nothing.

Positively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes moral strength, maintaining principles, and resisting corruption of values and beliefs.

Negatively, the Aboriginal person symbolizes an unwillingness to give up bad habits, make progress, or think about something in a more sophisticated or mature way. It also suggests that you are being overindulgent or overly emotional.

To dream of a deer turning into a Native American person may reflect feelings about yourself having been naive about life in some way and then getting powerful insights that make you very stubborn about ever experiencing weakness or losing ever again.

Aboriginal or Native people may dream about seeing people of their race if they are experiencing race related issues. People who are only half Native may dream about Native people if they don’t feel accepted by other Native people.


To dream of an abortion represents developing situations in your life that have been rejected or abandoned. You or someone else has changed their mind.

An abortion may be a sign that you are hesitant about pursuing a new direction in your life due to fear, pressure, personal conflict or moral obligations.

To dream of an abortion represents developing situations in your life that have been rejected or abandoned. You or someone else has changed their mind. A wish to reverse a developing situation that you feel may insult or offend someone else.

An abortion may be a sign that you are hesitant about pursuing a new direction in your life due to fear, pressure, personal conflict or moral obligations.


To dream that something is above you indicates that that you have goals that seem out of reach. It may also reflect something you perceive to be ideal. Feelings about things you aspire to in life., Feeling that you have challenging obstacle ahead of you.

To dream of moving towards a high place represents your progress towards a goal. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about a problem that is looming in your future.

Alternatively, the dream may indicate that something is making you feel inferior or inadequate.


To dream of being or going abroad represents your state of mind that is changing. Moods, attitudes, or motivating factors are different. An area of your life or belief system is transforming or experiencing a temporary change.

The country you visit symbolizes how your mental state may be changing. Refer to the themes section for countries for a more in depth look at country symbolism.


To dream of an abscess represents a problem that has been accumulating. You either need to take action or get something out into the open.


To dream that someone is absent represents something that you feel is missing from your life. It may also reflect a sense of loss. Alternatively, you may be looking to fill a void in your life.


To dream of something being absorbed represents ideas or feelings that are being integrated into your own. Absorption may reflect adaptation to other people or your surroundings.

A merger or blending of separate aspects of yourself. A stronger aspect of yourself taking over a less developed aspect.

To dream of being absorbed may represent giving up free will.


To dream that you practice abstinence represents habits or negative thinking patterns that you are refraining from. You might be taking things more slowly.


To dream of having an abundance of a certain item represents an area of your life that is very active or powerful. You are thinking about something a lot or noticing that something in your life is very resourceful.

Negatively, you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions or negative situations. You might be thinking about something too much.


To dream you are abusing someone represents your hostility to a person or situation. It may also reflect a lack of appreciation or respect for other people or some area of your life. Abuse may point to self-defeating thinking patterns such as regret, guilt, or feeling depressed.

To dream of being abused represents issues that you perceive to be hostile to your well-being. A reaction from a person or situation in real life that you feel is too harsh or overcompensated.

If you were abused in real life then the dream may be a sign that you need to begin to confront your past by speaking to someone.


To dream of an abyss represents a situation that feels endless or pointless. You may feel that a potential consequence will last forever or never allow you to do what you want again. You may be experiencing a crisis or critical situation.

Alternatively, dreaming about an abyss may reflect feelings about the emptiness or eternal nature of death.

Acacia Tree

To dream of an acacia tree represents you or someone else that is noticing nothing wrong during an unbearable situation.

Negatively, an acacia tree may be a sign that you or someone else is going to extreme lengths to ignore a problem or other people’s feelings. Refusing to give in even though a situation is beyond terrible.

Positively, an acacia tree represents holding your ground when nobody else cares any more.


To dream of an academy represents being self-conscious about a single passion or serious interest. You are very concerned about one thing that you wish to be very successful with. You may be doing everything you can to be the best at something.


To dream of stepping on an accelerator represents a decision to pursue a goal in full force. You are “speeding” towards a goal. Alternatively, the an accelerator dream may point to a need to slow down.


To dream of speaking with an accent represents the manner in which thoughts or feelings are being conveyed. The ethnicity of the accent symbolizes how you perceive yourself.

To dream of someone else speaking with an accent represents how an aspect of your personality that is conveying itself to you. Negatively, it may reflect self-deception. Positively, it may point to higher standards of thinking.

Accents that stand out in a negative way may represent insecurities or self-deception. Accents that stand out in a positive way may represent confidence or a heightened sense of importance.


To dream about acceptance represents issues of self-esteem or measuring up to the expectations of others. You may feel a need for approval. It may also reflect a need to prove yourself in some manner.

There may be situation or group of people with higher standards that you wish to be a part of.


To dream of accessorizing yourself represents feelings of being incomplete. You may feel that something is missing in your life. An accessory may also reflect a dependency.

Alternatively, an accessory may represent accentuation. Something in your life that makes everything feel better.


To dream of being in an accident represents waking life errors of judgement or mistakes you’ve made. Feelings about an oversight you’ve made or weren’t thinking about your actions carefully beforehand. Feelings about having a problem you need to fix.

Car accidents in a dream may also reflect a collision of ideas or agendas with other people. Two people getting into a fight about different ways of living and not wanting to talk to each other anymore. A social mishap that neither you or other people want to be responsible for.

*Please See Highway


To dream that you are an accomplice to a crime represents negative influences that you are enabling or approving.


To dream of an accordion represents making others feel that you are trying too hard or overcompensating. You or someone else that is putting too much effort into something. An accordion may reflect a failed attempt to impress or convince someone. Positively, an accordion may symbolize your attempt to show someone how hard you are trying.


To dream of an accountant represents objectivity toward a situation that you feel needs to make sense. A serious examination of a situation to determine if it’s winning or losing. You or someone you know is carefully looking at the facts or making sure something make sense. Anxiety or serious concern about about a situation making sense from a standpoint of winning versus losing. Making sure all factors have been considered your attempt to maintain a sound situation.

Alternatively, an accountant in a dream may reflect your awareness of yourself trying to responsibly manage finances.

Negatively, dreaming about an accountant may reflect your awareness of financial problems that you are hiding from other people. Cleverly manipulating financial information to disguise or put off confronting your problems in the current moment.


To dream about your bank accounts represents self-consciousness about personal resources or power. What it and what isn’t possible for you. Negatively, it may reflect self-consciousness about things you unable to do. Goals you “can’t afford” in life. Positively, it may reflect confidence about goals you are planning or future possibilities.

Alternatively, a bank account may indicate financial worries.


To dream of being accused of something, may represent feelings of guilt or blaming yourself. Self-defeating thinking patterns. It may also reflect doubts you have about yourself or choices you are making.


To dream of the ace in the deck of cards represents a conforming advantage in a strategic situation. Good luck or an upper hand that conforms to your benefit when you take a chance.


To dream of having aches may represent emotional pain or psychological exhaustion. You might also have been exposed to a person or situation for too long. Aches may reflect a need for a break or time to yourself.


To dream of an achievement represents satisfaction with the outcome of a situation, plan, or project. A difficult problem may have been solved or you’ve reached a milestone in your life.


To dream of acid represents an aspect of your personality that scathing or harsh. Possibly a reflection of hatred, rage, and/or a desire for revenge. You or someone else that is purposely hurtful. Acid may also represent something or someone that is eating away at you.

Alternatively, acid may represent a corrosive or negative influence.

To dream of throwing acid in someone’s face represents harsh personal actions to make sure someone doesn’t get to feel good about themselves ever again. Actions towards others that are so terrible it permanently destroys their self-esteem, reputation, or confident attitude. Making sure someone never gets to feel good again and always remembers you for it.


*Please See Pimples


To dream of an acorn represents a personal reaping or personal windfall. Unexpected good fortune or benefits that are just for you. Surprise at how fortunate you were to be in the right place at the right time.

Negatively, an acorn may reflect exploiting loopholes or good luck that you don’t deserve. Using a lucky opportunity to get away with something wrong. Not having to pay your bills or be obligated to a responsibility because a lucky opportunity allows you to escape it.


To dream of an acquaintance represents an aspect of yourself that you’re still trying to get to know. Possibly a reflection of limited experience with certain people or situations.

Alternatively, an acquaintance may symbolize an aspect of yourself based on your most honest feelings or thoughts of that person. Ask yourself what stands out the most about that person.


To dream of being acquitted of a crime represents a situation or problem that you no longer feel responsible for. You may feel vindicated. Being acquitted in a dream may also reflect feelings of forgiveness.

Negatively, dreaming about being acquitted may reflect feelings about getting away with dishonest behavior. Feeling that there is not enough proof to place blame or responsibility on you. Feeling that guilty people in your life at getting away with dishonest behavior.


To dream of an acrobat represents an aspect of yourself that is maintaining balance under chaotic conditions. You may have a lot of pressure or demands being put on you. An acrobat may be a sign that you need to ask for some help or may benefit from a slower pace. It may also be a sign that your creativity is being stretched too thin.

Alternatively, dreaming of acrobatics may be a metaphor for sexual intercourse.


To dream that you are acting represents putting up a front or pretending to be someone you are not. Posing, posturing, or not being yourself. Putting on a fake persona. It may even reflect deceptive interactions with others.

*Please See Celebrities

*Please See Play (Theatrical).


To dream of an actor represents an aspect of yourself that is pretending. Negatively an actor may reflect deceptive interactions with others. Posing, posturing, or not being yourself. Putting on a fake persona.

If the actor is a known celebrity then they symbolizes a quality or aspect of your personality based on your most honest feelings or thoughts about them.

*Please See Celebrities

*Please See Acting

*Please See Famous

*Please See Paparazzi


To dream of an Acura brand vehicle represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that is professional about never doing anything arrogant or lethal. Decision-making style that professionally isn’t impotent, but doesn’t want to be too serious. Feeling that people will get angry at you if you don’t act professional without arrogance or aggression. Situations where there are consequences for unprofessionally making decisions that are too aggressive or excessive. Decision-making that is serious about winning, but doesn’t get to hurt anyone. More of a concern with avoiding unprofessionalism than on revenge.

A red Acura may reflect feelings about dangerously costly decision-making that is professional, but not aggressive. It may also reflect a passion for professionalism that avoids arrogance or aggression on purpose.

A green Acura may reflect jealousy of needing to be professional with never being allow to be aggressive or lethal.

Adam And Eve

To dream of Adam and Eve represents an area in your life where you are starting from scratch, or need to rebuild your life.

Negatively, dreams of Adam and Eve may reflect feelings about corrupted ideals or promises at the beginning of a new stage in life. Choosing to not uphold long held mutual goals after new opportunities arise. Witnessing moral corruption or loyalty being disregarded for self-interest. Family or friendship being placed as a second priority to selfish opportunities.

Adam and Eve dreams are commonly accompanied by symbols like nuclear bombs or end of the world scenarios. This reflects a powerful change in the dreamer’s life or belief system that requires them to start over, or move in a new direction.

*Please See Garden Of Eden


To dream of addiction represents an obsessive need or a lack of self-control. You have surrendered your will power. You might have habits that you are unable to give up.

To dream of your mother being addicted to drugs represents feelings about your sense of intuition or ability to make long-term decisions being overpowered by bad habits or strong desire. Difficulty making sound decisions because you like something or love someone too much. Sexual attraction that overrides your good judgement.

Consider the substance that you are addicted to for additional meaning.

*Please See Drugs


To dream of solving an addition problem represents a difficult situation or problem that focused on merging two aspects of your life.


To dream of having an address you want to get to represents a final outcome or realization of a goal you are working towards. A state of mind you are working towards or want to feel is normal for you. Exploring new possibilities.

Negatively, an address may reflect an unpleasant situation, negative belief system, or recurring problem you want to avoid. Not wanting to return to a bad habit or unhealthy relationship. It may also reflect you feel that someone else is weird or troubled.

To dream of noticing your own address may represent what you are noticed by others doing or believing in all the time. How something that is normal for you is perceived.

To dream of having a new address represents a new mindset. You may have experienced a significant change in your life.


To dream of the brand Adidas represents feelings of being permanently never worried about competition. Permanently never worried about being excellenter than the competition. Feelings about being more original than the competition. Comfortably feeling that nobody can tell you that you aren’t original. Comfortably competitive with nothing scaring you. Feelings about looking good not wasting any time feeling pressure. Nothing is lethal about never needing to listen to anyone else. Looking good competitive without pressure until it has to matter. Feels good not wasting any time good practicing with no pressure. No fear of competition because you are too creative. Behaving less conservative than someone else to be competitive.

Adidas casual wear may reflect feelings of simplicity that looks good no matter you are doing. Comfortably not being able to believe that anything you are doing is dangerous. Comfortably not being able to believe that you have any problems. Feeling comfortable that nothing you are doing sucks. An everyday casual attitude that never stresses you out or embarrasses you.

To dream of the classic Adidas shoes with 3 stripes may represent an approach to a situation that is comfortably feeling no pressure. Approach to a life situation that comfortably never believes anything is a problem. A approach to life situations that is relaxed, youthful, not a robot, or creative. A “happening around nothing scares you” approach to life or dealing with situations.

Negatively, dreaming of Adidas may reflect a competitive attitude that is comfortable with risk, dangerous originality, teenager behavior, a dangerously laidback attitude, or fearlessly not taking something dangerous seriously. Annoys you that someone else won’t grow up or be serious. No fear of breaking the law or rules if you have to.


*Please See Goodbye


To dream of admiring someone represents a desire to have certain ideal abilities or qualities in yourself.


To dream of an adolescent represents an aspect of yourself that is underdeveloped or irrational. It may also reflect a naive eagerness.

Alternatively, an adolescent may reflect a heightened sense of responsibility or watchfulness you feel.


To dream of adopting a child represents taking on something new and different. It may also reflect a discarded or unwanted aspect of your life that is being cared about.

Adult Sex Store

To dream of an adult sex store represents feelings about considering making a choice that feels good for you, but may be seem inappropriate or childish to others. Uncomfortable feelings about enjoying too much freedom. Embarrassment that other people think are a total idiot who doesn’t take life seriously. Feeling that other people will think you are a “giant jerkoff” who wastes their time having fun.

Alternatively, an adult sex shop could reflect feelings about enjoying experimenting with your life in new and exciting ways that others might feels is risky.

Negatively, an adult sex shop may reflect feelings about choosing to give up on serious choices for your life to pursue happiness in ways others might find. Enjoying being a school dropout. Preferring to enjoy life as a simple person with no desire to conform to society’s norms. Feeling good pretending or orchestrating a giant lie that might have serious consequences for your future. Fear of yourself preferring to choose to enjoy wasting your life in ways others think is stupid or


*Please See Cheating


To dream that you are advancing in a situation represents progress of some sort in your waking life.


To dream of an adventurer represents an aspect of yourself that seeks out new challenges or exciting experiences. Trying new things, taking chances, or attempting to expand your horizons.


To dream of an adversary represents people or situations that are antagonistic to your wishes or goals.

To dream of confronting an adversary may represent a conflict or a fear that you are facing in waking life.


To dream of adversity represents obstacles or challenges that you are facing in your waking life. You may have trouble achieving a goal. Something keeps getting in your way.

To dream of advertisements represents options or possibilities that are presenting themselves in your life for consideration. People or situations that are interesting you in trying something new or making a change.


To dream of receiving advice represents insight you gained or new ideas to help solve a current problem. You may have been self-reflecting about your problems. It may also be a sign that you need to listen to your gut instincts or inner voice.


*Please See Counselor


To dream of being an advocate for a cause represents a desire to encourage change. It may also reflect your loyalty to certain people. You may be very devoted to something or strongly support of certain ideas. You may have firmly held beliefs or opinions.


To dream that you are doing aerobics represents a need in your life to keep up with others.


To dream of an aerosol can represents a convenient ability to change something.


*Please See Cheating


To dream of showing your affection for someone represents satisfaction and happiness with a current situation. It may also reflect happiness with a relationship or how content you are admiring someone you have a crush on.

*Please See Kissing

*Please See Sex


To dream that you have an affliction represents a problem or difficulty that you may perceive to be unbearable. You may have a problem that is too difficult to get rid of.


*Please See Scared


To dream of being in Africa represents a mindset that is preoccupied with nothing except trying to prove itself. Noticing nothing working and trying your hardest to make it work. You may be focused on issues that you believe are impossible to overcome or goals that are impossible to realize.

Positively, Africa represents practice and training all the time. Asserting yourself regularly. Staying hopeful no matter what.

Negatively, Africa represents feeling that you have to prove yourself all the time just to get by. Feeling that other people proving themselves in life comes before you. Jealousy than nothing is ever working the way you want it to. Too concerned with desiring or dreaming about what you want without seriously going after it. Feeling scared that you can never get ahead. Feeling overwhelmed with the threat of loss.

*Please See Black People

African Americans

*Please See Black People


To dream of an Afro hairstyle represents a thinking style that feels exceptional good in ways that are completely out of touch with current realities. Embarrassment that you or someone else is over-enthusiastic about old ideas that are not acceptable anymore.

Feeling stupid that you believed you could relive the past or repeat youthful behavior that is best suited for younger people. Enthusiastically repeating the past in ways that may look stupid to other people. Feelings about being too late with an enthusiastic attitude in a situation.

Alternatively, an Afro haircut may reflect feelings about yourself looking stupid if you feel good about subjects that other people have grown bored of discussing a long time ago. Feeling good thinking or talking about dead people in enthusiastic ways of whom other people might think is too concerned with inappropriately reliving the past.

Fearing someone with an Afro in a dream may be a sign that you fear speaking up to parents or older people about ideas they have that are embarrassingly outdated.

The symbolism for this hairstyle is based on the common perception of large Afros being an outrageously humorous outdated hairstyle from the disco era.


To dream of age often reflects the level of maturity or experience a person has in a certain situation. A young age points to lack of experience or new situations. An old age points to experienced aspects of our selves.

Your age in a dream may also be a reflection of how enthusiastic or bored you are with an area of your life.


To dream of an agent represents an aspect yourself that does everything on another’s behalf. You or someone else that does all the work for someone else so that they don’t have to. Acting or speaking for someone else.

Negatively, an agent may reflect avoidance. It may also be a sign that you are too willing to let others do your bidding or make your decisions for you.

To dream of being an agent represents your attempt to speak for others or manage someone else’s affairs. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too controlling over someone else’s life.

*Please See Secret Agent

*Please See Realtor


To dream of exhibiting aggression represents confrontation with problems. You may also have deep rooted hostility towards a person or situation.


To dream of aging in a dream represents feelings about witnessing yourself or someone else slowly becoming wiser about a situation.

Negatively, aging in a dream may reflect the awareness of yourself slowly becoming annoyed or bored with something. Becoming bored with other people’s behavior because you have witnessed so much of it from so many different types of situations. The slow growing awareness of experiencing people prove their childishness or selfishness to you. Slow growing annoyance with relationships. Slowly learning about personality problems in people you have only heard of and not experienced first hand before.


To dream of being in agony represents a nagging problem or lingering unhappiness with certain areas of your life.


To dream of agoraphobia represents anxiety about limited choices or final decisions. You may feel trapped or “locked” into something. You may not want to give up your current way of living or don’t like feeling that you “have” to do something.


To dream of an agreement represents a resolution to a conflict or problem. An agreement may also reflect your feelings about a partnership.


To dream of having AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases represents thoughts and feelings associated with choices or mistakes that fill you with powerful regret. You may feel permanently contaminated, ruined, or compromised.

AIDS or STDs can also be symbols associated regrets or concerns over sexual partners you’ve had. You may feel dirty, or violated.


To dream of aiming for something represents a goal you are trying to achieve. Aiming a gun or weapon may reflect self-control issues or your attempt to assert yourself.

Aiming a weapon may also represent your attempt to use power or resources to achieve a goal. It may also be a sign that you want to take control over a situation. You are aiming for something you want in life.


To dream about air represents a crucial element in your ability to succeed or prosper. Clean air may reflect the needed freedom, creativity, intelligence, or inspiration you need to succeed.

Dirty air may reflect negative influences, interferences, or disturbances that block your ability to prosper. A crucial element to your happiness or success is lacking.

Air Conditioner

To dream of an air conditioner represents your attempt to keep calm, cool, or collected. Trying your best to not worry, keep relaxed, or prevent anger from erupting. Keeping a negative situation progressing as smoothly as you can. Trying hard to maintain composure.

To dream of an air conditioner not working represents your ability to keep calm or relaxed while under pressure than has been compromised. You’ve lost a helpful resource or tool to keep stress or negative feelings at bay.

Air Force

To dream of the air force represents a defensive attitude about your ability to be free or independent. A conflict with a person or situation that wants to hijack your freedom or independence for good. A collaborative defense against someone or something that is interfering with your free will, creativity, success, or ability to do things on your own terms.

*Please See Fighter Jet

Air Freshener

To dream of an air freshener represents you or someone else that is forcing a situation to feel better or “positiver.” Making sure that a situation has to feel improved no matter what.

An air freshener may reflect forced concession or compromises that allow you or someone else to feel more confident, respected, or cared about.

If the air freshener is too overpowering it may be a sign that you or someone else is going too far to cater to other people’s feelings. It may also be a sign that you are annoyed by a compromise you’ve made to smooth out a bumpy relationship.

Air Raid Siren

To dream of an air raid siren represents feelings of being overwhelmed by things you can’t control. Anxiety, fear, or terror that you must focus on self-preservation before all else. Fear of doing anything except being cautious. A warning or intuitive feeling that you need to drop what you are doing to avoid a threat. A top priority to avoid danger that is “out of the blue.” Feeling a lack of control in your life. Closing yourself off because you feel a situation is too dangerous.

Negatively, an air raid siren may be a sign that you are terrified of having to confront certain people or situations. Avoiding people or situations that you don’t like at all costs. An emotional threat that you would so anything to avoid.


To dream of Airbnb represents feelings about being easily being yourself like it’s normal in a completely different way if you want to. Feeling good not being a loser than can notice normal somewhere else or a different way if you want to. Easily feeling like you belong or aren’t doing anything unusual somewhere else if you want to. Someone else’s sense of normal feels better for you. Feeling belonging all the time without a reason needed to belong.

Aircraft Carrier

To dream of an aircraft carrier represents total preoccupation with confronting a negative or uncertain situation. Never standing down and asserting yourself as much as you can. Throwing everything you have at your problem or enemies.

An aircraft carrier may be a sign that you are unwilling to put up with a difficult person or situation any longer. Using all your resources to hold your ground. It may also reflect your patience with wanting to totally embarrass someone. Waiting for a sign that it’s time to finish something off for good.

Airplane Crash

To dream of an airplane crashing represents plans, projects, or something you have just started that has now failed. Major setbacks, oversights, or disappointments. Something in your life that you were “getting off the ground” has become a disaster emotionally.

*Please See Airplanes

*Please See Crash

Airplane Tickets

To dream of airplane tickets represents ideas, solutions, or answers to problems that gives momentum to plans you have. An event or piece of information that gives you the power or needed resources to make something happen. The ability to initiate an experience or get something “off the ground.”


To dream of an airplane represents the trajectory or momentum of plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to “get off the ground.” Positively, airplanes are a reflection of successful experiences that are progressing. Everything coming together to ensure a desired controlled outcome.

Negatively, airplanes may reflect the realization plans, ideas, or projects that aren’t working out as expected. Everything seems to be coming together to ensure an outcome that can’t be stopped. Alternatively, an airplane may reflect frustration or jealousy at seeing someone else succeeding or gaining momentum with their plans. Not liking experiencing someone doing something you can’t do or are unable to stop.

To dream of missing a flight represents lost opportunities or feeling that everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Plans are not working out as you had hoped. You may be juggling too many responsibilities. Something you are striving for is elusive. Pushing harder may not be a good solution to your problems. It may be a good idea to slow down. Better planning or preparation may be helpful.

To dream of an airplane taking off symbolizes plans, ideas, or projects taking off. There is momentum or progress. It may also reflect a situation that can’t be stopped.

To dream of an airplane crashing represents a loss of momentum, progress, or confidence. Plans or projects that you thought would work suddenly fail.

To dream of an airplane that aborts a flight represents delays or disappointments with plans or projects you have.

To dream of flying on a plane to another country represents the realization of plans or choices leading a different mental state. A current situation is moving you towards completely different emotions or focus.

To dream of an invisible airplane may reflect feelings of uncertainty about your progress in situation. Feeling success or progress without being able to effectively see it happening.

Dreams of airplanes can sometimes reflect our feelings about people dying or the journey of death. For example, a elderly man dreamed of his deceased wife having caught an earlier plane then him. The dream most likely symbolized his feelings about his journey to the afterlife being close at hand after experiencing his wife’s death. People may also experience a dream of someone who has recently died telling them it’s time to get off the plane at the current stop while the deceased person is supposed to continue with the flight.

*Please See Airport

*Please See Airplane Tickets

*Please See Flight Attendant

*Please See Landing


To dream of an airport represents the beginning or the end of plans or ideas. Waiting to depart on a plane reflects a new idea or plan that is ready to take off. You are approaching a new departure in your life. You may be preparing to experience a new relationship, new career path or new adventure.

Waiting for a plane to land reflects a current plan or idea that is finishing up. You may be expecting a relationship, career, or adventure to come to an end.

Positively, dreaming about an airport may reflect high ambitions or high expectations as you prepare to embark on a new plan, project, or new situation.

Negatively, an airport may reflect a naive, unprepared, or hasty mindset as you embark on new situations. Getting involved in new situations you are completely unqualified for. Getting ready to do something for a long period of time or the rest of your life without really thinking it through properly.

Alternatively, an airport may reflect your feelings about preparing to travel. An elderly woman dreamed of being in an airport filling out forms. In waking life she was busy planning for a trip Israel that should couldn’t afford at all with no serious plan to actually travel.