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Dreams starting with letter – B

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To dream of a baboon represents you or someone else that is intentionally inappropriate. Inconsiderate behavior. It may also reflect people or behavior that does what it wants even after being told not to.


To see a baby in your dream represents new beginnings, new ways of thinking, new ideas, or new life developments. A baby may also symbolize a new project or new potential. Discovering new abilities. Negatively, a baby in a dream may reflect new responsibilities or new problems that require constant care. Babies may also reflect people in your life that you feel the need to look after closely such as the elderly.

Alternatively, dreaming about a baby may reflect feelings about being inexperienced or new to a situation. Memories of yourself starting something. Feeling that you are being “treated like a baby.” Feelings about yourself being protected while not having to care about what anyone else is feeling. Remembering what it’s like to be a beginner or to be young again.

To dream of a baby boy may represent masculine qualities to an experience or problem such as insensitivity, assertiveness, or social dominance.

To dream of a baby girl may represent feminine qualities to an experience or problems such as sensitivity, sympathy, social subordination.

To dream of a crying baby represents a problem or sensitive situation in waking life that needs attention. A part of you that is deprived.

To dream of a baby drowning represents a sensitive new situation in your life being totally overwhelmed by uncertainty or negative emotions. Failure caused by too much uncertainty or problems with something that was just starting in your life. Negatively, it may reflect problems you are being very careful about being being made impossible to take care of due to excessive uncertainty, problems, or fear.

To dream of dropping a baby represents feelings of anxiety about being irresponsible with some new situation or problem requiring your care. Dreams of dropping babies are common for new born mothers, more due to their fear of being an irresponsible mother than due to actually dropping their babies.

To dream of forgetting your baby represents feelings about something in your life that you have started, but then abandoned. Setting aside something that you love or have worked hard for. Postponing something special. On a positive note forgetting a baby in a dream may be a sign that there is still time to correct something that you have put off.

To dream of a neglected baby may represent feelings about neglecting a future project or responsibility. It may also reflecting a sensitive problem you are not attending to enough.

To dream of a premature baby represents new situations or new problems in your life that are happening faster than you want them to. Having to do something sooner than you planned.

To see a dead baby represents a new development ending, or being overcome by negativity. Something that began, or was in the works was stopped. Positively, a dead baby may reflect feelings of being spared a responsibility or lengthy problem.

To dream of a baby with no legs symbolizes a new development that is stagnant. A new situation with no traction or momentum.

To dream of a deformed baby represents a new responsibility or nagging problem that hasn’t turned out as you expected it to. If you are actually expecting a baby it may reflect a fear of something being wrong with the baby.

To dream being frustrated or stressed out while looking after a baby represents your frustrations and difficulties with problem or responsibility.

To dream of a baby that is not of your race represents a new development , new situation, or new responsibility that is influenced by the symbolism of that race. For example, a white person dreaming of a black baby symbolizes a new situation in your life where you hoping or thinking feeling good is a priority. Black people dreaming of white babies symbolizes new situations or responsibilities where you feel that you have an advantage. It may also represent new problems that are too secure for you to do anything about.

Pregnant women tend to dream of their unborn babies sex as male more often than female. This probably reflects their feelings about how insensitive or tough the reality of having a baby is. It may also reflect the control the mother asserting herself as a parent due to the child.

Young women and girls may dream of having babies to reflect their fear of getting pregnant or their desire to get pregnant.

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Baby Bottle

To dream of a baby bottle represents thoughts or emotions that are supportive or nurturing of a new development in your life.

To dream of drinking from a baby bottle represents an aspect of your personality or some waking life situation that is nurturing you as you develop or mature in some manner.

Baby Carriage

To dream of a baby carriage represents a new development or situation in your life that you feel good needing to care about at all times. Responsibilities that you are “carrying around” with you all the time. Feelings about having a “big person” problem.

Negatively, a baby carriage may reflect a problem or burden you brag about having because it’s a signal of power to have that kind of problem.

Baby Clothes

To dream of baby clothes may reflect the personality and how it behaves when involved with a new or developing area of your life. How you choose to project yourself when discussing new achievements.

Negatively, baby clothes may reflect the personality involving sensitive problems that require a lot of attention. How you project yourself to others with sensitive issues you need to take care of.

Alternatively, baby clothes represent former ways of thinking or old habits which you have outgrown. A sign that you have matured or moved past an issue.

The color and style of the baby clothes reflect how your intentions or feelings apply to this situation.

Baby Food

To dream of baby food represents a waking life situation that is being made easier for you to experience. Care or nurturing behavior to make life easier. Simplification of a problem. “Baby stepping” through a problem. Making sure that someone inexperienced can get through something they don’t understand. Doing all the work for someone else so it’s easy.

Baby High Chair

To dream of a baby high chair represents feelings about needing to
be certain that people have things done for them properly. A developing aspect of your life that is being cared for whether it likes it or not. Certainty that a developing aspect of your life is both controlled and nurtured. Personally insuring help for someone who can’t help themselves.

Negatively, a baby high chair may reflect feelings of being patronized or treated little by someone is doing all the work for you. Embarrassment of being unable to stop someone from treating you like you are incompetent or stupid. Believing that you need to take care of people who don’t deserve it.

Baby Powder

To dream of baby powder represents your wish to make a problem or obligation feel better to others. Not allowing anyone else to notice anything wrong with your life situation. What you say or do to help yourself not worry so much or feel as embarrassed. Not wanting others to think about your problem or obligation like it’s serious or negative at all. Put on a strong face or putting a spin on your story to appear less affected.

Baby powder may be a sign that you don’t feel comfortable talking about your problems or having them noticed by other people.

Baby Shower

To dream of a baby shower represents feelings about being totally supported with all you need with a new beginning or new responsibility.

Alternatively, it may reflect awareness of someone else’s new life being perfectly cared about. Noticing yourself “being there” for someone. It may also reflect anxiety about being noticed as helpful enough.

Negatively, a baby shower may reflect feelings about having to go out of your way to be extra supportive of someone else when you feel they don’t deserve it. It may also reflect your concern that someone that you think is a loser doesn’t “fuck up” a new opportunity.

Babybel Cheese

To dream of Babybel cheese represents feelings about enjoying success or profiting that is perfectly unavoidable. Winning situations that are tailored to you. Feeling good being a winner while taking your time. Winning and succes that feels “all wrapped up” for your enjoyment.

To dream of running away from a giant Babybel cheese may reflect a fear of easy success or enjoying easy success.

*Please See Cheese


To dream of a babysitter represents your feelings about looking after someone else’s problem. You may feel bored with your life or held back due to someone else’s problems. Making sure someone dumber or more arrogant than you doesn’t make matters worse. Keeping a close eye on someone you feel is risky.

Negatively, a babysitter may reflect responsibility or problems that you feel has been dumped on to you. Feeling that you have to protect or look after someone that is vulnerable because nobody else will.

Alternatively, a babysitter may reflect your feeling about being overwhelmed by other people’s arrogant or childish behavior. Cleaning up or looking after a slob in your life. It may also reflect feelings of being subordinate to someone with undeserved power over you. Being controlled by someone spoiled.

Additionally, babysitting in a dream may reflect your feelings about raising your children in waking life if you have any. Feeling that having to raise children holds you back in some way.

Bachelor Party

To dream of a bachelor or bachelorette party represents a last minute indulgence before a permanent situation or commitment occurs. Enjoying a last moment of freedom before having to get serious. Doing something you always wanted to do before losing the opportunity for good.

Negatively, a bachelor party may reflect irresponsible risks before a big change or milestone in your life. Carelessly not thinking of others feelings before a commitment is finalized. Risking everything to have a good time at the last minute. A sign that it may be a good idea to be more mindful of what you say or do before an important moment.


To dream of a back represents a burdens, stress, or pressures you feel. You possibly have secrets you don’t want to divulge to others, painful memories, or responsibilities that have to be paid.

Back Alley

To dream of being in a back alley behind a building represents awareness of yourself doing something you know you’re not supposed to. The feeling that certain behavior or situations might be dangerous.

*Please See Back Lane

Back Lane

To dream of being in a back lane behind houses represents behavior or situations that you don’t perceive any danger with. Feeling that there is nothing to stop you from doing something. Noticing nothing interfering with your goals or plans.

Negatively, a back lane may be a sign that you are too comfortable getting away with something.

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To dream of going out a backdoor represents confronting problems that you don’t want to think about. You may be facing a negative situation that is unpleasant to notice.

To dream of coming in the back door represents a conclusion to a problem or negative situation. You have finally decided to do something about a problem. If you see a criminal or person you have negative feelings about walking in a backdoor it may reflect fear or embarrassment that is becoming common place for you.

To dream of hearing knocking on the backdoor represents a conclusion to a problem or negative situation that you don’t want to think about. A problem may be forcing you to deal with it.

*Please See Door


*Please See Surroundings


To dream of a backpack represents self-sufficiency. An area of your life where you are doing something on your own. It may also reflect problems that you have to deal with all by yourself. Doing your own thing.

A backpack may also represent hopes, desires, and secrets that you don’t wish to tell anyone about.


*Please See Cars


To dream of doing the backstroke represents a comfortable attitude to navigating an uncertain or negative situation. Not really feeling that a problem you are facing is actually a problem. It may also reflect a sense that an uncertain situation is too easy to get through. Enjoying taking your time getting through a difficulty.

Negatively, the backstroke may be a sign that you are too comfortable with a problem or uncertain situation. Taking your time or being lazy when serious action is required. Thinking that nothing matter when it actually does.


To dream of walking, running, or driving backwards represents awareness of yourself doing something differently that everyone else. A direction in life that may seem odd or to be the opposite of others.

Dreaming of going backwards may also reflect a loss of progress or a reversal of decisions.

To dream of facing or talking to people while standing backwards may reflect sensitive feelings about discussing uncomfortable issues. Talking about your problems briefly without discussing them in much detail. Feeling embarrassed to address certain issues too openly or too enthusiastically. Uncomfortable discussions that are hiding the full story. Intentionally ignoring discussing an embarrassing situation in detail. Noticing what a problem is without wanting to embarrass yourself talking about it.

*Please See Reverse


To dream of a backyard represents issues or situations that you don’t like thinking about. Something you don’t like noticing or seeing in yourself. Things you don’t want to confront, don’t want to deal with, or make you upset when you have to think about them.

Backyards in dreams may also reflect issues you want to keep hidden from people or jealousy of having to deal with an embarrassing issue. Irritation or prolonged trouble.


To dream of bacon represents total self-gratification. Selfishness that feels good being too easy. You or someone else that is getting pleasure perfectly the way you want it. Feelings about easy money.

Bacon in dreams is often a symbol for sexual pleasure. It’s also common to dream of bacon after sexually fantasizing about people.

*Please See Canadian Bacon


To dream of feeling bad suggests that you might feel disappointed or unlucky. You may also feel depressed or experiencing something that you feel is unfair. Feeling bad may represent feelings of being an outsider or feeling worthless.

To dream of “bad” people represents a negative aspect of your personality such as fear, guilt, jealousy, or arrogance. It may also reflect a negative impression of a person or situation.

*Please See Rotten

Bad Breath

To dream of smelling someone else’s bad breath represents an inability to listen to unappealing ideas or views. Experiencing other people’s obliviousness to how negative a message or idea expressed feels. Poor, incompetent, or uninteresting delivery of ideas. Ideas that don’t feel right to you. Feeling repelled by a person or situation. Feeling repelled by someone’s else ignorance.

To dream of having bad breath may reflect a need to be more careful about how you present, articulate, or deliver your ideas. An unappealing or off-putting presentation to others. A sense that you are repelling others. Not thinking before you speak.

Dreaming of having bad breath may also reflect anxiety about your ability to interest other people in your ideas or in liking you. Feelings about yourself being a total loser that nobody wants to listen to. Feelings of having embarrassed yourself with stupid ideas, unappealing suggestions, or ignorant statements.


To dream of a badge represents recognition of superior achievement or authority. Noticing yourself having full respect or social autonomy. Deserving to be listened to more than others. Unquestionable advice or guidance.

To dream of police badge represent moral authority or the authority to force change. An unquestionable voice of reason. Having a police badge flashed at you may reflect a person or situation that you feel you have to change for. Feeling you have to accept advice about morality or doing the right thing.


To see a badger in a dream represents an aspect of your personality that never gives up. Something in your life may feel like it won’t go away or will never listen to you no matter what you resist it with. Menacing intimidation. Someone that is giving you a hard time.

Positively, you may be very persistent in pursuing a goal or defeating a rival that you refuse to give up on. Fiercely fighting for a cause. Startling others with your fierce persistence. Determination that is intimidating or dangerous to your enemies.


To dream of badminton represents a challenge that requires quick thinking. A struggle to keep up. Decisions need to be made quickly or opportunities may be lost. A struggle or contest between people with quick thinking or quick acting maneuvers.

A badminton game may reflect the ability to adapt in some kind of confrontation or new opportunity.


To dream of a bagel represents feelings about getting through a difficult situation with ease. A laid back attitude about dealing with a problem situation. Enjoy talking about your problems. Solving problems related to family life. Enjoying feeling that getting through a difficult situation will not be permanent or serious.


*Please See Luggage


To dream of bagpipes represents projecting feelings of enjoying being insensitive or enjoying experiencing something insensitive. Projecting feelings that being insensitive is openly accepted.

Negatively, bagpipes may reflect annoyance from others openly projecting their feelings that being insensitive is appropriate when you don’t feel that it is. A casual attitude about celebrating insensitively that others are sensitive about.


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To dream of making bail represents temporary relief from restrictions or limitations. It may also reflect a compromise or promise you’ve made to avoid a punishment or embarrassment. Putting something important on the line in order to avoid full consequences or show someone that you’re serious about change. Avoiding the entirety of an inconvenient consequence.

To dream of being denied bail may be a sign that someone else doesn’t trust you anymore. You may not be able to make a compromise that is big enough for someone to trust you again. Feeling that the full consequences of your actions have to be faced in their entirety or at your total inconvenience. Feeling that nothing you say or do can get you any temporary relief from a problem.

Negatively, bail may be a sign that you fell that you have impunity to do as you wish or that there are no consequences to your actions. It may also be a sign that you feel that other people are getting off “scot-free.”


To dream of bait represents a wish to lure or entice someone into thinking along similar lines as you are. Negatively, you may reflect your attempts to trick or fool someone into embarrassing themselves.


To dream of a going to a bakery represents a feelings of experiencing having something wonderful, beautiful, or enjoyable done for you.

Negatively, a bakery may be a sign that there is a lack of appreciation in a relationship or that someone is too spoiled.

To dream of working at a bakery represents spoiling others all the time. Always giving others all the satisfaction without having to work for it themselves. A sign that you are too nice or not being appreciated. Spoiling others. Helping someone who is lazy or doesn’t deserve your help.

Pregnant women often dream of being in underground bakeries. This may reflect their awareness of themselves enjoying spending money behind their husband’s back on baby related items or secretly spoiling themselves shopping while pregnant.


To dream of baking represents preparation for something special in your life. Plans and ideas all coming together for a special event or something that’s important to you. Something you give special care to.

To dream of having problems while baking may represent delays, setbacks, or problems that have arisen while you were planning for something special.

If you mix ingredients that you normally would not combine then it suggests that you are trying something new.

Balance Beam

To dream of a balance beam represents your wish to prove how perfectly flexible and balanced you are. Proving yourself or showing off to others that nothing bothers you. Proving to others that you deserve to be respected as a perfect expert whom nothing bothers. Proving expertise to others with skills in flexibility and balance. Showing off that you are never jealous because you can handle yourself no matter what. Your attempts to show other people how good you are at something. Showing off your expert skills or talents with something risky.

Negatively, a balance beam may reflect too much concern for showing off being perfect. Showing off to others that nothing ever bothers you in a way that is dangerous or isn’t important. Showing off impressive that nothing bothers you. Feeling pressured into never making a mistake ever again.


To dream of a balcony represents being objective about a situation, and having intellectual control. Noticing every single thing. You are aware, see things for what they are, and have a good understanding of what is happening around you.


To dream of being totally bald in a dream represents your mindset being totally unconcerned. Not caring about consequences or outcomes at all. It may also reflect a total lack of feeling or remorse for what you are doing to others. Total baldness could also represent fearlessness about a problem you’re confronting.

Alternatively, being bald may reflect total change of attitude or beliefs. Not caring about what you used to think or believe at all.

To dream of seeing a bald person represents you or some aspect of your personality that is free of distraction, or totally focused. Fearlessness. It may also represent a mindset that is totally unconcerned with consequences or feelings. Negatively, you may also feel that a person or situation is heartless.

To see a bald black person in a dream symbolizes your belief that something is permanently lost or your desire for things you can’t believe are ever going to happen. You may not be able to focus on or believe in anything else.

To dream of bald evil or bad people symbolizes negative personality traits that are unsympathetic or have no remorse. Fears of things that you feel are insensitive to your well-being. Bald evil people may also reflect your own lack of remorse that is going overboard.

*Please See Hair Loss


*Please See Hair Loss


To dream of a ballerina represents an aspect of your personality that is a perfect example of stability, balance, and grace. Moving through obstacles effortlessly. Perfect example of never being in trouble. Feelings about nothing getting you back or that nothing is losing as long as you don’t do anything stupid. Never noticing jealousy while you gracefully accept yourself the way you are. Poise and balance in your life. Structure and discipline that makes you fearless about falling down, failing, or losing. A balanced state of mind gained through experience and confronting challenges with little difficulty. You know what you are doing and are confident in the face of adversity. Feelings about a situation being a little bit stressful, but not something you can’t easily handle. Feeling that nobody can do anything about you as long as you remain disciplined. Ask yourself where in your current life situation is your discipline coming from? Feelings about a waking life situation being “a little stressful”, but not impossible.

Negatively, dreaming about a ballerina represents concerns with losing balance or stability in your waking life. Keeping yourself away from a problem. Concerns that discipline or structure is not strong enough. Showing off being a perfect example balance to other people. Are you being subjected to disciplinary actions requiring you to stay a balanced individual? Feelings about being unable to obtain or measure up to others ideals. A perfect example of of stability that is both innocent and vulnerable. Feeling that you don’t need to be protected while being an expert that never loses. Feeling stressed out or annoyed at needing to be perfectly behaved, safe, or disciplined for other people.

*Please See Ballet

*Please See Ballet Shoes


To dream of the ballet represents a situation that requires perfection or not making any mistakes. A strong focus on remaining balanced or away from trouble. You may be confronting an unforgiving problem that requires your total dedication.

*Please See Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

To dream of ballet shoes represents an approach to a situation that requires staying balanced. You don’t want to make any mistakes or are trying to be perfect. A sign that you are well aware of the risks involved in making a mistake.

*Please See Ballet


To dream of a balloon represents a situation that gives you a cause to celebrate or rejoice. Uplifting of your spirit or enjoying a lack of restrictions. Acknowledging or noticing that something good has happened. Feeling good about noticing yourself getting what you wanted. Enjoying yourself realizing a goal or getting what you feel you deserve. Liking compliance or co-operation you are getting after not having it.

Alternatively, balloons may represent relief you feel that a problem has gone away.

Negatively, balloons in a dream may reflect happiness at other people’s misfortunes or a wish to celebrate bad things happening to other people.

To dream of a helium balloon represents situations that give you a cause to celebrate or rejoice all on their own. Automatic compliance or self-governance that feels good to notice happening. Liking yourself effortlessly getting what you want or feel you deserve. Feeling good noticing a problem going away on its own or failing itself. Enjoying full compliance or co-operation after not having it.

To dream of a balloon popping represents disappointing embarrassment or dashed hopes. Fear of something going wrong during a positive or happy moment. Fear of losing progress. It may also be a sign that your hopes were based on fantasies or illusions.

To dream of letting balloons rise into the sky represents feelings of being overwhelmed by hope and possibility. Being swept up in the moment or letting fate decide something for you. An uplifting situation is taking precedence over your life.

To dream of blowing up balloons represents hope or inspiration that you are giving to a situation or other person. Getting ready to rejoice or celebrate. It may also reflect your attempt to make someone else feel better or deal with someone else’s problems so they don’t have to anymore.


To dream of a ballot represents a decision that needs to be made.

Casting a ballot represents making it clear or obvious to others what your choice is and why you want it. Being “loud and clear” about your choices or opinions. Picking a side on an issue.

To dream of your name being on a ballot reflects your wish for support, approval or acceptance.

Ballroom Dancing

To dream of ballroom dancing or waltzing represents harmonious decision making or perfect co-operation. Applying your professional or sophisticated experience that makes a situation feel easy. Enjoying yourself never making a single mistake. Elegant or sophisticated thinking working out well for you.

Positively, ballroom dancing or waltzing may represent feelings about yourself being a “genius.” Enjoying seeing your superior skills or experience being applied to a situation perfectly. An area of your life where things are working well and no mistakes are being made at all. A situation is going off without a hitch.

Negatively, ballroom dancing may reflect a lot of stress or anxiety you feel to apply professional or superior knowledge perfectly. Feeling pressure to look good never making a single mistake. Feeling that your reputation is on the line. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are enjoying feeling too smart to ever get caught with your dishonesty.


To dream of orbs or balls represents thoughts. Blue orbs or balls represent positive thoughts. Red orbs or balls represent negative thoughts. Balls may also reflect conflict over issues you want to get rid of.

Sports balls in dreams symbolizes issues you are struggling with emotionally, or decisions you are considering. Choices that could end up having both a good or bad influence. Beliefs that could end up causing both a positive or negative outcome.

Tennis balls symbolizes a conflict over issues that you are rejecting or want someone else to deal with.

Soccer balls symbolize a conflict over competing methods. You and someone else that are at odds over which way to do something.

Basketballs symbolizes your focused on power or achievement. Using power to attain what you want in life or a specific outcome. Something you are using your skill, status, or resources to make happen.

Baseballs are symbols for issues or problems with the potential to be eliminated. It may also reflect opportunities to change that must be taken advantage of in order to gain power. Positively, it may point to a chance to get rid of something undesirable or to stand up to something. Negatively, it may symbolize a problem or negative situation that is challenging you or making you take a risk.

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*Please See Bologna


To dream of bamboo represents sensitivity about noticing yourself being easily “broken down”, defeated, outsmarted, talked down to, or subjugated. Feeling that your defenses are too sensitive or cheap. Feeling that other people can just take from you whenever they want or talk down to you whenever they please. Feeling that some area of your life is wonderful, but fundamentally weak.

Banana Splits

To dream of a banana split sundae often represents large amounts of sexual indulgence that is enjoyed being discussed afterwards. Having a lot of sex and talking about it afterwards with your friends.

Negatively, banana splits may reflect peer pressure to have sex and openly discuss it.


To dream of a banana often represents repressed sexual urges an desires.

To dream of unpeeling a banana often represents feelings about indulging in sexual activity. Feelings about undressing yourself or others for sex. Sexual arousal.


To dream of a Band-Aid represents something you’re doing to feel better about a problem. Not wanting to notice something negative again. A temporary solution that frees you from caring all the time.

To dream of a Band-Aid falling off represents a temporary solution that didn’t work. You may have believed you could stop caring about a problem that has come back.

*Please See Bandages


To dream of a bandage represents a need to heal, growing pains, or learning to cope with a problem. An unpleasant time of change or healing. You may be emotionally wounded and trying to protect yourself.

*Please See Band-Aid


To dream of a bandana represents a mood or mindset that is intentionally misbehaving. Being bad or breaking the rules on purpose. Feelings about being a “bad ass.”


To dream of bangles represents noticing yourself liking to have to do something. Enjoying choosing a commitment or obligation. Liking or choosing to make something you’re involved with a big deal. Bangles in a dream may reflect your love or pride in choosing to be dedicated to your family or a committed relationship.

Positively, bangles may reflect how good you feel being needed to do something you are dedicated to by choice.

To dream of broken bangles may reflect you or someone else that was not appreciated enough for choosing to be involved. Not wanting to enjoy choosing to be helpful or committed ever again.


To dream of banishment represents feelings of permanent loss or exclusion. You or someone that feels that they can never return to a old way of life. You may feel regret, guilt, or strong desire for something you can never have again.

*Please See Exile


To dream of a banister represents feelings about how easily a situation is progressing. Feeling carried or supported to the next stage of a situation. Feeling that all you need is readily provided as you need it as you move forward.


To dream of a bank represents your store of resources or power that can be tapped at anytime. Talents, capabilities, financial support, emotional support, or things that give you a sense of security. What you rely on to keep yourself secure or successful.

A bank can also be a reflection of how strong or moral your relationships and interactions with others are. Power, resources, or people you use to achieve your goals. Total control over others that is responsible or conservative.

Negatively, to dream of a bank may reflect feelings about being dependent on something or someone in order to do something. Feeling stupid that someone can control your entire life or put your whole life on hold due to one factor. Feelings about access to power being withheld from you. Feeling that stupid, arrogant, or controlling people can make decisions for you. Feelings about yourself or other people who need to have total control over others.

To dream of robbing a bank represents resources or power you are tapping by not earning it. It may reflect a negative, selfish, or dishonest approach to achieving goals.

To move money between banks represents a transfer of power or resources between certain core values. You may be becoming more positive in some ways or more negative in others. It may also reflect a change in attitude about how you achieve goals or maintain power. Ask yourself how each bank makes you feel and how that may symbolize a waking life situation. Sleazier banks may represent lower standards and poor values. Classier banks may symbolize higher standards and more conservative values.

Negatively, moving money between banks may reflect issues with allowing others to control your life. Going from one “controlling asshole” to another. Feeling that you need someone managing or controlling your life.

Bank Accounts

To dream of a bank account represents feelings about a sense of your own personal security, liberty, and power. Potential or talents hidden away. Feelings about whether you can or can’t access a store of power or resources. Feelings about whether you can or can’t use something all on your own. Feelings about needing to respect other people’s power or choices. Feelings about having your own power or resources independent of others. Withholding important information that nobody else has useful to you later. Feeling good that nobody is allowed to use you. Feelings about whether you can or can’t afford to do something in live on your own.

Negatively, a bank account may reflect feelings about not liking someone having access to power you believe you deserve to share. Feelings about not deserving to be powerful or not having enough power. Not liking someone accessing your power or resources. Withholding important information that can hurt others. Corrupt feelings about how resourceful you are. Dirty secrets being withheld. Disliking other people being greedy or using you. Dishonest things you feel you are capable of doing on your own.

Alternatively, dreaming about bank accounts may reflect financial concerns. Feelings about how good of a person you are meaning you deserve to be thanked by God.

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Bank Card

*Please See ATM Card


To dream of a banker represents an aspect of personality that is focused solely on increasing power or resources. Being careful about insuring you’re benefiting. Leveraging your accomplishments, skills, talents, or clout to get more for yourself. Careful self-interest.

Positively, a banker may reflect using your clout to force needed change or control risky or irresponsible behavior. Using advantages to improve conditions of a situation or make a beneficial situation happen faster than normal. Intelligent hedging. Conservatively attempting to work with others to increase your standing in a situation. Thoughtful leveraging.

Negatively, a banker represents you or someone else that takes advantage of others to get more power or resources. Self-interest or greed run amok. Feeling that others have too much leverage or can take whatever they want from you. Feeling tricked into a subordinate position. Alternatively, a banker may reflect using your advantages to gain leverage over or exploit others. Jealousy of people with more advantages than you or who have an easier life. Feelings of being out of control, manipulated, or that someone can cut you off at anytime. Being “putty” in someone else’s hands.


To dream of bankruptcy represents a total loss of power, control, or capability. Feeling that you can never do something ever again. Feeling powerless to stop a loss. Insecurity. Feeling doubt. A total lack of inspiration or new ideas.


To dream of a banquet represents overwhelming prosperity. Noticing all that you want coming together at the same time. Getting all the spotlight, attention, or sympathy you want. Feelings of deserving all you want. Feel good being noticed deserving respect and recognition. “Feasting” on power or a sense of accomplishment.

To dream of your food missing or already having been eaten at a banquet may reflect a lost opportunity to get attention or sympathy. It may also be a sign that you’re putting yourself last or are not trying hard enough to attract attention. Not acknowledging your needs. Allowing other people to enjoy themselves with your accomplishments.

*Please See Feast


To dream of a baptism represents proper psychological, emotional, or spiritual renewal. Feelings about deeming something renewed or deeming your conscience cleared. Feelings about yourself or some area of your life being deemed accepted as honest. Feeling good that you have “arrived” spiritually due to accepting a change. Feeling good about sins or your negativity from your past being let go of. You may be giving up old beliefs or habits for a new way of thinking. Feeling that you must perfectly accept certain conditions in order to prove your deserve a fresh start. Feeling accepted to have have start or clear conscience.

A baptism may be a sign that you are changing your attitude, or taking a new approach. It may also reflect new influences, making amends with your past, or a new lease on life. Consider the saying “being reborn into something new.”

Negatively, baptism may be a sign that care too much about getting someone else’s acceptance or forgiveness in order move on with life. Placing to much importance on surrendering your ideas, preferences, or life choices in order to be forgiven.


To dream of being at a bar represents feelings that it’s safe or permissible to enjoy yourself without restraint. A wish for a light-heated experience or to give yourself permission to temporarily forget about your problems. A wish for enjoyable social interaction. Feeling that it’s safe or permissible to go overboard in some manner. Areas of your life that you consciously obsessed with or passionate about. Going out of your way to enjoy doing something a lot, possibly to the point of excess. It may also reflect topics that you like discussing in great detail or for long periods of time.

Negatively, a bar may reflect issues with needing to appear to be having a good time to other people. Issues with needing to be accepted for who you are with your flaws. Being too involved with activities that you are addicted to. Insecurity that makes you feel you need permission to enjoy yourself. A casual attitude about excessive behavior that you feel doesn’t need to be changed. Excessive behavior that you feel you never need to explain. Problems accepting the need to be more serious about a problem or important life situation. Difficulty letting go of leisure time or social activity.


To dream of the Barbados represents a mindset that is insensitive about avoiding making other people notice unnecessary problems. A mindset that doesn’t like mistakes stopping a situation remaining laid back. Surrounded by people with an attitude that expects nothing little with no worries. Not embarrassing other people with not liking themselves they way they want to. Surrounded by people who don’t want to change themselves for you if it isn’t important. A mindset that is laid back with nothing crazy allowed. A mindset that is sensitive about why other people might mind something. Laid back attitude that accepts problems temporarily, but will get angry if it’s permanent. Surrounded by people or family life that doesn’t think it should have to stop feeling good just because of you.

Being relaxed with no worries as a serious priority. Feeling that keeping others away from fear, anxiety, or stress is important for you to do. Feeling that it’s important to not scare your children with worries while they enjoy grow up. Feeling that it’s important for children to believe in themselves without interruptions so they grow up strong. Temporarily problems or stress is not important to impose on others. Never embarrassing other people while they enjoy themselves.

Negatively, dreaming about Barbados may be a sign that you are taking on too much stress for yourself to allow others to live stress free. Keeping problems bottled up or hidden to prevent others from worrying. Taking on too much risk hiding problems to prevent interrupting others happiness. Feeling surrounded by people who scare you that you aren’t believing in yourself as much as they are.


To dream of a barbarian represents an aspect of your personality that is savage or totally ignores others feelings. A person or situation that is rough, harsh, or totally insensitive.


To dream of using a barbecue represents a carefree attitude about something you’re planning. Feeling good noticing that nothing can stop you from planning or preparing something your way. Enjoying less rules or eased restrictions about making plans to do something. Feeling that nothing sucks about what you are planning to do next. Plans or preparations that feel good not needing to be serious.

Negatively, dreaming about a barbecue represents a carefree attitude about dishonestly enjoying planning to do something your own way that doesn’t suck. Plans to do something illegal in private that doesn’t need to tell anyone. A carefree attitude that is making preparations to get someone back, spend stolen money for fun, or enjoying making an example out of someone you are getting back at. A possible sign that you are frustrated with something that doesn’t allow you to easily make plans, spend money, or socialize. A wish to move on from a difficult relationship that prevents a carefree attitude about living your life.

To dream of a barbecue with no food represents a wish to have a carefree attitude about something you are planning, but it’s not happening.

To dream of using a barbecue in your backyard may represent a relaxed attitude about planning for something that you don’t like talking about. It may also reflect a carefree attitude about not getting caught planning to do something wrong or dangerous.

To dream of eating barbecued food represents a situation in your life that is encouraging you to be carefree. Enjoying a situation your way that you feel doesn’t suck. An experience you are having that feels good noticing there is nothing difficult or jealous.

Consider the type of food for additional meaning.

Barbed Wire

To dream of barbed wire represents difficulty in breaking through or getting a point across to someone. It may also reflect feelings about a situation intentionally being made too difficult or off-limits. Barriers in relationships or situations that are intentionally being made to dangerous to cross. Making it clear to others that trying to test you is a bad idea. Feelings about a situation being entrenched.

Negatively, barbed wire may reflect an excessive need to create barriers or “danger zones” in situations or relationships. Purposely making other people feel that testing you or your relationship is dangerous. Jealousy of interference in some manner that is making you go overboard with conditions or protective measures.


To dream of a barber may represent a person or situation in your life changes the way you think. Being set straight about an issue whether you like or not.

Negatively, a barber may reflect people or situations that coldly, bluntly, or insensitivity set you straight about your beliefs or questions.

*Please See Hairdresser

Barber Shop

To dream of a barber shop represents your wish to change your mindset or attitude. Wanting to be set straight whether it feels good or not. Wanting to feel better or be rid of negativity on your mind. Being ready for change and to move in a different direction.

Positively, a barber shop may represent wanting someone else to guide you when you’re lost, give you insight into a problem, or give you an answer to something that puzzles you.

Barber’s Pole

To dream of a barber’s pole is a sign that you are contemplating a change in your life. It may also reflect a rude awakening or brutal honesty that you aren’t ready for yet.

Barbie Dolls

To dream of a barbie doll represents a wish to be noticed perfect all the time so people will like you. Social idealism and conformity. Always wanting to fit in or be what other people want you to be.

Negatively, you may be trying too hard to meet other expectations.


To dream of a barcode represents automation, simplification and ease. Full information awareness about a person or situation.

Negatively, a barcode may reflect unobstructed total control, manipulation, or subordination. You or someone else that is easily used, measured, or handled.

Alternatively, a barcode dream represents an impersonal relationship in your waking life. Feeling alienated or that people don’t like you.


*Please See Horseback Riding


To dream of being barefoot represents situations where you are aware of your morals or basic principals being tested. Moral conduct or honest behavior is being noticed by others. You can’t hide the trust of who you are as a person to yourself or others. Faithfulness or honesty is being displayed to others.

Positively, bare feet may reflect a willingness to change core beliefs or have your values tested in front of others.

Negatively, being barefoot may reflect a loss of principles, integrity, or morals. It may also reflect low self-esteem, or a lack of confidence. Having casual sex.

You may be experiencing vulnerability to negative influences. Situations in your life that open the door to corruption or challenges that you are not ready for. It may also an open attitude to changing your values.

*Please See Feet


To dream of seeing a bargain may represent feelings of surprise at how easy or amazing something is. Feeling you’ve gained an advantage in a situation. Consider the symbolism of the item that is a bargain for additional meaning.

Negatively, a bargain may be a sign that you are not valuing yourself enough or feel you are giving something important away too easily.

*Please See Negotiate

*Please See Sale

*Please See Clearance


To dream of angry dog barking may reflect feelings about vicious verbal attacks towards others. Powerful anger or losing one’s temper while being mean to someone. Hateful statements or angry jealousy. Standing up for yourself by speaking to other people like they are total losers. Angrily defending your right to be respected or treated like you aren’t desperate.

To dream of normal dog barking may reflect confident feelings about not being desperate. Being vocal about believing in yourself. Feeling that someone is looking out for you. Expressing confidence that you aren’t a loser.


To dream of a barn represents feelings about your ability to be resourceful with new ideas or creativity. Your personal cache of ideas, talents, or abilities. Feelings about “other things” you do or could do apart from normal life. The second side or hidden side of your private life that keeps you looking interesting or productive. Drawing from your background, past experiences, or originality.

Negatively, a barn may reflect feelings of interrupting the status quo or stopping your current level of happiness with the way things are. Not liking new ideas or having to get creative for new situations. Issues with situations that you feel are way they are supposed to be. Feeling that you have everything you need or that there is no need to change.


To dream of barnacles represents an annoyance that you feel is unnecessary or secondary to the real issue at hand. Feeling that you can’t only deal with a problem or just enjoy yourself because something else is always an issue. Issues that cling on to other issues.

Negatively, barnacles may reflect “adding insult to injury.”


To dream of army or military barracks represents a mindset that is focused on never being lazy while trying hard to keep a situation the same. Trying hard to stay on top of things. A concerted effort to stay organized or be ready. Always being proactive or ready just in case.

Negatively, you may be too concerned with avoiding change or staying on top of a situation. You may be experiencing a restrictive situation. It may also reflect anxiety about appearing lazy.


To dream of a wood barrel represents feelings about keeping something useful the way it is until you need to use it. Feelings about having too much of something and needing to keep it the way it is. Noticing you aren’t asking for anything because you don’t need to right now.

Negatively, a wood barrel may reflect feelings of excess about something you don’t need or can’t afford in the current moment.

To dream of a steel barrel or steel drum represents feelings about keeping something serious or dangerous the way it is until you have a need to use it. Keeping something serious or dangerous contained until you have a better way to deal with it. Feelings of having no interest in something other than using it when you need it. Feeling that something is strong enough to be used to control a problem.

To dream of a steel barrel being used to burn things represents confidence that you don’t need anyone else during a difficult or dangerous moment.

Negatively, using a steel barrel to burn things may reflect concerns about getting away with something and being confident that nobody can stop you. Confidence in your ability to stay comfortable while having difficulty paying bills because your job carries you while you still feel poor.

To dream of a wine barrel represents feelings of confidence that you can take time off whenever you choose to. Confidence that celebrating or taking time off is always a possibility when you’re ready to. Never needing to ask to take time off, relax, or have a reason to celebrate. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about celebrating or taking time off being excessive.

Alternatively, a wine barrel may reflect feelings of patience while you wait for the perfect time to celebrate or take time off.

To dream of hiding in a barrel may reflect feelings about situations where “out of sight our of mind” is important. Not wanting to be found until someone needs you for something important. Avoiding people until it’s absolutely necessary to speak to them.

To dream of a oil barrel or oil drum represents feelings about stored tappable resources that are useful they way they are until you need to use them. Resources in demand that you can keep the way the way they are until you need to use them.

To dream of the barrel of a gun represents feelings about how dangerously serious a decision could be. Caution, quiet, or acceptance of a dangerous possibility. You or your enemy considering making a serious choice.


To dream of a barren landscape may represent feelings of emptiness in your waking life. You may be experiencing a situation where you know no one, feel empty after a breakup, or perhaps you have made changes to your lifestyle so it’s unrecognizable. Putting up a prolonged sense of emptiness and not trying hard enough to reach out to others.

Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about a lack of opportunities or fun. An empty social life. Feeling that nobody cares about you or nobody wants to help you. A serious situation where you feel totally on your own. Feeling that it will take a very long time to restore love or happiness to your life again. Feeling that nobody is going to care about you ever again.


To dream of a barricade represents a hindrance you feel is being directed towards you. Someone or something is intentionally getting in your way or stopping you. You or someone else that is putting up a defensive emotional barrier.

*Please See Barrier


To dream of a barrier represents an obstacle to goals or progress in some area of your life. It may also reflect obstacles to emotional growth or your ability to express yourself. A barrier may also indicate your resistance to change.


To dream of a bartender represents an aspect of your personality that is an enabler. An aspect of your personality that encourages passionate or obsessive interests. A desire for someone you’re attracted to, a hobby, or interest that you are very involved with. Something that encourage indulgence or irresponsibility.

To dream that you are a bartender, suggests that you are enabling yourself or others. Negatively, it may reflect a need for you to slow down or think twice about helping someone.


To dream of a baseball game represents a mental or emotional struggle to cancel, stop, or eliminate something. A metaphor for conflict over an opportunity to get rid of a problem or unwanted situation. You may have the chance to “deal a blow” to a problem or your opposition.

The players in a baseball game represent both positive and negative aspects of yourself struggling to control an outcome. Negative competitors may reflect fears, guilt, jealousy, or unwanted outcomes that stand in your way.

The actual baseball is a symbol for an opportunity that must be taken advantage of in order to gain power.

Hitting the ball represents an opportunity that was successful taken advantage of. You or some aspect of your life has gained leverage or successful dealt with a competing force.

Striking out represents a failure to take advantage of an opportunity. You or aspect of your life may have lost “your chance” or were overwhelmed by an opposing force.

To see a baseball field under construction represents the groundwork for conflict that is developing in your life. Certain factors or situations are coming together that will lead to confronting a problem.

To be at bat symbolizes confrontation with a problem. You have an opportunity to overcome something.

The base’s on a baseball diamond reflect how far you or some aspect of your life is progressing with their problems. First base is a beginning phase, second is conflict, third is near closure, and home plate reflect total success over an opposing force.

Baseball Bat

To dream of a baseball bat represents a defensive attitude or wanting to take strong action. Preparation or motivation to attack someone or something. You are planning to attack your problem with everything you got. It may also reflect your wish to insult or get back at someone. Attacking your problems or “hitting back” at someone.

To dream of hitting someone or something with a bat represents defensiveness against problems or people that are in your way. Taking action against something you want gone for good. Trying to get rid of opposition. Attacking someone with a bad temper.

To see an evil or bad person with a bat symbolizes your feelings about people or situations that you believe are trying to get rid of you for good or intentionally trying to make your life worse. It may also reflect your anger or bad intentions as you plan to get back at someone.

To dream of being hit by a bat represents people or situations that you feel are out to get you or that you feel are personally attacking you. It may also reflect competition or different opinions than you’re own. You may feel unwelcome. Feeling that you are the victim of a verbal assault or that someone wants to you permanently removed from a particular situation.


To dream of a basement represents your deepest darkest thoughts, emotions, and memories. A basement points to problems that you don’t want to deal with or issues that may be very uncomfortable thinking about. A situation or memory that is so negative that you can’t forget it or think about anything else.

Alternatively, a basement may reflect the worsening of a problem or trouble that you are overwhelmed by.

A basement is a sign that you may have unresolved issues, or problems that the ego may not allow you to explore without assistance.


*Please See Bathtubs


To dream of a basket represents something in your life that is consoling or convenient. It may also reflect something in your life that has been made easy for you


To dream of a basketball game represents a struggle to prove that your ideas are better than other people’s ideas. Struggling to prove you are right or more deserving of respect than someone else. Proving you are smarter. Using all your skills, ideas, insights, or resources to prove someone else wrong. Conflicting agendas trying to outsmart each other. Conflicting agendas trying to embarrass each other with better ideas or better outcomes. A basketball game reflects different aspects of your life that are at odds over influential choices. A metaphor for different aspects of your personality or your life that are trying to prove they are the most effective or more intelligent. A conflict of between two people that equally believe their are more professional, experienced, or well read than the other with the ability to prove it. Stubbornly refusing to listen to anyone who tells you that your ideas should be ignored.

Negatively, a basketball game may reflect an intense jealous competition to prove being right. Desperation to force your ideas or intentions on others. Abusing an open opportunity to force your ideas on people. Stealing opportunities from others to prove you are better. Dishonestly using any means necessary to make yourself more deserving. Dishonestly attempting to look smarter than someone else you are competing against. Fear of being prove by someone else that your ideas are stupider or weaker.

Basketballs symbolizes thoughts or ideas that are believed to better than someone else’s ideas. A mindset that is focused on attaining power or achievement through example. An idea you wish to prove is more attractive than someone else’s idea. Using power to prove you are a smarter or stronger person. Something you are using your skill, status, or resources to make happen. Competing with other people to make your ideas more prominent or the first to be paid attention to.

The basketball net is your goal, desire, or life objective that you want to prove is good idea.

To dream of shooting hoops on your own represents your attempts to use power or resources to achieve a goal on your own. Doing something for yourself. Proving that your ideas are right with nobody to support you. Practicing on your own to embarrass someone else that your ideas are the best. Experimenting with your ideas to make sure they are good ideas. Negatively, it may reflect awareness of yourself pointlessly attempting to prove your are right. Missed shots or losing a game symbolizes failure to prove that your ideas are better than someone else’s. You may not have the power, status, or resources you need.

Bass Fish

To dream of a bass fish represents feelings about insights or problems you want to understand that put up a fight. A stubborn problem you don’t understand or that puts up a fight until you do understand it. Enjoying fighting with a difficult problem that puts up a challenge. A struggle against something you don’t understand while hoping nothing is wrong with you.

Bass Guitar

To dream of a bass guitar represents making others feel good about how deep or interesting you are.


To dream that you are taking a bath, signifies a cleansing of your life or negative feelings about yourself. You are washing away the difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativity. Your dream may be pointing toward forgiveness and letting go. A reflection of some kind of renewal in your life or fresh start. Feeling good moving on from your troubles. Feeling better about yourself.

To dream of being unable to bath may represent feelings about yourself being unable to restore or fix some area of your life. Poor self-image or feelings about yourself being a loser. Not being as positive as you’d like. Alternatively, it may reflect feeling of being unable to rid yourself of guilt or mistakes. Feeling that you can’t move on from your troubles.

*Please See Bathtubs

*Please See Shower

Bathing Suit

*Please See Swimsuit


To dream of a bathrobe represents self-consciousness or sensitivity about having other people notice anything wrong with you. A desire for privacy. It may also reflect your personality as you confront personal problems or deal with something embarrassing.

To dream of taking a bathrobe off represents an open mind about exposing your personal or private life in some manner.


To dream of a bathroom represents a cleansing process. Confronting issues, negative emotions, or negative life situations.

To dream of dirty bathroom represents difficulties during a cleansing process. A sign that more effort is needed to confront mental and emotional problems or that a current situation is unsupportive of progress.

To dream of cleaning a bathroom represents your attempt to make facing problems easier for yourself. Getting rid of distractions or difficulties that may get in your way as your try to improve yourself.

To dream of not being able to find the bathroom or make it on time represents distractions, pressures, or postponing your own wishes for too long. You’re unable to get rid of a problem.

*Please See Toilets

*Please See Urinal

*Please See Public Bathroom


To dream of a bathtub represents a positive or comfortable mindset as you get rid of problems. Feeling good or enjoying yourself as negativity or conflict is dealt with. Feeling good about situations where you are effectively controlling problems. Effectively managing emotions.

Alternatively a bathtub may reflect self-reflection over issues or problems you have as they are being cleansed from your life.

To dream of seeing a bathtub where the water turns red may reflect a relaxed attitude towards problem solving that has turned emotionally dangerous. Feeling that you may have made a problem worse by being too casual about confronting it.

*Please See Shower


To dream of Batman represents confrontation with overwhelming adversity with superior intelligence or resources. Always having a perfect solution handy when you are facing a very big problem or crisis. Scaring people that they have to be honest with unusual resourcefulness. Feelings about yourself being an expert at never being told what to do.

Alternatively, the dream is a sign that there is some kind of wrongdoing that you feel the need to rectify.


To dream of a bat represents confusion, mixed messages, and being emotionally in the dark. You’re being told one thing and seeing the complete opposite. You may feel like a promise made to you never comes true.

A bat may be a sign that are getting involved with something that defies your better judgment. If you are getting signals to be careful it may be best to listen to them. Bats represent your inability to see what’s going on around you with a clear understanding. A bat suggests that you are entering a situation blindly.


To dream of a battery represents energy and vitality.

A dead battery suggests that you are emotionally exhausted or feeling low. You may have lost the will or resources needed to continue with something.


To dream that you are batting represents a confrontation with an issue. A sign that there is something in your life that you want to get rid of for good.

Battle Axe

To dream of a battle axe represents confrontational attitude that is cold, uncaring, and terribly blunt. Caring about knowing you are going to be a jerk to someone. Open discussion about how insensitively dominant you plan to be. Terrifying other people that you don’t care about anything except turning them into a loser. Conflict in your life that enjoys being messy, mean, or destructive with others property.

Negatively, a battle axe may reflect an attitude that enjoys being someone else’s worst enemy. Feeling good taking things from others with brute force. Enjoying talking to someone like they are garbage. Scaring people that you will never care about their feelings ever again.


To dream of being on a battlefield represents a major conflict occurring in your waking life. A battle of will. It may reflect a new situation, new problem, or new relationship which you are trying to solve and conquer.


To dream of a battle represents a conflict or problem in your life that takes all your strength or resources to overcome. Giving a problem all you got.


To dream of a battleship represents your concern with getting through a difficult or uncertain time and never taking no for an answer. Never allowing a problem to get your way or refusing to accept a loss at all costs. A staunch warning to others that you will be respected. Setting a deadline for others with severe consequences.

*Please See Boats

*Please See War

Bay Window

To dream of a bay window represents feeling good thinking or preparing for the future. Liking or feeling comfortable noticing what is about to happen in your life. Enjoying yourself while waiting or expecting.


To dream of a bayonet represents an insistence on decisions or choices being respected or carried out in full. Not letting anyone off until your done. Making yourself difficult if you don’t get your way.

BB Gun

To dream of a BB gun represents decisions out of spite. A BB gun is a symbol you might see when a person or situation tries to limit you and you do what you want anyway.

The symbolism is based on parents not agreeing with a BB Gun’s use and children using them anyway.


To dream of the beach represents a time in your life when you are confronting negativity or facing uncertainty. It may also represent a transition from a familiar setting to an unfamiliar one. Confronting a current difficulty. Confronting a hard reality after first believing you wouldn’t have to.

Negatively, dreaming of the beach may be a sign that you are a confronting a serious crisis moment in your life. Possibly a sign that you are not doing enough to take a serious problem or crisis seriously enough.

*Please See Ocean

*Please See Sand

*Please See Sand Castle

Beach Ball

To dream of a beach ball represents a playful or lighthearted attitude about confronting issues. A positive mindset about getting to face your problems all the time. A sign that you may be experiencing relief that a long-standing issue is finally getting dealt with.

Negatively, a beach ball may be a sign that you are enjoying a struggle or crisis too much and don’t want to get it over with. Prolonging conflict unnecessarily.

Beach House

To dream of a beach house may reflect a perspective on a situation that is focused on an ongoing confrontation with negativity or uncertainty.

Positively, a beach house may reflect a long-term attitude about confronting problems. A constant wish to face your problems or serious challenges. Feeling good having the power or opportunity to confront problems as much as you want to.

Negatively, a beach house may reflect feelings of being trapped facing an ongoing problem or difficult emotional situation. An obsessed attitude about confronting problems that you might not need to. Too much concern with confronting challenges to the point of being obnoxious.


To dream of beads represents a need or wish to impress others. You may be caring what other people think, or trying to make a good impression. Beads may also symbolize a need to show off.


To see or use a beaker in you dream represents your need to integrate various aspects of your life together. You may be trying something new or waiting to see the results of a change. You may be trying to look at a problem from a completely different perspective.


To dream of a beak represents the freedom to make decisions. Freedom to speak or control outcomes. Consider the type of bird for additional meaning.

To dream of a bird without a beak represents feelings of losing freedom of choice. It may also reflect freedom without the ability to enjoy it or discuss it.


To dream of seeing the beams of an existing building may represent your awareness of underlying requirements of a situation. Noticing what it took to get somewhere. Understanding why power or security exists. Observing what is needed in your life to ensure that failure is not possible.

To dream of beams in new construction may reflect how you are laying the groundwork to establish yourself. Working hard to guarantee that failure can ever happen again. Setting the stage for success or achievement through fundamental requirements. Secure goals coming to life.


To dream of a beanbag represents an issue in your life or your attitude that is non-threatening, not serious, not powerful, or not dangerous.

Beanbags may appear in dreams when you experience or make threats of disciplinary action that lacks leverage or serious consequences.

Beanbag Chair

To see or sit on a beanbag chair, indicates temporary setbacks. You are not fully settled in your life.

Beanie Baby

To dream of a beanie baby represents adaptability to most situations. It may also reflect a need to “keep up” with others. Consider the animal or the name of the beanie baby for additional symbolism.


To dream of beans represents a situation in waking life that doesn’t feel good having to be involved with it all the time. A lack of variety or feeling forced to do something too much. Too much of a good thing. Beans in a dream may be a sign that you desire more excitement or interesting options.

Negatively, beans may reflect intense boredom or frustration with having to wait longer than you want to.

To dream of kidney beans represents an overwhelming feeling of forced boredom or lack of alternative choices. Agonizing feeling that a situation is so boring that you are forced to do it all the time. Putting up with something boring while hoping anything else will happen.

Alternatively, kidney beans may reflect a boring situation that you hope to get over with as soon as possible or want as little involvement with as you can get.

Bear Trap

To dream of a bear trap represents an obstacle in your life that jeopardizes your independence or well-being. A problem or delay that you consider to be unbearable. A setback you feel is beyond unfair.

To dream of using a bear trap may reflect your preparation to teach someone a lesson they will never forget. Getting back at someone with consequences that are unbearable. Making non-compliance feel terrible.


To dream of a beard represents you or some aspect of your personality that is assertive, experienced, confident, or powerful. It also represents maturity and higher standards of thinking. A masculine role. Feelings about serious or adult decisions. A wish to avoid looking childish or stupid.

Woman dreaming of having a beard may reflect their wish to fill masculine role that is making you fill uncomfortable.

A long white beard represents wisdom and experience. Boredom with situations that others may find difficult or scary.

*Please See Facial Hair

*Please See Moustache


To see a bear in a dream represents an aspect of yourself that is staunchly independent or that doesn’t like to share. You or someone else that likes to do things all on their own. Not liking other ideas or other people interfering with you. You or someone else that is impossible to compromise with.

Negatively, the bear reflects possessiveness, an overbearing attitude, or unhealthy loner tendencies. You or someone else that doesn’t want to share anything or do anything with anyone else. You want something all to yourself or to monopolize something. A fierce desire to have something all to yourself. Alternatively, a bear may reflect a problem that makes nobody like to be around you or an issue that make socializing impossible. Grumpy attitude. An intimidating control freak in your life.

To dream of being chased by a bear represents may represent an aversion to someone else’s possessiveness, jealousy, or unwillingness to share. It may also represent a fear of being alone or being noticed by yourself. Problems taking time off work or fearing your boss.

To dream of being attacked by a bear may reflect feelings about conflict in your life with a dominant jealous person. Feeling attacked for your independence. Feeling attacked by someone who wants to steal your ideas or freedom. Feeling attacked by someone who doesn’t want you to have friends. Feeling attacked by someone who doesn’t like you have financial freedom. Feeling attacked by a jealous partner or family member. Fearing yourself being forced to be alone. Conflict with someone who thinks they are better than you are. Conflict with someone who doesn’t like you owning or controlling property. A powerful greedy person who doesn’t like sharing with you and will attack you with all their strength to avoid having to share with you. Terrifying jealousy of you. Overbearing selfish parents or authority figures.

To dream of a black bear may reflect feelings of fearing someone that doesn’t want to share with you. Excessive feelings about wanting to be alone or monopolize a situation. Excessive need to have all the attention, importance, or power to yourself. Excessive selfishness that wishes to scare people away from sharing.

*Please See Polar Bears


To dream of a beast represents a negative aspect of your life that seems totally out of control. A problem you have a lot of difficulty taming or getting under control.

Alternatively, a beast may reflect a powerful negative personality trait, person, or situation that must be contained.

*Please See Monsters

*Please See Creatures


To dream that you are beaten, indicates that you need to make some fundamental changes to your character. You need to make some conscious adjustments and evaluations. Alternatively, it suggests that someone is pushing you beyond your limits.