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Dreams starting with letter – D

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To dream of a daffodil represents feeling good noticing someone showing you that they will always “be there” for you. Feeling good noticing someone showing you how supportive they are of you. Noticing long-term supportiveness. Feeling good appreciating someone who is showing you they will always “have your back.”

Negatively, daffodils may reflect unrequited love. Trying too hard to show someone you love or support them. Affection or loyalty that is too strongly displayed to others. Situations where one person cares too much about someone who doesn’t share the same feelings. Feeling that someone is wasting their time showing you that they are willing to support you at whatever cost. Empty romantic gestures. Feeling that someone is desperate.


To dream of a dagger represents feelings about conflict that uses serious last resort choices. A willingness to embarrass someone with nothing else ever again if all else fails to help you. Feeling good knowing you have a backup plan to permanently deal with enemies or problems.

Negatively, a dagger may reflect petty acts of jealousy at the last moment of a conflict in order to spare yourself embarrassment. “Stabbing someone in the back” to defeat them. A backup plan to permanently humiliate someone or deal with a problem.

*Please See Swords


To dream of a daisy flower represents feelings about how nice or positive it feels to to witness the choosing of honesty on it’s own. Feelings about how nice or positive it is to observe a person or situation intentionally trying hard to care about your feelings. Enjoying noticing that everything is working out. Noticing innocence, simplicity, or friendliness. Admiring someone who has supported you with your problems.

Enjoying noticing something negative being permanently removed, banished, or dead. Enjoying noticing self-defeat of enemies. Enjoying noticing that a situation is completely removed of the dishonesty it once had. Feeling good noticing that a bad person or problem can never return. Feeling good noticing that nobody wants to get you back. Showing other people that you feel good never wanting to get revenge on them. Feeling good noticing that life is safer than it previously was.

Negatively, daisies may reflect a naive belief that everyone’s feelings are important to be notice respected. Naively believing that everyone is honest. Honest intentions gone overboard. Thinking that it’s a wonderful thing to notice someone is dead. The tendency of wealthy people or nice people to be naively unrealistic about danger.


To dream of a Dalmatian represents emotional protection that encourages you to care about other people’s feelings. Noticing that you aren’t perfect so that other people will feel good for you or do something for you. Pressuring others into giving you things by demanding extra honesty. Helping yourself by asking others to put more effort into helping friends and family. Heightened sensitivity about feeling quality sharing being important if the person being asked to share is more successful than you are. Doing everything you can to get what you want by telling someone else they aren’t doing enough to be respectable. Helping yourself by asking others to set a perfect example.

Positively, it can reflect supportive behavior, or attempts to get along well with others. Not fearing asking for extra help. Asking others to be more giving or respectful to others feelings if they have more than you. Agreeableness, people pleasing, or doing everything you can to keep someone happy. Pushing others to improve safety or be extra helpful to people with less.

Negatively, a dalmatian dog in a dream may reflect feelings about pressuring others into giving more to family and friends to selfishly get something. Pressuring others to be more honest or give things away from free. Pressuring others to me more mindful of others needing extra attention. Dalmatians could also reflect situations where you or someone else is asking too much from other people when it comes to being honest. Showing off being a more respectable person than other people. Making people who more successful or powerful than you feel guilty if they want to choose allowing you to lose. A snobby attitude about setting a good example. Making other people feel that they aren’t honest if they don’t want to give you support you with special attention.

A dalmatian dog may also represent a tendency to overlook your own feelings to care about the needs of others. You may resent people or feel like a doormat. Fearing that people will not like you. Feeling that people with less than you expect too much from you.


To dream of a dam represents feelings about a negative or uncertain situation being kept under control. A negative situation that is being kept on hold. Repressed emotions or problems. Pent up emotions. Behavior that is focused on acting professional or respectable about avoiding causing others stress. A problem that is being slowly tapered off. Keeping angry or unpleasant emotions inside to prevent fighting. Relationship issues being repressed or left undiscussed to avoid conflict. Feeling that you have subjugated an uncertain or negative situation. A defense against a dangerous outburst of anger or other negative emotions.

To dream of a bursting dam represents uncertainty or a negative situation that you can’t control anymore. Losing control of your emotions. Anger that can’t be repressed any longer. You are overwhelmed by a problem or conflict. An outpouring of negativity that is unstoppable. Feeling that you can’t hold back your honest feelings or beliefs any longer. Massive change that can’t be delayed any longer. Disappointment in yourself for not being as supportive for someone else as you believed you could have been.


To dream of damage represents feelings about something bad that happened to ruin the integrity of a situation or relationship. Original expectations ruined by something bad that happened. New problems. Feeling guilty. Feelings about the consequences of irresponsible or reckless behavior. Jealousy that something is not as good as you expected it to be. Bad arguments that ruin relations with people. Feeling that your reputation has suffered. Feeling that someone has something to you that causes suffering. Feeling the impact from a problem or argument. Counter-productive behavior.

Negatively, damage may reflect feelings about the integrity of a situation or relationship being ruined permanently. Feelings about your beauty or health be permanent gone. Feelings about experiencing irreparable damage to some area of your life. Feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t fix restore some area of your life.

To dream of a lack of damage may reflect feelings about a lack of impact felt from potential problems. Feeling that you escaped unharmed from a bad situation.

Dance Exercise Class

To dream of being in a dance exercise class represents your attempt to keep up with other people. You may be trying to show that you are just as good as others while being in sync with their beliefs or values.


To dream of a dancer represents an aspect of yourself that enjoys participation or feels good showing of “going with the flow.” Being adept or experienced with going along with the feeling of a situation to impress other people. Experience at going along with every one else’s feelings. Qualities of being experienced or adept at feeling good with other people with listening, responsiveness, rapport, and congruency. Feeling good “getting each other” or being good with people. Expertise at feeling good never being alone. Expertise at having a good time. Feeling good that you don’t need to listen to anyone if you don’t want to. An expert at feeling good that there is never anything wrong happening.

Negatively, a dreaming about a dancer may represent feeling good wasting other people’s time going along with the feeling of a situation. Showing off enjoying doing only what is required to respect the overall feeling of a situation. Experience “dancing around” a problem instead of resolving it. Feeling that you are so good that you can handle any type of relationship. Frustrations that other people are less skilled at relationships or enjoying not being alone than are. Feelings about relationship rapport not being as good as it usually is or that you are not having as good of a time with your partner as usual.

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To dream of dancing with someone represents an area of your life where there is harmony or things are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Co-operative balance. Being in lockstep with other people or a situation. You may be feelings pleased about how a particular situation or relationship is going.

Alternatively, dancing with someone may reflect the flow of a relationship. How co-operative you and a partner are. It may also reflect the flow of good decision-making or successful choices.

To dream of dancing awkwardly represents inexperience or feeling that you’re a novice. Trying you best to find balance or harmony in a situation or relationship.

To dream of dancing by yourself represents happiness or feeling good about a situation working out the way you want it to. Success or life working out for you. Sense of exhilaration.

*Please See Dance Exercise Class

*Please See Lap Dance

*Please See Ballroom Dancing


To dream of dandelion represents your wish to have or notice something else. Hope for different choices or experiences than your current one. Feelings of being annoyed that something isn’t good enough.


To dream of dandruff represents embarrassment with having problems that other people don’t have. Feeling frustrated or low self-esteem because you aren’t as carefree as other people. You may have a lot of stress and tension. Not liking yourself noticing other people being perfect without getting to be perfect yourself.

Dandruff may be a sign that you need to rethink the way you approach your current problems.


To dream of feeling a sense of danger represents feeling of risk, threats, or potential failure. Feeling that a loss is imminent. It may be a sign that you need to be more open about your fears or anxieties with others.

Alternatively, danger in a dream may also reflect your feelings of having gone too far with a problem. A sign that you need to reverse course or be honest in a waking life situation.

Danish People

To dream of Danish people represents an aspect of yourself that is critical or complaining a lot. You or someone else that is always noticing something wrong.

Negatively, it may reflect your or someone else that is too concerned with finding something wrong. Stepping over the line being rude about other people’s problems. Never being willing to tell someone else what is attractive or positive about themselves.

*Please See Denmark


To dreaming that you dare someone to do something represents a wish to push yourself or someone else to prove fearlessness.

Negatively, giving someone a dare may be a sign that you are too dominating, overbearing, or too concerned with showing off.

To dream of accepting a dare represents your wish to prove that you aren’t afraid of something. It may also be a sign that you are taking unnecessary risks.


To dream of a daredevil represents an aspect of yourself that is risking everything to prove itself. You or someone else that is being noticed taking a big chance.

Dark Room

To dream of a photography dark room represents your deep concern that expectations or impressions are kept. It may also reflect your concern about keeping a promise or making sure a situation is remembered positively. Negatively, a dark room may represent a fear of embarrassing yourself not keeping up an impression you’ve made on someone.

To dream of being in a dark or poorly lit room may represent a dangerous possibility in your life. A situation that you don’t understand or are afraid of. Alternatively, a dark room may represent a situation that confuses you or leaves you with little help. Having to do something with few resources or information.


To dream of darkness represents situations where you feel there is nothing positive happening. Fear, ignorance, injustice, anger, evil, death, or powerful uncertainty. It may also reflect a positive situation that has taken a turn for the worst. Expecting the worst. Worrying. Emotional crisis. An unwelcoming or unpleasant situation. Feeling that a situation is dangerous. Unhappiness. Feeling mystified that you always make choices that sabotage you. Feelings about having nobody to help you with a problem and that you are all on your own.

Situations where there is a complete lack of any sense of humor. Situations that are inconsiderate of your feelings. A pessimistic attitude (especially dark blue or dark grey).

People who fear losing their eyesight often dream of darkness.

Alternatively, darkness may symbolize your inability to see the truth or find the answers you want. Feeling cut off or without the ability to know what is happening in a situation. Feeling unable to know what is happening with other people. Ignorance of the truth. Feeling out of place.

To dream of the sun or light taking away the darkness represents answers, overcoming problems, or fear that is vanishing.

To dream of feeling safe in the dark it may reflect insecurity or self-defeat. Preferring to stay afraid or to avoid a challenge. It may also mean you are preferring to live with fear or negativity. A sign that negative influences or negative thinking patterns may be more interesting to you than real power. Alternatively, choosing the dark may represent the choice to stay ignorant.

To dream of pitch black darkness represents feelings of danger and uncertainty. You may be experiencing a serious problem without any idea about how to solve it. Not wanting to risk anything at all when something bad or negative is happening. Feeling that there is no help in range.

To dream of darkness overtaking the world represents feelings about your entire life revolving around a significant turn for the worst. Feeling that your entire life is being overtaken by fear, uncertainty, or negative energy. A dramatic loss of hope, trust, or justice. Feeling terrified that nothing matters ever again.


To dream of a dartboard represents an issue or situation you are trying to be “perfecter” than someone else at. A goal you are trying to reach perfectly before someone else does.

Negatively, a dartboard may reflect a fear of failure or anxiety about being out-shined.

*Please See Darts


To dream of playing darts represents your attempt to be “perfecter” or get something right more than someone else. Not wanting someone else proving themselves before you do. A competitive moment in your life where losing isn’t an option.

It may also reflect your attempt to practice being perfect at something or get something right all the time.


To dream of dried date fruits represents enjoying feeling sophisticated because something is better being wasted a little bit, but not completely. A mature opportunity because something is slightly wasted.

To dream of dating a person represents an aspect of your personality that you feel good getting to know before anything more serious happens. Feelings about experimenting with choices or options. Trying something you’ve never tried before.

Dreams of dating are also common to people who desire closeness with their crush without having ever taken the steps to ask them out or get to know them.

*Please See Calendar


To dream of having a daughter represents passive ideas, habits, or developments that are being encouraged or allowed to flourish. Situations or aspects of yourself that you are encouraging that have no control or power. A daughter may also reflect the development of situations that give away control or authority to others. A developing feminine aspect of your personality or life. An aspect of your personality or life that is subordinate.

Alternatively, a daughter in a dream may reflect issues with your waking life relationship with her.

To dream of having a daughter that you don’t recognize represents new passive ideas, habits, or developments. A passive aspect of yourself not thought about or experienced before.

Evil daughters symbolize negative or corrupted passive aspects of your personality that you are encouraging. It may be a sign that you need to assert yourself more.

If you have more than one daughter in real life then each daughter will represent a different aspect of your life based on your most honest feelings about then.

*Please See Children

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To dream of the dawn represents a fresh start or the end of troubling time. Reemerging into a new stage in your life or new opportunities. Rejuvenation, enlightenment, or a renewed sense of vitality. A dark moment or difficult time may be coming to an end.

Alternatively, the dawn may reflect new insights, new ideas, or new understanding.


To dream of a daycare represents your perspective on plans or responsibilities that you want to “pick up” on later on. Laying the groundwork or making plans for things that you are too preoccupied to deal with right now. You might be telling yourself that you want to do something as soon as you’re free to. A sign that you are too distracted to do something you really want.

To dream of being looked after at a daycare represents feelings that you aren’t a priority. Someone may be making plans with you or making promises, but is currently too busy for you. The daycare may reflect beliefs or situations intended to temporarily distract you.

The condition of the daycare reflects how you feel while you are forced to wait for something more important or interesting to happen.


To dream of daylight represents feeling of a situation in your life where there is no sense of overwhelming problems or danger. Situations that feel like there is nothing to worry about. Feelings about the full truth being out in the open. Dishonesty feels impossible. Full disclosure.

Negatively, daylight scenarios in a dream may be a sign that you are not taking a dangerous situation serious or considering how dangerous a situation could be come. Thinking that “everything is wonderful” as long as you aren’t negatively effected. No consideration for the intricacies of problem. Enthusiasm for change that may turn disastrous. Enjoying a negative or dangerous situation because it’s in your best interests.


In a dream a period of a day is often a symbol for a phase, a development period, or moment of conflict. Mornings are the beginning of a phase, afternoon the middle, and evening the end of a phase.

Any mention of having to wait until tomorrow may be symbolic of changes occurring after a phase has completed or a problem has ended.


To dream of being dead represents feelings of loss or total failure. If your death takes on a more positive theme it may reflect positive changes or transformation. The end of friendships, relationships, or some important part of your life. A fear of change. Difficulty with a transition. The end of an era.

To dream of seeing dead people represents aspects if your personality that have completely changed or lost all power. It can also reflect your projection of other people that have changed or lost power. You or someone else may have experienced a noticeable change.

To dream of seeing dead loved ones who actually died in real life most likely reflect an aspect of your personality based on your most honest feelings about them. The fact that they are dead is most likely irrelevant unless it’s the most powerful quality about them. For example, seeing your deceased father most likely symbolizes your conscience just as it would if he were alive.

If loved ones have recently passed away or you’ve been spending a lot of time remembering them then they may represent your grief or desire to be with them again.

*Please See Death

*Please See Dead Body

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Dead Body

To dream of a dead body represents feeling about an area of your life that has completely changed. It may also reflect a loss or sense of failure. A transition or ending.

Positively, a dead body may represent negative aspects of your personality or negative situations that have been successfully confronted. You have stood up to something or resisted negative influences. The end of an era.

Negatively, a dead body may represent positive aspects of your personality that have been overcome by negative emotions or situations. A mistake or failure may have spoiled an area of your life. The end of a relationship or something happy in your life. Feeling replaced. Feelings about experiencing a permanent loss of some kind. Feeling that there is nothing left you can do to keep a situation going.

To dream of trying to hide a dead body may represent your attempts to conceal your past or to cover up a failure. It may also reflect your wish to edit your tastes or beliefs for a special situation, group, or person.

To dream of burying a dead body represents a wish to due away with things about ourselves that we feel are undesirable. Hiding a liability or a concern that something about you will be brought to light. Positively, it may reflect progress of you move away from bad habits, negative influences, or things you feel are childish.

Dead End

To dream that have reached a dead end represents an end to a situation, relationship, or certain beliefs. You may no longer be able to pursue your goals or live as you used to. You may feel forced to change as life can’t continue the way you’ve always had it.

Alternatively, the dream may be a sign that you feel that you are going nowhere. A dead end job or a dead end relationship. You may need to reevaluate your options.

Dead Relatives

To dream of dead relative usually represents an aspect of yourself based on their role in the family or your most honest feelings about them.

The fact that your relative is dead in the dream most likely doesn’t have as much meaning as do your most honest feelings about them when they were alive. For example, someone seeing a deceased father in a dream will most likely reflect your conscience or a decision you are making just same as someone dreaming of their father who is currently still alive.

Alternatively, a dead relative may reflect your grief or feelings about their passing.

To dream of a dead relative dancing most likely represents your feelings about how well some area of your life is working out.

*Please See Family Members

*Please See Father

*Please See Mother


To dream about a deadline may reflect nagging feelings about an important event coming up. A sense of urgency to complete something. Anxiety about delays or needing to get a job done. Panicking about the day or week ahead of you. Anxiety about something wrong happening before an important event.

*Please See Late


To dream of seeing someone deaf may represent feelings about yourself or others having an impaired ability to understand instructions. It may also reflect you or others that are not listening to others or don’t think it’s important to listen to advice.

To dream of yourself being deaf represents an inability to understand what is happening around you. Feeling that everyone else “gets it”, but you don’t. Feeling totally closed off or like an outsider. Feelings of having lost the ability to stay informed.

Negatively, being deaf may reflect stubbornness or choosing to purposely ignore other people opinions, ideas, or feelings. Choosing not to listen to someone at all. Ignoring advice given to you because it’s not really what you want to hear or because you don’t believe it really matters.

Alternatively, being deaf may represent a situation where you are purposely closing yourself off from the world. Choosing not to listen to distractions. Taking a break or vacation without any disruptions.

*Please See Hearing


To dream about death represents change. Your personality or life situation is transforming for better or worse. An area of your life has come to an end, an era is over, or roles are shifting. You may also be preoccupied with someone else’s death or illness. Alternatively, death in a dream can reflect failure or loss.

Dreams of death that come true are incredibly rare. They more likely to reflect fears of failure or feelings about undesirable changes than an actual death. In one study, people with heart disease who dreamed of death and taking journeys had a much higher mortality rate.

Seeing bad people die in your dreams is a sign that issues have been confronted. Negative aspects of the personality are being overcome by positive influences. Good people in your dreams dying symbolizes positive aspects of your personality being overcome by negative influences.

To dream of experiencing your own death represents feeling of watching yourself fail completely. Positively, it may reflect the experience of watching yourself undergo a powerful change or transformation.

To dream of experiencing your own death after helping others may be a sign that you nee to reconsider how you are handling yourself in waking life. You may be stupidly giving up too much of yourself to others. Unreasonable risks or endangering yourself.

To dream of dying while people laugh at you represents feelings about situations or people being indifferent or insensitive to your failures.

To dream of people you know dying symbolizes changes to certain qualities in yourself that these people reflect in you. It may also represent your view of these people succumbing to a problem as well as shifts in their personality or lifestyle.

To dream of a child dying represents a loss or unpleasant change to some area of your life that had potential. Positively, a child death may reflect a growing problem that has finally been dealt with.

To see your parents die in a dream reflects an inability to make positive or effective choices. Your father dying symbolizes your conscience or ability to make positive choices being compromised. Your mother dying symbolizes your intuition or ability to think ahead being compromised. A dead mother may also reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by bad luck. You can’t find answers you want, or you feel unlucky. The death of parents in a dream is a sign that you need to seriously reconsider your current life path. Significant or fundamental changes may be in order.

To see a boyfriend or girlfriend die in a dream symbolizes a helpful or protective aspect of your personality that has been overcome by a problem. A habit or situation that had your best interests at heart may no longer be viable or has been compromised.

To dream of a spouse dying represents a permanent or secure aspect of yourself that has been compromised. A habit or situation that you’ve completely depended has changed. Something you were accustomed to may have been compromised. It may also reflect a loss of something in your life that you never believed would change.

To dream of a faked death may reflect feelings about having faked ending something. Faking failure of something in your life. Concerns that other people think you were not genuine in moving on from a problem or bad relationship. Tricking enemies by pretending to lose.

*Please See Dead

*Please See Dead Body

Death Sentence

To dream of a death sentence represents feelings about an inevitable failure or loss. You may be experiencing a crucial deadline you feel you can’t meet, experiencing an untreatable illness, or a unbearable wait for an embarrassment you feel can’t be avoided.

Alternatively, a death sentence may reflect feelings about the worst kind of punishment you could imagine. Your fear of the worst consequences imaginable. The ultimate sanction. Losing your job or being fired. A ruthless ending. Feeling permanently ostracized.


To dream of debris represents feelings about the aftermath of a conflict, loss, or crisis. Feelings about “going to pieces” after a fight or breakup. Feelings about an awful argument with devastating consequences to your emotional state or relationships. Feelings about a very big “clean up” after a serious problem. Feeling overwhelmed by the mess created by a conflict or crisis. Feelings of devastation or little remaining of something good after a big problem occurred. Unpleasant feelings about having to “pick up the pieces” of a conflict or serious problem. Feeling left with a big problem to clean up.

Negatively, dreaming of debris may reflect feelings of being so overwhelmed by problem that you can’t do anything except clean it up. Feelings about serious financial problems that require attention after losing your job. Feeling that the conflict, loss, or crisis has lasting consequences that are impossible to reconcile. Wasting time reconciling. Feeling overwhelmed by a “giant mess” that you feel you need to fix all on your own. Enormous problems that you need to deal with after the death of a loved one.

To dream of seeing no debris after experiencing a dangerous situation or crash of some sort may reflect feelings about not detecting any serious consequences from a conflict, loss, or crisis. Feeling that it’s easy to move on from a fight or emotional crisis. Feeling that no lasting financial problems occurred that you might have expected.

*Please See Garbage


To dream of being in debt represents a overwhelming sense of obligation, struggle or worries. It may also reflect feelings of needing to bring restitution to a situation that you feel guilty for. Feeling that you have to return a favor. Feeling that you have to respect someone or something.

Alternatively, dreaming of being in debt may represent a situation that feels horrible because you can’t do anything you really want until a situation is balanced.

To dream of not wanting to pay back your debt may reflect resentment of having to respect a person or situation. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are being dishonest or falling back on your promises.

To dream that others are debt to you may reflect feelings of being owed favors, opportunities, or respect. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are worried about someone cheating you or never keeping a promise. Negatively, having others in debt to you may be a sign that you are demanding too much from others.


To dream of a decal represents a wish to feel good being noticed by others doing something better or faster. Negatively, a decal may be a sign that you or someone you know is too concerned with showing off.


To dream of decapitation represents decision-making that has been cut off. The severing of control. An aspect of your personality or your projection of a situation that is being cut off from making choices. It may also reflect the severing of relationships. Cutting yourself off bad habits permanently. A dramatic positive change in your life.

To dream of being decapitated may represent feelings about a person or situation that is cutting off your ability to make choices. An embarrassment or punishment that leaves you impotent. Feeling powerless to control anything.


To dream of something decaying represents an area of your life that is experiencing slow degradation or failure. Positively, it may reflect slow growth or improvement as negativity goes away. Negatively, it may reflect confidence or vitality that is slowly being lost.


*Please See Dead


*Please See Deception


To dream of December represents a overall feeling about a situation in your life where you feel there is nothing left to do. Accepting the overall mood of a situation as pointless to work hard. Feeling good not needing to do anything else. Feeling silly being involved with a situation when a new experience is on the horizon. Taking time off because there is no need to work anymore. Accepting a situation as having nothing left to improve upon. Accepting a situation as impossible to do anything else with except enjoy yourself. Feeling that you would embarrass yourself if you chose to work hard, start new projects, or try to deal with new problems. A general sense of a long wait almost being completely over. Enjoying or looking forward to getting time off. Putting off everything you were doing because it doesn’t matter anymore.

To dream of waiting for December may reflect feelings of emptiness that you must patiently wait for every last little detail or problem to occur to finally expect a situation to resolve. Waiting for emptiness or loneliness to occur.


To dream of noticing deception represents you feeling that someone or something in your waking life is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It may also reflect you attempt to sidestep rules. Alternatively, it may reflect your awareness of yourself trying to make excuses or your guilt about lying.

To dream of yourself trying to lie or deceive another person may reflect your attempt to lie to yourself or make excuses. It may also reflect your awareness of yourself trying to get away with something or be dishonest with someone. You may feel guilty.

*Please See False


To dream of making a decision represents feelings about needing to initiate action, choose change, or make a difficult choice. Considering consequences of choices or changes you are making. Considering how forceful to be with a choice or change you are considering. Indecisiveness. Concerns with how bold to be with a choice in waking life. Problems getting the confidence to make a difficult change in your life.

To dream of having problems making a decision represents feelings about overcoming doubts, anxiety regarding mistakes, or insecurity about about appearances or conflict with a change you are making.


To dream of a deck represents your enjoyment of success. Freely using power or doing whatever you want. Feeling good noticing things you want happening easily.

*Please See Balcony


*Please See Decay


To dream of decorating a house represents feelings of making a situation special.

Negatively, decorating a house may reflect an arrogant or inconsiderate attitude about every single decision you make needing to feel good being permanent. Needing all decisions to feel good being perfect and in your favor. Decision-making the revolves around yourself being special. Selfishly believing that everything in your life should feel good being easy. Wasting time making something feel special. Attempting to mask or cover your real feelings because you don’t want to address the real matter at hand.

To dream of lacking decorations may reflect feelings about a situation having nothing special about it. A situations that lacks enthusiasm for people’s feelings. A bland or empty feeling relationship.

To dream of Christmas decorating represents a wish to encourage mutual sharing, forgiveness, or enjoyment. Making a effort to make a relationship feel good. Making an effort to make other people feel deserving of something that want. Enthusiasm for other people’s feelings. Trying hard to encourage good-spiritedness. Special efforts made to encourage overlooking past problems.

Negatively, Christmas decorations in a dream may reflect wasting time trying to repair failed relationship with nice gestures. Being nice to people who are not being nice to you in hopes to fix a problem. Naively believing that being nice, supportive, or forgiving will fix a serious problem.

To dream of decorating a gravestone represents feelings about trying to feel better about something that doesn’t matter anymore. Trying to feel better about a lose. Alternatively, it may reflect an attempt to cheer yourself up about the loss of a loved one.


To dream of a deer represents an aspect of your personality that is unaware or naive. A deer may also reflect how you are unprepared for a problem. You might be “too nice” about something or aren’t being savvy enough.

A deer is a sign that you need to become better informed or that you don’t realize a potential danger. A deer also reflects innocence, gullibility, or vulnerability to aggression from others. You are too open to being victimized.


To dream of defeat represents a sense of loss or disappointment. Feeling beaten. Difficulty accepting something you don’t like. Suffering under terrible conditions. Feeling like a failure or that you couldn’t meet higher standards. Feelings about to accept that a relationship is over. Feeling overcome or that you can’t put up with something or that a challenge was too much for you. A bleak situation. Feelings about not being the strongest person. Feelings about losing power. Feeling that all your efforts or perseverance was for nothing. Feelings that someone was more conservative than you about winning or not giving up. Disliking having to give up. Feeling ill-equipped to confront or resist a problem. Questing whether or not you should give up.


To dream of defecation in a toilet represents cleansing of negative emotions, beliefs, or situations. You may be finished with something in your life. Getting rid of a problem once and for all.

To dream of defecation in an obscene or improper manner represents spoiling something good or creating a problem. It suggests thoughtlessness, and inappropriate thoughts and behaviors. You may be getting rid of a problem in a manner that careless, rude, or irresponsible. Getting rid of a problem in such a way that it creates other problems.

To dream of defecation in front of other people may represent pressure you feel being placed on you to deal with a problem. It may also reflect feelings of embarrassment as you deal with problems out in the open.

To dream of defecating out mice or rats may reflect your attempts to pass your problems off on to other people. Creating problems, the need for lies, underhanded behavior, or conflict because you preferred help yourself get rid of a problem without any consideration for others. It may also reflect problems you are creating for yourself by not getting rid of a problem honestly.

*Please See Diarrhea

*Please See Feces


To dream of something being defective represents feelings about some area of your life not functioning properly or being damaged.

Dreams of defective objects are common to people who are preparing to undergo a surgical operation. A reflection of their feelings about damage that has been done to the body.


To dream of defending someone or something represents feelings of being under attack. A situation in you waking life that you feel the need to combat against. Struggling against a situation that you feel is against you. Confrontation with enemies, difficult people, or difficult situations. Feeling that you are emotionally on the defensive. Struggling against all odds. Feeling that you are up against your greatest enemy. Moral struggles. Situations where it’s important to protect something innocent. A strong need for protection of morals or integrity. Keeping hope alive with all you strength. Feeling the need to protect yourself or some area of your life by any means necessary.

Negatively, dreaming of defending someone or something may represent excuses you are making for problems or bad habits. Enabling something that doesn’t deserve to be enabled. Protecting dishonesty in waking life. Prolonging confronting the inevitable. Defending yourself against people, problems, or negative thinking that stops you from believing in yourself.


To dream of deflating something represents a loss of confidence, self-esteem, or self-worth. A loss of happiness or feeling impotent.

*Please See Car Tires


To dream of a person or animal that is deformed represents an aspect of your personality that feels permanently corrupted or didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. Something you my feel can’t be fixed or changed. A deformity may also reflect feelings of being emotionally crippled or helpless.

To dream of a deformed baby or child represents feelings about something being permanently wrong with a new or developing area of your life.

To dream of a deformed face represents feelings about something being permanently wrong with your personality. Feeling unable to change, be happy, or lacking the ability to be as interesting as you want to feel. Feeling socially inept or weak. It also reflect your feelings about someone else having a personality that you feel is unable to be normal.

Pregnant women often dream of deformed babies to reflect their anxieties about the baby being born with something wrong with it. There have been accounts of women who’ve had precognitive dreams about deformities with their babies. For example a women in her first trimester dreamed of seeing her baby in the hospital with deformities and then 6 months later her baby was born with a cleft palate.


To dream of defriending someone represents the choice to reject certain beliefs, people, or situations. Behavior, people, or places that were helpful are no longer interesting to you. Positively, it may be a sign that you are maturing or want to give up bad habits. Negatively, you may be in denial about your own faults.

Alternatively, defriending someone may reflect social disconnection or choosing to isolate yourself from certain influences.

Consider who it is you are defriending at what they may reflect in your own personality or a situation you are experiencing.


*Please See Disobedience

Degree (University)

To dream of having a university degree represents feelings about having endured a very intensive or anxiety filled experience. Experience gained from a powerful crisis or fear-filled situation. A long period of time of intense worry or seriousness that has left you exceptionally skilled or more intelligent than you were before.

Negatively, a University degree may reflect strong feelings of jealousy at having to endure a powerfully scary or stressful time that was unnecessary. Having to “learn the hard way” why certain actions or behaviors are a bad idea. Having survived a crisis or prolonged humiliating embarrassment and learned a lot from the experience.


To dream of a delay represents feelings of not liking not doing something you want to do right away. Feeling of something taking longer than you expected. Feelings of waiting that is not supposed to. Impatience. Feeling behind. Anxiety or concern that something will never get to matter. Feeling that not doing anything is all you get to. Not liking looking at yourself not doing what you want. Easily frustrated. Frustrations with other people holding you back with not doing what they’re supposed to. Wasted time.

To dream of creating a delay represents feelings of not being eager for something to happen yet. Delaying the inevitable. Avoidance.

To dream of delaying part of what you say may reflect feelings of not wanting to think about something, but feeling you have to. Feeling that you look stupid believing anything you are thinking.


To dream of deliverance represents feelings about being protected or carried by God away from your problems. A powerful sense of expectations being realized if you are faithful or persistent enough. Feeling vulnerable to problems, bad habits, or evil and looking for strength. Confronting or feeling swayed by negative influences in your life. A wish to experiencing freedom from addiction. A wish to be “shown the way” or helped to persevere danger. Feeling that nothing is impossible as long as you have faith in God. Feelings of wanting to be freed from bondage or peril while remaining faithful.

Negatively, dreaming about deliverance may represent too much reliance on faith or God to carry you to fix your problems instead of confronting them yourself. Feelings about expecting a miracle to free you from your problems. Too much confidence in expecting God to protect you from evil or problems. Feeling that only God or others can save you and that you can save yourself. Questioning church, faith, or religion. Annoyance at others who believe that faith is the real solution to your problems when you have doubts. Difficulty facing the reality that getting away from a problem isn’t easy. Naively accepting that fixing your problem was the work of God when it may be more related to hard work, luck, or inevitability. Hoping for a miracle that may not be realistic. Hoping for cures to impossible health problems. Wasting time thinking that big problem with be perfect solved if you only have faith or simply never believe in anything negative deserved.

*Please Delivery


To dream of expecting a delivery represents your expectations that an experience or solution to a problem will soon be yours. Waiting for acknowledge or results from some area of your life.

Negatively, expecting a delivery may reflect too much trust in others doing things for you. Naive hopes or expectations. Letting an opportunity pass you by while you wait for something that may not happen.

To dream of carrying out a delivery for someone else represents answers, goals, or experiences you are carrying others to. Making something easy for someone else or making sure that someone has something all to themselves.

Negatively, carrying out a delivery may be a sign that you are going out of your way to make sure someone gets the karma you feel they deserve. It may also indicate that you are too subordinate or attentive to others needs.

*Please See Packages


To dream of delusions represents feelings about catching behavior that you feel is wasting time believing in itself. Feeling stupid reconsidering something that repeatedly doesn’t work. Embarrassing jealousy or powerlessness that can’t admit it. Awareness of difficult jealousy or desperation to believe in something unattainable. Hopes for things that are not possible or were once possible, but never possible again. Catching yourself thinking about enjoying or having something that is not objective. Catching yourself thinking about a perfect relationship reconciliation that is not possible because other people will never change. Enjoying the hope for others to change and reversing yourself with objectivity. Feelings of jealousy that makes you uncomfortable. Awareness of lying to yourself or experiencing others lie to themselves. Awareness of yourself being played around with or made jealous.


To dream of a demolition represents a major change that you are undergoing. A final end to a situation or relationship. It may also reflect plans you have made to end something that are finally happening. Canceling out every single thing.

Negatively, you may feel out of control or unable to stop a big loss.


To dream of a demon represents an aspect of your personality that is noticeably antagonistic to anything positive. It reflects problematic people, situations, or your own bad habits that are totally motivated by negativity. It may also reflect people or situations that seem to actively work against you, or your own shadow self that prefers negative choices. Destruction addictions you can’t resist. An area if you life where you are experiencing torment, repressed urges, or unacceptable urges. Feelings about people or situations being evil in the method they interfere with your goals.

A demon may also reflect people or situations that never allow you to break free of a problem. Also jealousy or bitterness that seems personal. Ignorance, distress, or meanness. Feeling as though someone is out to get you.

Alternatively, a demon may reflect your own jealousy, bitterness, or anger at someone you want to torment or get revenge on.

To dream of being possessed by demons may reflect a powerful sense of helplessness. You may have strong feelings of guilt, anger, or bitterness. It may also indicate problems getting over your past.

Example real life situations that may inspire demon dreams may be racism, abuse, children that won’t behave, , revenge, intense fears, addictions, or bullying.

To dream of fighting a demon represents emotional or psychological conflict with bad influences, bad habits, or negative situations. Confrontation with something you perceive to be negative or dangerous.

Dreaming of a demon may reflect real life feelings about spiritual warfare or that evil is following you. Highly religious people may have issues with their faith being so strong that they perceive anything wrong or losing in their life as demonic conflict. In these cases strong faith may be a problem because it interferes with new ideas.

*Please See Satan

*Please See Hell


*Please See Jeans


To dream of being in Denmark represents a mindset that is focused on complaining or being critical. You may feel that everyone around you is too critical of you or won’t stop complaining about what you are doing. Difficulty pleasing people or feeling that someone is very rude about telling you what your problem is.

Dental Floss

To dreaming dental floss represents your wish for total confidence. Making absolutely sure that you having everything in order or that you will appear respectable to others. Being on top of your game or being prepared for anything. It may also reflect your wish to look your best.

If your gums become bloody as a result of flossing it may reflect a growing pains. Trying to be the best you can be, but noticing it’s tiring. You may not give yourself this much personal attention very often.


To dream of a dentist represents an aspect of your personality that is unpleasant, but necessary. Unwanted situations that may be in your best interest. Changes to thoughts, opinions, and habits that increase confidence and vitality, yet feel bad. Something that fixes your problems and doesn’t care about feeling good at all.

A dentist may represent a forced confrontation with a negative situation.


To dream of dentures represents your attempt to fake something in order to remain confident or dignified. You may not be totally honest in a waking life situation. You may be using something to alter your appearance or hide your flaws from others.


To dream of deodorant represents feelings about making efforts to feel appropriate to other people. Using something to feel appropriate to other people such as an excuse or lie about what you currently doing. White lies. Covering up lies with appearances that feel appropriate. Professionally making yourself feel appropriate. Making efforts to make sure you are appropriate feeling enough to avoid people being angry at you or distrust you. Professionally making yourself feel trusted without second thoughts.

Deodorant dreams may be common to people who are concerned with maintaining a standard general sense of appropriateness with other people.

Department Store

To dream of a department store represents intelligent fulfillment of goals, needs, or wishes that you have. Asking questions, doing research, or negotiating what you want. Not feeling any pressure about a choice you are considering.


To dream of a departure represents feelings about experiencing or expecting to leave a situation behind you. Leaving the past or a relationship behind. Expecting a change or something new in your life. Moving on. Alternatively, dreaming of departing may reflect your desire to escape a current situation.

Departures in dreams may occur if someone is expecting or preparing for death. Feelings about someone important in your life having left you.


To dream of depression reflects a lack of belief in yourself or in a situation. You may have lost hope or confidence. Alternatively, depression in a dream may reflect how you are feeling sorry for yourself.

Depression in a dream may be a sign that you need to force yourself to make positive changes in your life or believe in yourself more.

To dream of experiencing a financial depression represents a total loss of faith or hope in your abilities. You may be having a big slump or feel that easy opportunities in life are drying up. It may also reflect common feeling of failure or a lack of opportunity amongst you and the people you know. You can’t do anything because no one else can.


To dream that a train has been derailed represents a setback towards a long term goal or objective. An accident for unforeseen problem that has taken your plans off-coarse. Experiencing problems that require you to start over or rethink your original strategy.

Feeling that sticking with plan you originally thought was good is no longer going to work.

*Please See Train


To dream of a derelict building represents a neglected area of your life that is beyond fixing or returning to. Having left something alone for so long that restarting it or repairing are out of the question. Alternatively, a derelict building represents memories of failed friendships, old relationships, or feeling uncomfortable remembering a disappointing failure.

To dream that a building or space is derelict may also represent your feelings about how terrible it is to notice an area of your life never being paid attention to again. Feeling that some area of your life didn’t get the chance it deserved or blew it’s only opportunity to succeed.


To dream of descent or descending most often represents the worsening of problems in life. Feeling that frustrations, stress, or health problems are getting worse. Relationship troubles getting worse. A downward phase of your life.

To dream of safely descending from a very high spot such as the sky or top of a building towards the ground may reflect superior experience or a higher level of responsibility as you confront problems. Embarrassing enemies or competition.

*Please See Down


To dream of a desert represents a situation that is totally uncaring or unconcerned about your feelings or happiness. It reflects something in your life that is cold, meaningless, unenjoyable, or lack respect. Feeling empty inside or that nobody cares about you. Endless or unbearable boredom. Feelings about a situation being barren, or stark. An enduring kind of deprivation. A longing for life to be fresh and fertile again.

A desert may appear in dreams when you experience a lack of friendship, a lack of respect, realize someone doesn’t love you, or experience situations that seem empty or pointless. A common dream for people who move to a new city or country and have no friends. Feeling estranged from people or places that are familiar to you.

To dream of being lost in the desert may reflect feelings of being unable to escape situations that feel unbearable, empty, or bleak.

To dream of being lost in the desert may represent feelings about having a problem or sensitive responsibility while nobody cares about. Feeling unsupported by anyone at all while you have a new development in your life.

*Please See Lost


*Please See Abandonment


To dream of feeling sexual desire represents your eagerness to experience a situation or outcome. Alternatively, feeling sexual desire may reflect your difficulty resisting certain habits.

Negatively, sexual desire in a dream may be a sign that you are nonobjectively viewing a situation or interest as being too perfect. You are believing that something will be too easy or feel good when it may actually be unrealistic or very difficult. Enjoying a impossible fantasy of achievement or deluding yourself with something you are not qualified for.

*Please See Want

Desk Globe

To dream of a desk globe represents feelings about an central issue or powerful resource being used to easily understand people any time you want. Issues which life revolves around being used to learn about what other people honestly think. Feeling that “whole world is in your hands.” People’s honest thoughts or feelings can’t escape you.

Negatively, a desk globe may reflect the ease with which you can change conditions to manipulate people. A lack of respect for total power or manipulative abilities. Never having to ask for what you want or respect someone if you don’t want to. Abuse of authority or surveillance capabilities.

Alternatively, a desk globe may reflect the ease with which you use powerful connections or resources.

*Please See Earth


To dream of a desk represents your focus on evaluating a problem, figuring something out, or considering options. There may be an issue that you are interested in paying attention to.

To dream of sitting at a desk bored, or not concerned with anything serious may reflect an unpleasant situation you feel forced to think about. It may also be a sign that you need to be more serious or try harder to deal with problems.

To dream of sitting at someone else’s desk represents your interest in paying attention to an issue through a different perspective, or though some aspect of your personality.


To dream that you are in despair represents feelings that something good will never happen to you again. Hardship or cruelty you are experiencing.


To dream of eating dessert represents pleasant feelings about something being over. You may be treating yourself or giving yourself a reward now that a difficulty has finished. Indulging in or celebrating your success. Satisfaction with a job well done.

Consider the type of fruit or flavor of the dessert for additional symbolism.

*Please See Whipped Cream


To dream of having a destination represents a purpose or goal you are trying to achieve. It may also reflect a mindset, mood, or lifestyle you wish to achieve.

To dream of missing out of the opportunity to reach your destination may mirror waking life feelings of missing an opportunity to reach a goal. A lost sense of purpose. A fear of losing out.

To dream of travelling to the wrong destination may reflect waking life confusion about your goals or priorities.

*Please See Tourist Destination


To dream about destruction represents a chaotic situation occurring in your life or major change. Emotional devastation. Things may not be going the way you want it to. Self-destructive choices.

Positively, dreaming of destruction may reflect enormous obstacles you are overcoming.

*Please See Nuclear Bomb


To see a detective in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that is suspicious or thinks something doesn’t make sense. You may be trying to solve a mysterious problem, or don’t trust someone.

Negatively, dreaming about a detective may reflect fear of others discovering unpleasant or embarrassing information about you. Fears of hidden truths being discovered about you. Feeling that people don’t trust you or are won’t stop looking for ways to humiliate you. Fearing being exposed for things you are guilty of. Anxiety about lies you told be discovered. Unrelenting nosiness.

To have a detective following you in a dream may be a symbol for a lingering sense of suspicion. It may also reflect a fear of being caught or figured out.


To dream of being in detention in school represents consequences you are feeling in waking life for not taking a situation seriously enough. Feeling forced to respect a person or issue. Feeling punished with delays or a timeout.


To dream of laundry detergent represents a need to clean up your self-image or adjust your attitude. Personal growth or changing the way you act. Improving your personality flaws.


To dream of devastation may reflect feelings about being powerless to stop something terrible in your life from happening. Feeling that you wasted your time caring about something. Feeling overwhelmed by powerful feelings of loss or failure. Alternatively, devastation in a dream may be a sign that you are too emotionally involved in other people’s problems.


*Please See Satan

*Please See Demons


To dream of having diabetes represents a problem in your life that forces you to give up everything that feels good because not doing so may embarrass you. You may have difficulty enjoying the sweeter things in life. Pleasure or enjoyment may feel like it’s dangerous for some reason. You may be experiencing very strict rules or spiritual principles.

Diabetes in a dream may also be a sign that you are doing everything you to stay stable by avoiding things you like. It could also mean you are going way to far to prove yourself.


*Please Also See Crown


To dream of a diagram represents feelings about needing to explain yourself or explain a situation. It may even reflect needing to show others why something is or isn’t working the way it’s supposed to work. Carefully going over details about how something should function in your head.

Negatively, a diagram in a dream may be a sign that you are having issues speaking up when something in your life isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to. Feeling that something isn’t right and being passive about it.


To dream of diamonds represents incorruptibility. Beliefs, feelings, or situations that are guaranteed. Diamonds may also represent virtue or principles that are unwavering. Never giving in or compromising who you are or what you belief in. Some area of your life where achieving perfection is important. Noticeably having nothing wrong with you.

Negatively, diamonds may reflect perfect arrogance. Thinking you are better than everyone else and that nothing could ever change it. It may also reflect feelings about yourself or someone else behaving in a perfectly negative, arrogant, or dangerous manner.

To dream of a diamond ring represents a permanent commitment or promise you’ve made. It may also reflect a permanent promise made to you. Feeling good being accepted by others in a permanent manner.

Negatively, a diamond ring may reflect feelings about enjoying knowing that someone has to do whatever you tell them no matter what. Anxiety about a generally strong relationship. Anxiety about a relationship with fiance before an upcoming wedding. Anxiety or unpleasant feelings about family not excepting your relationships. Having a fiance that your family doesn’t want to accept.

To dream of throwing a diamond ring away may reflect oversensitivy about an argument or lack of trust. Overreactions about about not having 100% perfect loyalty.

*Please See Emerald

Diamonds (Playing Cards)

*Please See Playing Cards


To dream of diapers represents something in your life that has to be looked after all the time. A very demanding problem or something that requires constant responsibility. Closely monitoring a problem or responsibly taking precautions to avoid embarrassment that is prone to happening. Preventing a problem from being worse than it needs to be. Childish behavior.

To dream of changing a diaper represents your efforts to look after or manage a problem. A person or area of your life that requires constant attention. Managing an area of your life that is prone to making a mess of things. Keeping something risky or dangerous under control. Alternatively, it may reflect your feelings about cleaning up after someone else’s childish behavior.

To dream of a soiled diaper represents awareness of a problem in waking life that needs attention. A need to responsibly or discreetly take care of something. A need to attend to someone else’s problem.

To dream of a diaper spilling out or coming off and making a mess may represent responsibilities that you failed to be attentive enough for. Feeling that you or someone else was not careful enough. Embarrassment that you didn’t watch something risky close enough.

To dream of wearing a diaper represents feelings about yourself requiring being looked after regularly. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of being helpless to do anything except be taken care of. Feeling childish, embarrassed, or impotent that you need to be taken care of. Alternatively, wearing a diaper may reflect mommy issues.


To dream of a diarrhea represents a sense of urgency to deal with a problem that sidetracks you from your real goals. Feelings about how terrible it is to be forced to cleanse something from your life. Removing something negative from your life faster than you feel comfortable with. You may be feeling a lack of control over how a problem is confronted. An urgent need to deal with a problem quickly and completely.

Negatively, diarrhea may reflect feelings about an embarrassment never stopping. Feeling uncomfortable having to get rid of a problem. Issues in waking life that make you feel stupid for believing that they weren’t going to be serious or have consequences. Urgency to avoid looking guilty or cover up your guilt. Regretting indulging or enjoying yourself too much. A fear of humiliating yourself looking like novice or inexperienced idiot. Embarrassment of having to face your problems harder than anyone else.

Positively, dreaming about diarrhea may reflect feelings about your choice to uncomfortably get rid of a problem faster than other people. Feelings about removing negativity from your life the fast and hard way.


To dream of a diary represents your personal feelings or secrets that you don’t want others noticing.

To dream of reading someone else’s diary may represent secrets or personal information about others you’ve learned. You may have accidentally heard something or are talking about someone behind their back. It may also reflect insight into your own jealousy or issues you don’t want others knowing about.

*Please See Journal


To dream of dice represents taking chances or seeing what happens with a situation that is unpredictable. Playing with fate. Testing your luck with a person or situation. Not knowing how something is going to turn out.


To dream of a dictator represents an aspect of yourself that is all-controlling. Negatively, it may reflect you or someone else that is repressive or totally uncompromising. Dictators in dreams can also represent people or situations that are not allowing you to do anything you want. Possibly an over controlling parent or father figure.

To dream that you are a dictator represents situations where you are all-controlling. A sign that you need to be more flexible and open-minded in your thinking and in your decision making. You may be too controlling.


To dream of using a dictionary represents caring about what other people’s opinions are. Asking yourself what you’re doing or thinking would mean to someone else.

Negatively, a dictionary may be a sign that you are allowing others opinions too much power over the management of your affairs.


*Please See Death


To dream of being on a diet represents restrictions or limits you’ve placed on you self. You may not be doing something or thinking about something as much as you were before. You are limiting certain kinds of stimuli or enjoyment.

Concerns about overindulgence. Reducing bad habits or sexual interest. Feeling the need to be very serious about your lifestyle, habits, or addictions.

Alternatively, a diet may reflect self-punishment, self-control, or self-discipline. You are giving up something you believe is not healthy for you or trying to be more moderate about your choices.


To dream of something being or feeling different represents feelings about a situation being unexpectedly changed. Feelings about something being foreign to unusual to you. Feelings about something you are experiencing not being your first choice.

Negatively, dreams of being different may reflect feelings about yourself being not being accepted or being an outsider. Feelings about yourself or someone else being weird or difficult to understand. Feelings about being unpopular, eccentric, or an outcast. Unpleasant changes that you don’t like. Feelings about a person or situation that has changed in a way you wish to reverse. A sense of safety or being accustomed to your life the way it is being challenged. Experiencing changes that can’t be explained.

To dream of being someone different may reflect waking life feelings about a change in your life that makes it difficult to “be your old self.”


To dream of digging a hole to find something represents hard work to uncover answers or solve a problem. Getting to the root of an issue. Preoccupation with trying to find something out. Alternatively, digging something up may reflect a return to old problems. Not letting the past stay settled. “Digging” up trouble.

Negatively, digging a hole may reflect a fruitless effort that is making a problem worse. Using all your resources to get to the root of a problem only to leave yourself worse than before. Embarrassment that thinking your ideas were going to work.

To dream of a dug hole filled with water represents uncertainty or trouble that is in the the way of your search for answers.

To dream of digging a whole an purposely filled with water represents an attempt to cover up your search for answers by telling others it’s too dangerous or problematic to follow you. Keeping people copying you or following your search.

*Please See Holes

Digital Audio Recorder

To dream of digital audio recorder represents choices for the future that can be easily changed. It may reflect a decision you are making that you know you may regret later or wish to change your mind about in the future. Non-serious decisions.

To dream of using a digital audio recorder represents choices for the future that you are making now. Dreams, plans, or a direction in life that you are choosing to pursue.

To dream of listening to a digital audio recorder represents a reexamination of choices that you felt were important and are considering changing.

*Please See Tape Recorder


To dream of a dildo represents feeling good dishonestly asserting yourself and getting away with it. Feeling that it’s easy to assert yourself in a fake way. Emptily enjoying asserting yourself while not needing anyone else. Solution to a problem that isn’t beautiful, but works. Using lies to assert yourself that you don’t want to tell anyone the truth about. Feeling about asserting yourself with cheating that you don’t want to tell anyone the truth about. Relying on fake to manage a situation because it’s faster. Feeling good not needing anyone else. Feeling good figuring out a problem all by yourself. Feeling that you are lacking something special in life. Having no jealousy that you can always feel good on your own if you need to.

Negatively, dreaming about a dildo may reflect feeling that it’s unintelligent to dishonestly assert yourself in a fake way. Anxiety that you are easily replaced and powerless to satisfy someone else’s needs. Disappointment that someone doesn’t need you to have a good time. Feeling that people are too pathetic or cowardly to satisfy your needs. Feeling disappointed that nobody qualifies to support your needs. Embarrassment of enjoying yourself while alone in ways others might find socially unusual. Feeling stupid enjoying being by yourself. Fear or discomfort of someone else that enjoys never needing you. Asserting yourself with cheating because you need to. A passive person’s embarrassing attempt to enjoy asserting themselves or feel good on their own. Feeling good not loving someone all the time while they do everything for you.

Alternatively, a dildo in a dream may reflect a lack of happiness in your sex life. A feminine assertive attitude about sex that doesn’t care about what the man is feeling.


To dream of a dime represents conservative thoughts, or choices. When you see a dime in a dream it symbolizes thinking patterns or life situations the you choose to keep, maintain, or preserve. Power or resources that you don’t want to get rid of. Something may also encourage you to be more careful or less wasteful.

To find a dime in a dream represents insight, power, or freedom gained mentally or emotionally with a conservative choice you have made. You or some aspect of your personality may gain from being careful, or choosing to keep something.

The dime symbolism is based on dimes having a value that is just enough to make you want to keep them, as opposed to pennies or nickels.


To dream of a diner represents feelings of being safely sustained whenever you request it. Family oriented assistance whenever you ask for it. Feeling good that someone is always there for you to carry you or help you when you ask for it. Help or assistance whenever you ask for it from unprofessional source.

Negatively, dreaming about a diner represents assumptions that good people need to help you whenever you ask for it. Assuming that you can abuse trust and keep expecting friendly family oriented treatment. Being helped by dishonest people whom you consider reliable friends whenever you get into trouble. Feeling totally dependent on someone else to keep your life working the way it is. Problems with accepting a situation as over forever.

*Please See Restaurant


To dream of dining represents feelings about respectably enjoying an experience being taken care of for you or made easier for you. A formal or ending experience where nothing is dangerous. Often a symbol for a problem situation being over and new ideas, finalizations, or a sense of accomplishment is accepted.

Alternatively, dining may reflect feelings about an experience you are respectably allowing other people to have a situation made easier for them. Affording the end of a situation being taken care of you.

A fine restaurant or classy table may represents feelings of maturity, sophistication, and deserving to feel like a winner while experiencing a situation ending. Enjoying affording an important or serious problem ending. Feeling good successful never being embarrassed while never embarrassing anyone else.

To dream of seeing a large group of people dining while you are not may reflect feelings about people in your life expecting finality in some area of your life. Telling people you are going to do something important like get married while you still haven’t finalized it.

*Please See Restaurant

*Please See Dining Room

*Please See Dinner

*Please See Dinner Table

Dining Room

To dream of being in a dining room represents situations where you feel everything works out normal as long as you aren’t embarrassing anyone else. Feelings about everything in a situation is sane as long as you don’t make someone else angry or jealous. Feeling that people always need to help you out. People or situations in your life that are doing what they are supposed to be doing. It may reflect a sense of rationality or civility after a period of disorder. A sense that other people are experiencing exactly the same situations or issues that you are.

Negatively, dreaming about a dining room may reflect feelings about being able to use people or get away with dishonesty as long as you don’t push limits. Getting away with something as long as you don’t embarrass other people. Using people as family life to get something for yourself because they will always help you out. Rationality or civility that you can safely use for dishonesty.

Alternatively, a dining room represents the finality of a situation. Events or experiences that signify an ending of some kind in your life.

Dining Table

To dream of a dining table represents situations in waking life that are unencumbered. An experience that can’t be stopped or interrupted. Noticing yourself being totally confident about something or having total control over a situation. Not having to do anything you don’t like.


To dream of eating dinner symbolizes what you are thinking or feeling as you reach the end of a phase or last stage of a project. Experiencing the end of a situation.

Dinner dreams are common when a death is expected, possibly reflecting feelings about a last opportunity to speak to someone while they are alive.


To see a dinosaur in your dream represents an all powerful fear. A fear that is too big to confront or so time consuming that you can’t think of anything else.

To dream of being chased by a dinosaur represents an all powerful fear that you are doing everything possible to avoid. You may feel like life is hanging from a thread.

To dream of killing a dinosaur may reflect waking life situations where you are trying to confront and overcome a big fear you have. Standing up to a person or situation that absolutely terrifies you. Confronting a bully or nightmare scenario.

*Please See Velociraptor

*Please See Brachiosaurus

*Please See Tyrannosaurus Rex


To dream of a diploma represents your wish for recognition for overcoming problems or concerns. It may also reflect your wish for recognition for an achievement you’ve made.


To dream of following directions represents feeling that someone else is giving you all the answers. It may also reflect your acceptance of criticism.


To dream of a director of a company or organization may represent control over a situation or other people that doesn’t have to do anything except notice what’s happening next. Control that notices other people make no mistakes as part of a larger plan. Never believing that you can make mistakes while controlling other people. Not having anything else to say except that your way is best.

To dream of a movie director represents behavior that has to make sure everyone involved in a situation is doing what they’re supposed to be doing so people will have to believe it.


To dream of seeing dirt represents problems or difficulties that have to be dealt with. Unpleasant feelings about how hard or unfair life feels. Trouble. Feelings about something not being easy. Feeling that people or a situation doesn’t like you.

To dream of delivering dirt or dumping a pile of dirt may reflect a difficulties you are intentionally giving someone else. A sign you are bitter or spiteful.

To dream of shoveling a pile of dirt away represents unpleasant feelings about doing whatever you can with a troubling problem. Shoveling dirt into a hole may represent unpleasant feelings about slowly getting closure you desire.

To dream of eating dirt may represent feelings about how terrible it is to accept very unpleasant conditions. Having to accept nothing or total embarrassment.

To dream of having dirt thrown in your face may represents feelings about being forced to think about a difficult or unpleasant problem. Feeling that an enemy enjoys you having to be noticed with flaws or problems. Feeling that you are intentionally being made to think you aren’t perfect.

*Please See Roads (Dirt).

Dirt Bike

To dream of a dirt bike represents decision-making with an awareness of yourself being dangerous or rebellious. Doing whatever it takes to win. Knowing that your decisions are not liked by others. Being in control and defiant. Feeling good embarrassing others that you are going to do what you want because you can. A mindset that is in control and focused on not being told what to do. A mentality that is not concerned with what anyone thinks. A dirtbike may also reflect an stubborn underdog mentality. An attitude that says “screw you, I’m doing it anyway.”

Negatively, you may be scaring other people that you never have to conform. Showing off being risky, dangerous, or independent. Enjoying breaking the rules to stay ahead.

To dream of crashing a dirtbike may be a sign that you are going to far with a rebellious choice or attitude. Rules or authority that can’t be outdone. Going too far showing off or being defiant.

*Please See Motorcycle

Dirt Roads

*Please See Roads


To dream of something or someone that’s dirty represents a low or untrusting opinion you have of someone. It may also reflect low standards, unworthiness, or someone that cheats. You may not want to be involved with a person or situation.

Alternatively, seeing someone dirty may reflect sexual promiscuity.

To dream of yourself being dirty represents low self-esteem or feelings of being unworthy. You may feel that you are not good enough or that other people may see you as underhanded. Feeling that people don’t want to be involved with you.

Dirty Hair

To dream of dirty hair represents thoughts, emotions, or attitudes that have become negative, corrupted, or stagnant.


*Please See Handicap


*Please See Handicap


To dream that of person or object disappearing before your eyes reflects feelings of not having given sufficient attention to an aspects of yourself or your life. You may feel you haven’t had enough time to get acquainted with a person or situation. An opportunity has passed by too quickly.

Have you lost touch with some aspect of yourself? Is your lover, friend, or opportunity disappearing? Are you afraid or insecure about losing a relationship? Do you fear being alone? You may need to work on your self-esteem.

Alternatively, a disappearing person or object may reflect your fading interest in a person or situation.

To dream that you are disappearing from others may represent feelings of being overlooked or being irrelevant. You may feel that you are not being noticed or recognized. Alternatively, the dream may be a sign that you are withdrawing from a relationship or wanting attention.


To dream of a disappointment represents feelings of being let down, making a mistake not being tolerated, unexpected complications, or jealousy of not having the type of experience you really wanted. Feelings of optimism or trust being cancelled. Feelings of having let other people down. Disliking excepting lowered expectations. Too much concern with pleasing other people.

Alternatively, dreams of disappointment may reflect your fears, anxiety, or insecurity that your current actions will result in letting someone down, making an embarrassing mistake, unwanted complications, or “choking” under pressure. Insecurity that someone will get angry at you for not being good enough at something or doing something properly. Feelings about not living up to expectations or having to except a reduced sense of accomplishment.

Dreams of disappointment could also reflect your tendency to be impatient and worry about something not happening yet when whatever it is you are impatient about requires more waiting. Overthinking or over-worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.

To dream of disappointment that you didn’t make it as far as you would like to travel may reflect unwanted feelings of lowered expectations about accomplishing something. Feeling let down that you can’t do everything you hoped to do. Progress may feel held back or stopped. Feelings about almost achieving a goal that leaves you let down or jealous.


To dream of a disaster represents a your feelings about a personal crisis in waking life. Personal problems that are raging out of control. You may be experiencing a higher than usual amount of uncertainty, instability, or conflict. A sense of misfortune of which you have no control over. Experiencing a negative situation that shakes you to your core.

The realization of the worst case scenario. Feeling that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Feeling left with a large problem to clean up.

*Please See End Of The World

*Please See Earthquakes


To dream of a disco represents situations in your life where you or others are enjoying noticing being a non-stop winner all the time. Situations where you or others feel you are never going to stop having a fun time.

Negatively, a disco may represent showing off to other people that you are never going to stop being a winner. It may also reflect neglect of responsibilities because having fun feels too good to pause.

Disco Ball

To dream of a disco ball represents non-stop feelings of enjoying being a winner. Situations where you feel that the “party never ends.”

To dream of seeing a disco ball in a location that you can’t get access to or aren’t allowed may represent feelings of jealousy of other people always getting to have a fun time when you don’t.


To dream of a disease represents a problem in your life that you feel never goes away or keeps encroaching on your happiness. Feeling that you can never be as perfect as you’d like to be or that other people are always able to do something better than you. A constant burden that you carry. Feeling compromised or ruined. Never getting to realize your true potential.

*Please See Illness

*Please See Cancer

*Please See AIDS


To dream of seeing someone disfigured represents a permanent loss you feel in some area of your life. Your perception of long term emotional or physical scarring. A past trauma or relationship still effects you or makes you feel like you have to live with a problem forever. You may feel that you can’t be yourself anymore.


To dream of a disguise represents feelings about wishing to hide true intentions. Intentionally trying to deceive others. Negatively, a disguise may reflect problems with confronting the truth or facing a difficult realty. Difficulty being yourself.


To dream of feeling that something is disgusting represents feelings about waking life situations that you find revolting, sick, perverted, or unclean. Disgusting feelings in dreams may mirror waking life situations that disgust you. Feelings about ugly people or diseases. Powerful feelings of having difficulty accepting something unpleasant. Powerful feelings that something is wrong or immoral. Feelings about sexual deviancy.

Alternatively, feeling disgusted in a dream may reflect waking life situations where you feel trapped confronting a very unpleasant undesirable situation. Feeling that you must endure a prolonged unpleasant situation. Feelings about how revolting it is to speak to someone you find immoral.


To dream of dishes represents ideas, beliefs, or situations that are being “handed” to the dreamer. What one has received or hopes to receive from others. You may feel that life is handing you a certain experience “on a platter.”

To dream of broken dishes represents broken promises or failed expectations. Something you thought was guaranteed is no longer possible. Feelings of poverty, lack, and inadequacy.

To dream of dishes on a shelf represents possibilities that are waiting to be realized. You can provide something any time you want.

To dream of washing dishes represents moving on or planning for the next phase of your life. You are finishing up with something or completely getting rid of certain beliefs you had.


*Please See Liar


To dream of a dishwasher represents the carefree resolution of past issues or old problems. Automation applied to your problems. The power to easily deal with issues or restore what went wrong. Feelings about the power to delegate your problems to others to finish them for you. Feelings of being very successful and that you money makes delegating problem solving easy.

To dream of a dishwasher that doesn’t work may reflect feelings about losing the ability to easily resolve problems with automation. Feelings about losing the convenience of delegating your problems to others. Feeling that people who you hired to help you make progress in a situation are not doing what they are told. Feelings about employees or servants not doing what they are told.


To dream of being dismembered represents feelings of being cut off, disempowered, or isolated. Experiencing a significant loss. You may be feeling a loss of power, abilities, or identity. Consider the body part for additional meaning.

To dream of dismembering someone or something evil represents negative thinking patterns or negative situations that you are cutting off or disempowering. Overcoming danger, fear, or an obstacle.


To dream of the brand Disney represents feelings respecting family life happiness all the time. Noticing happiness where everything works out after a problem. Feeling good that nothing is ever a permanent disaster because it’s not supposed to. Feelings about family life complications that end up working out happily. Respectably feeling good family safe. Feelings about experiences with no violence and a happy ending. Feelings about being a wonderful honest person confronting negativity. Perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a grown up to make sure nobody is ever terrified. Feeling that it’s wonderful that nothing wrong happens. Perfect ideals of honesty, friendship, or family life where happiness is never over with.

Negatively, dreaming about Disney represents too much family oriented safety and happiness for your personal comfort. Annoyance or frustration with perfect family life happiness that never allows you to be arrogant about being a grown up. Perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a grown up to make sure nobody is ever terrified. Annoyance or frustration with perfect happiness that ensures everyone has to behave like a safe family oriented grown up. Caring about nothing except being safe with no violence. Unrealistic ideals of happiness with friendship or family life. Feelings about too much honest family life for your tastes in the current moment.

*Please See Mickey Mouse

*Please See Winnie The Pooh

*Please See Pinocchio

*Please See Goofy

*Please See Cinderella

*Please See Snow White

*Please See Disney World