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Dreams starting with letter – H

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To dream of hacking a computer represents your ability to manipulate other people through the understanding of their weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Feeling free to direct someone’s thinking without their knowledge or ability stop you. Having the impunity to control others. Dishonest manipulation of thinking or social connections.

To dream of having your computer hacked represents feelings of embarrassment or frustration that someone is able to control you. Feeling that your emotions are being controlled or managed by someone else. Emotional violation. Feeling that you are being told what to do and can’t do anything about it. Feeling that your privacy or personal space is being violated with impunity.

*Please See Computers

*Please See Internet


To dream of a seeing an old hag represents a situation or problem that you are surprised how negative it is.

To dream of an evil old hag attacking you represents your feeling about being unable to escape negativity in your life. Your sense of intuition or choices always seems to keep you trapped in a negative situation. You can’t believe how negative a problem is.

*Please See Sleep Paralysis


To dream of haggling may reflect an insensitive concern about getting your way or having conditions perfect for yourself.

*Please See Negotiate


To dream of hail represents feelings of disappointment that feels intentionally hurtful. A serious matter or disappointment that is “nothing to laugh about.” Feeling that someone else is ruining a good time in your life with vain anger or punishment. Disappointment that risks permanent or serious failure. A dangerous disappointment that you feel may be best to avoid for the short term. More failure or disappointment than you can handle. A disappointing situation that is so terrible it cancels out significant progress you’ve made. Difficult times.

You or someone else that is emotionally shutdown during a difficult time. Feelings about a dangerous aftermath to an unpleasant or difficult change. Angry bitter disappointed people in your life that make you feel like they intentionally don’t want to support you or feel good about your choices.

*Please See Rain

*Please See Ice


To dream of hair represents your thinking style. The color and style of the hair represents the manner in which you are thinking. Organized hair reflects a systematic or methodical thinking style. Messy or tangled hair reflects self-critical or hysterical thoughts.

Red Hair (Blood Red) in a dream represents negative or excessive thinking patterns. You or some aspect of your personality that’s not being genuine or caring. Red hair may also reflect lying, cheating, anger, or being mean to someone.

Orange hair (Redhead, Ginger, Or Carrot Top) in a dream represents a thinking style that is noticeable or hard to avoid noticing. Beliefs, emotions, or situations that are impossible to stop or avoid. An area of your life that is overpowering your focus and can’t go unnoticed. Negatively, orange hair may reflect a preoccupation with wanting to be noticed or outrageous behavior that is impossible to ignore. Extremist thinking that shocks other people.

Darker green hair represents selfish thinking patterns. Jealousy, arrogance, or preoccupation with feeling that you are a loser forever. Lighter green hair may reflect proactive, progressive, or mindset focused on healing.

Light purple hair represents thinking patterns that are neutral or indifferent.

Dark purple hair can reflect thinking patterns that are focused on feeling total powerlessness. Nothing you want is happening. It may also reflect very dark and uncaring thinking patterns.

Light blue hair represents positive thinking patterns. It may also reflect sensitivity.

Dark blue hair represents insensitive or cold thinking patterns.

Black hair represents imbalanced thinking. Dark, depressed, negative, or excessive thoughts. Black hair may also represent a fearful mindset.

White hair symbolizes balanced thinking patterns. Negative or unhealthy beliefs are being totally cleansed. Possibly a sign of self-improvement or positive change. White hair may also represent good intentions.

To dream of grey hair represents feelings about being experienced or serious about some area of your life. Long-term experience, cynicism, professionalism or subject matter that has to be thought about a lot. Wisdom gained and applied. Feeling wiser than other people. Respecting yourself or others for being accomplished.

To dream of having someone else’s hair represents your thoughts or your style of thinking be based on whatever that qualities, feelings, or memories stand out most about that person. It may also reflect similar a style of thinking to that person.

To dream of eating hair may represent feelings of disgust or embarrassment that you have to experience or think about someone else’s problem.

To dream of bugs in your hair represents annoyances, frustrations, or undesirable situations that you feel stuck with. Feeling unable to stop thinking of something annoying.

To dream of hair being on fire represents a mindset that is consumed by loss or the threat of loss. Preoccupation with a very serious situation. Feeling that there is “no joking around” this time. Dreams of hair being on fire may turn up when you or someone you know is faced with a terrible crisis such as the death of loved one.

To dream of smelling someone’s hair may reflect feelings about how you feel about someone else’s thinking style. Liking smelling hair may reflect your approval or attraction to someone else’s ideas. Not liking smelling hair may reflect your disapproval or disgust with someone else’s ideas.

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*Please See Barber Shop

Hair Curlers

To dream of hair curlers represents thinking in circles. You are having thoughts about a problem or situation that is repeating itself over and over without a solution. Feeling embarrassed that you are aware of yourself thinking about a problem or person too much. Feeling uncomfortable thinking about something too much.

It may also reflect feelings of needing to be perfect with repetitive thinking or behavior.

Hair Loss

To dream of hair loss or balding represents losing confidence, self-esteem, or feelings of being or becoming powerless. Feeling distraught or frustrated.

To dream of your hair coming out in patches may reflect shock or surprise that your reputation or self-image is in ruins. It may also reflect a fear of permanent embarrassment. A sign that you may be desperate to head off any more embarrassment.


To dream of willingly getting a haircut represents a fresh start or change in your thinking style. Shedding unwanted thoughts, emotions, or life situations. Alternatively, you may have gone to far with something and are cutting back. Being set straight by someone else on an issue.

To have your haircut against your will represents a lost sense of freedom, power, or status. Some aspect of yourself is conforming or giving in. Unwanted changes in your life that force you to think in an undesirable way.

To dream of a haircut that cuts off long hair or too much hair represents a lost power or freedom. It may also reflect an undesirable change in your life.

To change hair styles represents a change in the way you are thinking or your attitude.

*Please See Barber Shop

*Please See Salon

*Please See Hairdresser


To dream of a hairdresser represents behavior, decisions you’ve made, or other people who interest you in making yourself appear more interesting to other people. Motivation to impress someone.

Alternatively, a hairdresser may represent a person or situation that is changing or improving the way you think.

*Please See Salon

*Please See Barber


*Please See Wigs


*Please See Bobby Pin


To dream of hairspray represents a concern with avoiding embarrassing yourself having acted or thought poorly. You may be using certain actions or habits to force yourself to stay on the straight and narrow. Habits or action you could take to make certain that you look good or make a good impression.

Negatively, using hairspray in a dream may be a sign that you are overly concerned with your looks and image. You may care too much with what others think of you. An excessive need to be perceived as perfect or of sound mind. Uncomfortably controlling yourself or holding yourself back in order to make someone like you.


To dream of something hairy represents feelings about behavior that is ridiculously excessive or overboard. A person’s behavior or situation that is a “little bit crazy.” Feelings about someone being too liberal with their freedom or own ideas. A lack of concern for other people’s opinions of you. Embarrassing one’s self with a lack of moderation. Feelings about people not being aware of their problems. A lack of vanity or appearances that may be unaware of how stupid it looks. Excessive honesty that may make others uncomfortable.

To dream of hairy hands represents feelings about yourself or someone else having a level of capability that is embarrassing or excessive. Having dangerous skills or capabilities with no concerns about what other people think about them. An excessive or greedy mindset about your capabilities. Skills or capabilities that others find embarrassing or disgusting. A lack of vanity with your superior capabilities that may look stupid to others.

To dream of hairy arms may reflect feelings about yourself or others having abilities or resourcefulness that are embarrassing, excessive, or completely unconcerned with how ridiculous other people feel about them. A personal or professional “reach” that lacks moderation. Showing off too much with how resourceful or powerful you are that may look stupid to others.

To dream of hairy legs represents feelings about yourself or someone else having a level independence that is perceived to be ridiculous or overboard. Doing too much all on your own to the point of embarrassment. It may also reflect feelings about independence that lacks vanity or any concern about what other people think.

To dream of a hairy pubic area may reflect feelings about excessive sexual behavior. Feelings that sexual behavior was lacking class or moderation. An excessive liberal attitude about sex. No shame about sex or sexual conduct.

To dream of a hairy back represents feelings about yourself or others being too honest about their burdens or problems. Embarrassment about problems you’ve discussed being more inappropriate than you first thought.

To dream of a hairy chest may reflect feelings of raw power being displayed. No vanity as power is revealed, displayed, or proven. Negatively, a hairy chest may reflect an embarrassing excessive display of power. Looking stupid to other trying too hard to be powerful. Someone in your life that is looks stupid showing off thinking they are perfectly powerful.

Hall Of Fame

To dream of the Hall Of Fame represents nostalgia about your greater accomplishments. It may also reflect your memories of how good something used to be.


To dream of Halloween represents situations where you or others feel good scaring people. Feeling good faking being something you’re not in order to scare someone. Situations where you or others feel good changing their personality to scare other people. It may also reflect feelings about scaring other people in order to change them. Faking scaring people with an advantage or sense of leverage. Pretending you’re serious about something into to scare people into changing for you.

Negatively, dreaming about Halloween may represent a fake attitude or faked behavior intended to scare others. Intentionally trying to scare someone with fake threats of anger or provoking jealousy.

To dream of a Halloween party may represents group situations intended to enjoy scaring someone. Feeling good that other people are little because you are too scary. Enjoying socializing that you enjoy noticing it scares someone else with jealousy who can’t stop you (such as making ex-partner jealous of enjoying spending time with another person). Feeling good that you never get taught a lesson that scares other people. Feeling good spending time with people knowing it scares a jealous friend or partner. Social situations where everyone is laughing at why someone scared doesn’t matter.

Negatively, a Halloween party may reflect feelings about why a group of people are enjoying themselves socializing in a way that scares you that you can’t stop it. Socializing that is both elite and arrogant about why it scares people and can’t be stopped.

*Please See Trick-Or-Treating

*Please See Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

To dream of a Halloween costume represents feelings about you or someone else that changes themselves to scare other people. It may also reflect feelings about how you or someone else chooses to scare someone else into changing. A false negative persona. You may be trying to appear angrier or more dangerous than you really are. It may also reflect a deceptive attempt to scare other people. You or someone else that feels good pretending to have a negative or dangerous attitude. Not really being serious about how negative or dangerous you are acting. A phony negative persona.

Alternatively, dreaming about a Halloween costume may reflect enjoying yourself faking being something you are not or enjoying a rare opportunity to pretend to be something you are not. A situation so ridiculous you need to perfectly believe you are something you’re not.

To dream of a Halloween mask represents feelings about faking your personality to scare someone into changing themselves for you. Feeling good noticing you are behaving in a way to scare someone into giving you something. Feeling good behaving in a way that scares someone with jealousy.

Halloween costumes are common to people who want to make their partner or ex-partner scare with jealousy in order to control them.

Consider the type of costume for additional meaning.


To dream of a hallway represents a transition, change in the way you think, or change in the circumstances of your life as you progress to the next stage. Waiting for something else to happen after having completed a phase. Experience a process of change or improvement.

Negatively, dreaming of being in a hallway may reflect transitions in waking life that are uncertain, difficult, scary, or dangerous. Feeling uncomfortable waiting for something else to happen. Trying to move on with your life after experiencing a failed relationship or job.

Alternatively, a hallway may also reflect feelings of having re-transition back to an old way of living after having made significant efforts to transition to a new way of living.


To dream of a halo represents your feelings that person, situation, or idea is absolutely perfect in all ways. Unquestionable positive intentions or solutions. Someone or something that you believe is impossible to ever be flawed.

*Please See Angels

*Please See Heaven


To dream of ham represents your thoughts and feelings about things that you don’t think are important, or don’t take too seriously. You may think something is ridiculous or pointless.

To dream of a ham sandwich represents your frustrations about things you have to do during a situation you may feel is ridiculous, or pointless.


To dream of a hamburger represents feelings about an indulgence in power that doesn’t need to be sophisticated. Simple power that doesn’t need to be intelligent. Enjoying something that lacks some intellectual, emotional, physical, or even spiritual component that makes you feel whole. An experience where you are aware of yourself enjoying not needing to be a hopelessly oversensitive loser.

Negatively, a hamburger may reflect easy sex without any emotional component. Waking life situations involving power, but leave you unsatisfied.


To dream of a hammer represents the skills, resources, or abilities to make something permanent. Your motivation or ability to make situation “stay put.”

*Please See Nails (Hammering).


To dream of a hammock represents a leisurely or carefree attitude with a situation. You may be totally satisfied that everything is in order. It may reflect feelings that all hard work or difficulties are over. You don’t feel the need to do anything else.

Positively, a hammock may reflect a well deserved break or feeling as though all hard work is behind you. Negatively, a hammock may reflect too much pleasure and leisure.

Negatively, a hammock may reflect wishful thinking about enjoying yourself escaping problems that you are not confident enough to act on. Enjoying daydreaming too much over taking realistic action.

To dream of falling out of a hammock represents a realization that more work or effort is required. A wake up call that there is still more to be done before you can enjoy yourself.


To dream of a hamster represents a sensitive situation or problem that is easily aggravated. A hamster maybe a sign that you need to leave something alone or being very careful how you handle something.

Hand Gun

To dream of a hand gun represents a decisions or control that’s self-protective. Not being interested in losing or changing something. Being protective of your choices or decisions.

To dream of having a hand gun held on you by a criminal or evil person represents a negative aspect of yourself that doesn’t want to change. A part of you that may not feel that certain positive changes are important or beneficial.

*Please See Guns

Hand Puppets

*Please See Puppets


To dream of a handbag represents your wish to feel good or look good always being prepared. Feeling good always being ready. It may also reflect sensitivity about always looking professional or savvy. Projecting the image to others that you are always succeeding, rich, beautiful, or never losing.

Negatively, a handbag may reflect sensitivity about the possibility of embarrassing yourself being unprepared. It may also reflect too much concern that other people think you’re perfect.

*Please See Purse


To dream of handcuffs represents mental and emotional limitation, or a lack of freedom to think or express yourself as you please.

You or someone else that is limited, restrained, or controlled by another person or situation.


To dream of having a handicap represents a weakness, hindrance, or obstacle. It may also reflect a bad habit that negatively influences you. A handicap could also represent neediness or something you are emotionally dependent on.

A handicap in a dream is a sign that you are being confronted with a challenge and need to maximize your full potential. It may be a good idea to seek help or focus your will power.

*Please See Wheelchair

*Please See Mobility Scooter

Handicapped Sign

To dream of a handicapped sign represents life situations where there is the possibility to excuse yourself from conventional rules if you need to. Positively, it may reflect a supportive way to bypass a weakness.

Negatively, a handicapped sign may reflect awareness of yourself going too far avoiding rules that apply to others. Cheating or arrogantly exploiting someone else’s good nature to get ahead.


To dream of a handjob represents waking life situations where there is need to please someone else quickly or cheaply. A reluctant need to make someone else feel good to keep them happy or keep them supporting you. Pleasing someone whom is impatiently waiting. A mandatory need to show someone they matter. Talking about someone in a flattering way so they feel respected. Keeping a jerk happy.

Negatively, a handjob may reflect feelings of having to serve someone or make them feel good about themselves when it’s inconvenient. Feeling like a loser that has to tell someone you don’t respect that they matter. Making someone feel good so they will stop complaining. Feeling disgusted having to please someone. Feeling that you need to do a favor for someone you consider a lowlife, scumbag, or jerk.

To dream of getting a handjob represents feelings about being pleased by others with the intention to get it over with quickly. A quick solution to your complaints. Feeling good not being ignored. Feeling good being talked about in a flattering way. Feeling that someone has no choice about needing to show you that you matter. Feeling that someone is doing you quick favor in order to get you to shut up.

Negatively, dreaming about getting a handjob may reflect enjoyment of exploiting an opportunity to tell others what to do. Not trusting someone to respect your feelings at a later time. Demanding a quick or dirty solution that only feels good for you. Making someone who doesn’t like you talk about you like they do. Awareness of yourself acting like a scumbag.


To dream of a handkerchief represents feelings about being professionally prepared about other people noticing you don’t have any problems. Professionally prepared to help out anyone you can with avoiding looking unprofessional. Professionally not lethal to anyone around you. Professionally prepared for any embarrassments or mishaps without “getting your hands or face dirty.” Preparation that makes you feel that no mistakes or embarrassments are lethal. Always prepared to prevent yourself from looking unprofessional by being ready for little problems that might turn up. Feeling good that you don’t need to use some form of professional preparation for small problems.

Negatively, dreaming about a handkerchief may represent a tendency to be too serious about perfectly or professionally preparation for a problem that may never happen.


To dream of a handle feelings about how easy it is to manage or control something difficult. Feelings about how easy it may be for someone else to manage or control you. Feelings about how competent you or someone else is with management or control. Feelings about being able to “handle yourself” in a particular situation. Awareness of yourself being ready to make use of something. Your ability to “handle” your job with professional skills.

To dream of handling something represents feelings about managing or controlling something difficult. Feeling that you “have a handle” on a difficult situation. Attempting to avoid confrontation or crisis by managing a difficult situation as best you can. Issues with handling danger properly. Thoughts about how much danger or difficulty you could handle if needed. Concerns about a situation changing badly. Feeling that if you can control a situation on the short-term that in the long-term it will go away on it’s own.

To dream of a door handle may reflect feelings about how easy it can be to manage access, opportunities, or change. Feelings about how easy it is for someone to gain access to you or bother you.

To dream of a handle on a knife or weapon may reflect your readiness to make use of certain actions. Readiness to make a dangerous or serious choice. A knife handle may reflect your confidence or readiness to make conflicting actions against someone else. Readiness to deal with a problem. Readiness to get revenge. Feelings about how competent you are at making a dangerous or serious choice.


To dream of hands represents capability, competence, and the ability to do what you want. The ability to execute certain behaviours or skills on your own. The capacity manifest your choices.

To see two hands holding on to each other symbolizes partnership.

To wash your hands represents ridding yourself of a problem or rejecting a sense of responsibility.

To see a hand beckoning you represents an area of your life that is drawing you towards it. Choices, beliefs, or situations that are tempting you.

To dream of losing a hand represents your feelings of being robbed. You can’t do something you want or have something you feel you deserve. A reflection of something that makes you feel limited or at a loss. Feeling diminished or impotent and being unable to do anything about it.

To dream of cutting your hand represents feelings about problems with your capabilities. Feeling hampered or that your skills are being held back by problems. Alternatively, a cut hand may reflect your skills, talents, or abilities being harmed by a negative influence or conflict. Temporarily being unable to do what you want.


To dream of a handshake represents co-operation or partnership. Choosing to not argue. Reaching an agreement.

To shake hands with an evil or bad person represents acceptance of negative thoughts, or giving in to negativity. Partnership with people who believe are dishonest or immoral. Willingly selling out your principles. Welcoming bad influences into your life.


*Please See Writing

Hang Gliding

To dream of hang gliding represents feelings about how easy it is to do something risky or dangerous all on your own.

Positively, hang gliding may represents a refusal to held back because others think a situation is too dangerous or difficult. Alternatively, hang gliding may reflect enjoyment of noticing how easy something others think is dangerous or risky is.

Negatively, a hang gliding may reflect scaring others or showing off with doing something perceived to be risky being too easy. It may also be a sign that you are taking too much of chance to do something by yourself. Thinking something risky or difficult is too easy.


To dream of seeing a hanging with a noose represents feelings about yourself or someone else being noticed as a total failure. Feelings about not mattering anyone or being an insignificant loser. Total embarrassment or total failure for all to see. Feeling that you have no options left in a difficult situation. Fearing embarrassment that you never really mattered. A very insensitive display of failure. Humiliation about yourself being a perfect example of failure. Feeling forced to experience a failure that you dread.

To dream that you are hanging someone else with a noose may reflect feelings about intentionally ensuring that someone else is noticed as a total failure. Making sure that attention is drawn to a failure. A problem you want to eliminate in full view of others. Making an embarrassing example of someone who didn’t listen to you.

Hangings with nooses may also show up in dreams if you have been having suicidal thoughts. You may have some powerful insecurities at the moment may not believe in yourself enough. Hanging with nooses dreams can also occur for people with breathing difficulties to reflect their feelings about their breathing being cut off.

To dream of hanging on to something may reflect desperation to avoid failure. Feeling that it’s very important to “hold on.”

*Please See Lynching


To dream of a hangover represents regrets or consequences for an obsession. You enjoyed yourself too much or went way overboard with something. It may also reflect your need for downtime after a really exciting or busy moment.

*Please See Beer

*Please See Wine

*Please See Alcohol


To dream of happiness may reflect waking life situations where you feeling good about not having to worry about a problem anymore. Relief, comfort, or contentment with how a situation has turned out. Feeling secure or loved. Alternatively, happiness may reflect waking life situations where you feel really lucky about something good that has happened. Self-love.

Negatively, happiness in a dream may be a sign that you are desperately avoid facing the truth of a problem or are involved in addictive or excessive behaviors. Compensating, daydreaming, or willful blindness to avoid pain. A desire for wish fulfillment. It may also reflect a tendency to live with desire for things you can’t really believe you can have. Wishful thinking. Happiness in a dream may be a sign that you are having problems facing the reality of situation. Alternatively, dreaming of being happy may reflect a tendency to be too comfortable with ideas or situations that are not good for you. Feelings about other people being happy to see your fail or your or enjoyment of experiencing other failing.

Happy endings in a dream may reflect positive outcomes that you currently aren’t confident enough to believe in. Negatively, they may reflect satisfaction with keeping others down.


*Please See Happiness


To dream of a harbor represents a situation in waking life where you want a break from dealing with your problems. An intermission from facing uncertainty. Taking time off or getting shelter while confronting issues.

*Please See Marina

Hard Drive

To dream of a hard drive represents the accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, memories, or skills. Areas of your life that you have become adept at or experienced with. A cache of personal experience.

To dream of formatting a hard drive may represent a major change to your belief system or priorities. You may be giving up old interests for new ones. It may also represent new developments that change everything you know. A major correction of some kind.

To dream of throwing out a hard drive represents abandoning an area of your life. You are giving up something that you have a lot of experience with or that was of great interest to you.

Hard Liquor

*Please See Liquor

Hardware Store

To dream of a hardware store represents choices that are more serious than you first thought. Making the decision to get something over with. Self-improvement or attitude adjustments that you realize need more effort or resources. Noticing yourself having to do more than expected to get something done. You may be looking around for more powerful or serious solution to a nagging problem.

Negatively, a hardware store may be a warning to be cautious about being too hasty or allowing a problem to get out of hand.


*Please See Rabbits


To dream of a harmonica represents feeling that you don’t want to do anything to notice your problems. Positively, you may be trying to distract yourself from your noticing your problems. Negatively, you may be longing for an opportunity to escape your problems.


*Please See Music


To dream of a harp represents you or someone else that is making others feel safe and stable. Making others feel that nothing bad is ever going to happen again. Feeling that nothing can fail you or cancel your happiness again. It may also reflect spiritual balance or healing.


To dream of a harpoon represents a big problem or situation that has to be tackled right the first time.

Harry Potter

To dream of Harry Potter may represent amazing accomplishments in the face of adversity or insurmountable hardships.

Alternatively, consider what feelings or thoughts stand out the most about Harry Potter and try to see how they may apply to yourself or your waking life.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a combine farming harvester represents decision making or intentions that are focused on getting everything you’ve been expecting as fast as you can get it. Easy taking.

To dream of a combine farming harvester driving towards you may reflect another person with expectations of you that you find dangerous to your happiness or wellbeing. A fear that you can’t escape someone else taking all you have. A person or situation in your life that make you feel that all you have is for easy taking.


To dream of harvesting crops represents reaping the rewards of your efforts. You may have put a lot of hard work into something that is finally paying off. Plans or investments coming to fruition. Feelings of plenitude and abundance.


*Please See Axe


To dream of hating someone or something represents feelings of serious resentment, frustration, or anger. Waking life grievances or strong dislike. Feelings of contempt. Powerful jealousy or envy. Frustrations with your own flaws or faults. Repressed aggression or fearing true confrontation. A complete lack of a sense of humor about a sensitive subject.

Alternatively, hate in a dream may mirror waking life feelings of hatred, frustration, or serious anger. A wish to seek revenge on someone. Having a true enemy.

To dream that someone hates you represents feelings about situations or relationships that never produce happy outcomes when you interact with them. Feeling unlucky in some area of your life or that someone doesn’t like you. Feeling that a situation in unwelcoming or unfriendly to your interests. Situations that feel bitter or jealous of you. Experiencing hostility to your presence or views. Fearing hostility or being yelled at. A naive or misinformed view of someone you believe hates you when you haven’t even spent time speaking to them. Experiencing hostile ignorance or bigoted behavior.

*Please See Anger


To dream of a hat represents your mood or attitude that is only display to others. How you choose to feel or how you like to feel about yourself. The mood you are projecting to others.

The color and style of hat suggest what kind of mood you are in.

Dreaming of a red hat may reflect an attitude being displayed to others that has dangerous or arrogant intentions. Showing others that you know you are being dangerous or mean.

To dream of trying on different hats may reflect your attempt to prepare for a new role. Trying to find the right attitude to approach a new situation. Testing out different personality types to discover what suits you best.

Alternatively, hats in dreams can sometimes reflect issues with hiding hair loss from others and anxiety about other people discovering your hair loss problem.

Fact: Headaches sufferers often dream of wearing hats that are too tight.


To dream of being haunted represents unresolved issues from your past that are causing emotional disturbance. You may have a problem letting go of something that’s happened to you. Traumas and repressed feelings or memories. You may have fear or guilt about your past.

*Please See Ghosts

*Please See Exorcism

Haunted House

To dream of a haunted house represents a perspective on life that is stuck with unresolved issues. There are bad memories or negative aspects of your life that are still effecting you to this day based past events. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings about your past. Feeling that you can never get over guilt or bad memories. Feeling that you are being constantly reminded of bad things that happened in your past. Living in a situation where you constantly fear your past coming back to “haunt you” or embarrass you.

Eerie feeling life, lingering feelings of being ineffective or ignored. Feelings about your life being completely negative while you put up with it.

Negatively, a haunted house may reflect your awareness of yourself living with trauma that you aren’t dealing with.

A haunted house is a sign that you need to begin process negativity from your past. You may need to confront fears, learn to forgive, or try to develop confidence so that you can let go of the past. It may also be a sign that you need to try new things, move away, or try to start a new life to get your mind focused on the future. Change may be something you need to work very hard on to help yourself move in life.


To dream of being in the US State of Hawaii represents a mindset that is preoccupied with not worrying about problems at the current moment. Intentionally trying to avoid your troubles or forget responsibilities. Placing a priority on relaxation, leisure, or taking a break.

Negatively, Hawaii may symbolize your feelings about how hard it is to go back to work after taking a break or vacation. Too many pleasurable distractions to take anything serious or get back into work mode.


To dream of a hawk represents knowing what you want and taking it. It also reflects swift action and sound judgment. Noticing what someone else has and insensitivity taking it from them whenever you want. Never allowing a person or situation to get in your way if it’s too important.

Negatively, a hawk may symbolize predatory instincts. You or someone else may be coming on too strong. An “as*hole” that takes what he wants.


To dream of hay represents a burden, the necessity of hard work, or feelings that something mundane has to be done personally and repeatedly. You may also be feeling that a situation is too boring to endure, or hopelessly unimportant.

*Please See Farm


To dream of a head represents intellect, attitude, personality or perspective. What guides your choices. How a person in control of themselves. Consider the shape, color, or size of the head for additional meaning of thinking style.

To dream of a head being cut off represents attitudes or perspectives that can no longer control decisions. Evil people losing their heads represents negative thinking patterns such as fears or bad intentions that no longer have any influence over you.

To see a blue head in a dream represents positive thinking and decision making style. Negatively, it may reflect insensitive thinking style that doesn’t care about anything you are feeling.

The head differs from the brain as a symbol in that the head is more about personality and the brain is about processing and figuring things out.

*Please See Decapitation


To dream of a headache represents a problem or nuisance that you don’t like having to put up with all the time. A distracting problem, annoyance, or burden that you feel forced to think about. A real problem. Something or someone that is “giving you a headache.” Feeling that a problem too much work. Endless frustration or annoyance.


To dream of an athletic headband or sweatband represents an attitude that notices it never worries or cares too much about something while working hard. Looking awesome about never believing in worrying. Never worrying about working hard or testing something new out. Looking good never worrying everyday. Looking good that you never worry about challengers. Feelings about practicing all the time. Feelings about professional training. Feeling good never asking for anything because you don’t need to.

Negatively, dreaming about an athletic headband may reflect a serious competitive attitude that doesn’t feel in charge. Being compeitively onguard and not wanting to show anyone you worry. Being competively more serious than everyone else. Looking stupid noticing that you don’t have any challengers.

To dream of a fashion headband represents a passive attitude that noticeably doesn’t like to be pessismisic or think of anything negative. Feeling good being a good person or having a good atttiude despite what is happening. Negatively, a fashion headband may reflect feeling good overlooking something negative because you don’t want to be pessistic. A “wonderful” attitude that may be perceived by others as childish.


To dream of a Native American headdress represents an attitude or mood that is preoccupied with standing it’s ground. Purposely, never changing your stance or making it obvious to others that you will never cave in. Preoccupation with attacking problems head on.

Negatively, a headdress may reflect showing off with stubborn beliefs. Wanting to embarrass others that you’ll never change a bad habit no matter what happens. Making it obvious to others that you don’t care about them or anything they want.


To dream of headlights represents your level of awareness or how well you are paying attention to the “road ahead” in life. Trouble with headlights suggests a lack of awareness.

If you are driving in the dark without headlights it represents a lack of mindfulness. You’re unable to see potential obstacles or problems that may be coming up in the near future.


To dream of a headline represents information or insight that takes priority. New facts that someone is informing you with take precedence in situation. A new development may have arisen that is making you feel that “dropping everything” for it might be a good idea. Feeling that nothing else matters as much. Feelings about your actions being discussed by a lot of people you know.

Negatively, headlines may reflect feelings about being embarrassed in a highly noticeable way. News, gossip, or misconceptions about you are being made public. Thinking too much about what other people will say about you if you commit suicide or do something dangerous. Feeling that you reputation is being ruined. Alternatively, headlines may reflect an arrogant or narcissistic attitude about your actions being the focus of other people’s discussions. A sign that you are giving fears too much power or allowing the drama of a situation to obstruct your objectivity.


To dream of headphones represents experiencing or feeling something all on your own. Alternatively, you be experiencing a situation where only you are “getting the message.”


To dream of a headscarf represents a mood that is intentionally avoiding feelings of desire. You may be intentionally trying to show someone that you like that you don’t desire them. Purposely hiding or holding yourself back from romantic feelings.


To dream of a headstone represents a forgotten or buried aspect of yourself. Personality traits or life situations that aren’t as relevant or powerful as they used to be. You are noticing that something is gone for good.

Any message you see on the headstone symbolizes how changes to your life or personality are currently effecting you.


To dream of healing may represents some area of your life that is being restored. Feelings of renewal. A change for the better. Feeling hopeful or feeling better about something than you previous did. You may be recuperating from difficult situation. Putting something right. Making amends. Emotional repair or the restoration of abilities. Healing in a dream may also reflect progress or difficulties that you are moving on from.

Alternatively, a dream of healing may mirror actual emotional or physical healing you are experiencing in waking life.

Negatively, seeing healing in a dream may reflect problems are that being restored or enemies that are recuperating. It may also be a sign that you are having difficulties processing change or moving on. You may also be having difficulty finding the time or resources to rectify a situation. Progress in your life that may be causing growing pains.

Health Club

To dream of a health club represents your wish to be noticed doing everything better than you were before. Wanting recognition or acknowledgment that you have improved or changed for the better.


Hearing in a dream represents the ability to pay attention or stay informed. How alert or aware you are.

To dream that no one hears you represents a waking situation where you feel that no one is listening to your ideas or opinions. Feeling that people are not paying attention to you are saying. You feel ignored, overlooked, or insignificant.

To dream of losing your hearing may reflect isolation or feelings of having lost the ability to stay informed. An inability to understand what is happening around you.

To dream of having really good hearing may represent a higher level of awareness than other people. Being better informed about what is happening around you. Having an edge over others, inside information, or superior experience.

Alternatively, dreams involving hearing may reflect intrigue with rumors.

*Please See Deaf

Hearing Aid

To dream of a hearing aid represents an inability to genuinely be listened to or understood. Difficulty getting ideas through. You or someone else that needs something done before they give their full attention. Alternatively, a hearing aid may represent a coping mechanism to help you stay informed or included as part of a group. A dependency you have that lets you keep informed.

Negatively, a hearing aid may represent a requirement or condition in order to listen to someone else. A bribe or condition that has to be met first. Something to make co-operation more palatable to you or someone else. A method of overriding stubbornness. It may also be a sign that people don’t want to do anything with you unless they can use you. A hearing aid may also mean you are too dependent on someone else to get information.


To dream of a hearse funeral car represents feelings about decision-making or management of a situation that involves settling a failure. Settling a serious change. Respectfully managing someone else’s failure. Involvement in a situation that requires helping someone move on from a failure or serious change. You are dealing with some kind of unfinished business.

Negatively, dreaming about a hearse may reflect feelings about delays you are experiencing while managing failure or unwanted changes. Feeling that your involvement in a situation revolves too much around dealing with failures and changes instead of on starting something new. Feeling unable to get a break from current responsibilities because you are heavily involved in a closure process.

Alternatively, dreaming about a hearse may reflect situations where you or someone else is making an obvious display to others about being heavily involved in a situation with pending closure.

A hearse car in a dream might in some cases reflect a person’s frustration or unhappiness with dealing with a real life death.


To dream of a human heart represents your ability to care for or love other people. It may also reflect unconditional love or understanding.

To get heart surgery represents a big change in the way you feel or care. A situation in your life that is making you more sympathetic, caring, or open to being loved. It may also reflect a permanent change in how you love someone.

To dream of valentine heart symbolizes your romantic or sexual interest in another person. A red heart representing a negative or uncaring sexual perspective. A blue heart symbolizes a positive or caring perspective. A purple heart symbolizes powerlessness to love who you want, or your own uncaring feelings towards someone.

To dream of a valentine heart outline or hollow valentine heart may reflect empty feelings about people you are romantically considering.

To dream of a bleeding heart represents sadness, desperation, despair, or a lack of sympathy. Your feelings may have been hurt or you feel like someone doesn’t care about you.

To dream of being stabbed in the heart represents relationship conflict or feeling that someone cares about hurting your feelings. Heartbreak, pain, or feeling cheated. Emotional hurt.

*Please See Heart Medicine

*Please See Heart Attack

*Please See Heartbeat

Heart Attack

To dream that you are having a heart attack represents a fear or concern of never doing something ever again. A powerful fear of permanent loss or failure. Fearing losing everything you have or everything you’ve worked for. Feeling overwhelmed by fear, stress, pressure for something that is very important to you. You may feel a lack of support and acceptance.

To dream of dying from a heart attack may reflect you or someone else that has succumbed to fear, stress, or pressure. “Caving” or giving up because a situation was too much to handle.

Heart Medicine

To dream of heart medication may represent thoughts or habits that effect your ability to stay calm. To dream of having different options of heart medicine may reflect conflicting choices about how to approach a stressful situation, or respond to other people.

Alternatively, dreaming of heart medication may represent habits or situations that effect your ability to care for others. Something that helps to open up your heart, care more about a person, or be more sympathetic.


To dream of hearing a heartbeat may represent awareness of yourself being afraid or threatened. You may be avoiding confronting a problem head-on or are choosing to put up with fear.

Alternatively, hearing a heartbeat may reflect recognition of feelings. Acknowledgment of how much you care or love.

A heartbeat may also symbolize evidence of life or interest. The vitality of a relationship or situation. The essence of a matter.


To dream of heartbreak represents overwhelming feelings of disappointment, rejection, or loss. Abrupt changes or feeling surprised that you need to make an unpleasant transition on your own. Heartbreak may also reflect a lack of support or love. Embarrassment after becoming accustomed to a relationship or situation. Feeling that you are “a joke” to other people.

Alternatively, heartbreak in a dream may reflect emotional turmoil.

Negatively, heartbreak may be a sign that you are not valuing or believing in yourself enough. Being too concerned with dependency or thinking you need something to function. Believing that there will never be anything else for you.

Hearts (Playing Cards)

*Please See Playing Cards


To dream of heat represents intensity or passion. Some area of your life being pushed very hard. Alternatively, heat may reflect a negative situation or the worsening of problems. It may also represent pressure you or someone else is feeling.

Positively, heat in a dream may reflect something in waking life that spares you from terrible conditions. A sympathetic, comforting, or supportive situation during a difficult time.

Hot weather in a dream may reflect a lot of negativity or uncertainty in your relationships or work life. A constant state of stress or conflict.


To dream of a heat seeking device represents a mindset that is looking for negativity or problems.

To dream of a heat-seeking missile represents a mindset that is targeting someone else’s negativity to harm them or embarrass them. Using someone else’s problems or bad intentions to get back at them. Alternatively, it may reflect someone else that is using your flaws, weaknesses, or bad habits to get back at you.


To dream of a heater represents a wish to use something or someone to make your life feel less terrible. Habits you have to make yourself more comfortable during an insensitive or emotionally cold situation. Increasing the warmth, nurturance, or comfort of a situation.

Alternatively, a heater may reflect the sharing of love or being loving towards others. Helping to make a bad time more comfortable for someone else. Make a situation or relationship more hospitable.

*Please See Radiator


To dream of heaven represents perfect happiness, bliss, or transcendence. A state of mind or situation where everything is working out. Feeling that everything you want is happening. Feelings about life working perfectly or feeling very happy to experience a moment of extreme luck. Situations in your life where you feel an exceptional amount of support from other people that may be unusual for you. Feelings of paradise or that a situations “feels like heaven.” Preoccupation with escaping a depressing or banal life. Preoccupation with restoring optimism and hope to your life.

Negatively, dreaming about heaven may reflect too much wishful thinking or desire for a perfect outcome that may be unrealistic. Expecting too much from people to make your life perfect. Expecting strangers you just met to perfectly fix your problems. Problems with accepting that the fact that you need to deal with your problems on your own. Difficulties accepting the hard reality of a situation. Too much confidence in strangers solving your problems. Naively believing that perfect happiness is possible.

To dream of not being allowed into heaven may represent a situation in waking life that prevents you from achieving total happiness. Feeling denied from happiness. Anxiety or jealousy that you weren’t perfect enough in some way.

Dreams of heaven may occur for people who are very religious and experiencing anxiety about God thinking they are a good person when they die.

Dreams of heaven are also common to people who may have had a very hard life (disabilities, bad family, bad luck) and believe that supportive people they meet for the first time are going to solve their problems.

*Please See God


To dream of something being heavy represents your feelings about how serious or important a situation is. Feeling how difficult or challenging a situation or problem is. Having your work cut out for you. A burden.

Positively, a heavy object may reflect your sense of security. Knowing it will be difficult to challenge you or force unwanted changes on you.

To dream of something being too heavy to lift represents feelings of lacking power, resources, or support from others. Feeling that a problem or burden is too big. A sign that you may need help. Questioning whether or not you are strong enough to deal with an issue.

To dream of carrying something heavy represents your burdens, work load, or responsibilities. You may be carrying too much on your shoulders and need to prioritize. A sign that you need to take a break, lighten up, or learn to delegate.


To dream of a hedgehog represents feelings about honest intentions having been disrespected. Sensitivity about having been lied to first. Behavior that is both shy and defensive. Honest intentions about discussing how dangerous some area of your life is.

Negatively, hedgehogs may reflect a competitive attitude that is uncalled for or rude. Feelings about yourself being a wonderful person who someone else has rudely embarrassed. Feelings about someone else rudely making you feel like you don’t matter first. Being honest about your problems and then feeling insulted that someone else is brags about themselves. Being talked to or treated like a “piece of garbage” when you are good person.


To dream of a hedge represents an aspect of your personality that is secretive or hiding something. A person or situation that is keeping information from you or doesn’t want you noticing something. A bush may also reflect some sort of platform or “smoke screen” being used for deception.

Alternatively, a hedge may represent your own attempt to conceal information or a problem you have. A distraction or barrier you use to keep others from noticing things you don’t want them to.

*Please See Bush


To dream of the heel on a foot represents feelings about your ability to stop yourself from doing something immoral or doing something that you know is wrong. Knowing when to draw the line in a questionable situation.

To dream of an injury to your heel may reflect problems with will-power or resisting something immoral. Having trouble stopping yourself from indulging in temptation, bad behavior, or inappropriate sexual behavior.


To dream of being at tall height represents a heightened sense of achievement. You may feel superior to others in some manner. You may also feel that you have overcome an enormous challenge or worked very hard to get where you are. Reaching the pinnacle of success or a challenge. Heights may also reflect insider knowledge or feeling smarter than others.

Negatively, heights may reflect feelings of danger or risk as you are working towards a goal or achievement. Fearing losing what you have achieved so far as you continue to make progress.

Dreaming of a fear of heights may reflect a fear of success or that you are not believing in yourself enough. Feeling that you are not as good as others think you are. Fearing that you are unable to maintain your success or that you are unqualified.

Heimlich Maneuver

To dream of the Heimlich maneuver represents reversing a bad or embarrassing choice. Helping yourself or someone else speak up for themselves or reverse a bad decision. Changing a choice that would have resulted in a unstoppable failure.


To dream of Heineken beer represents relaxed attitude about an issue because you are excellent at what you do, but don’t need to do it right now. Being excellent at doing something that someone else asks you to do, but you don’t need to right now. Professionally deserving to take time off like it doesn’t matter at all. Feeling impressive at what you do and don’t have to do anything with it because nobody asked you to. Feeling good being professional at your job and deserving to take some time off to not worry about it in the current moment. Feeling required that you are not required to start something yet. A relaxed mindset because you are perfectly finished your responsibilities or work, but you also know you’ll have to go back to it later. Professionally deserving time off because work isn’t pressing concern right now. Deserving to relax because you are not needed in the office or to work right now. Relaxed that an issue isn’t your problem because you’ve already done what was required of you. Relaxed that nothing is your problem because you already did what was required or asked of you. Professionally not needing to do anything else with something right now. Taking time off from something that you are capable of being very serious with if asked to. Feeling that it’s fantastic that you don’t have to be in the office ever second of the day. Confidence that you are better at something than someone else, but don’t need to care about it right now. Relaxed that nothing is a problem because you can get serious about it if you need to.

A relaxed attitude about not having to listen to anyone else if you don’t want to because your responsibilities are finished. A relaxed attitude that is confident about affording itself. A relaxed attitude about people being able to depend on you if they need you to. A relaxed attitude about always being only as successful as you need to be.

Negatively, dreaming about Heineken beer represents thoughts of taking time off while being excellent at what you do like it doesn’t matter when you don’t want to.


To dream of a helicopter represents plans or projects that are getting off the ground and allow you full discretion. Total freedom that allows you to adapt. Plans or projects that are “getting of the ground” and can adapt as needed. The ability to start, stop, or change as needed with full freedom. Living free at your own pace. No fear of adapting while undertaking new plans.

Negatively, a helicopter may reflect your fear of people that have the ability to adapt as needed to control you. Opposition that can start, stop, or change as needed with full freedom. Feelings about having the freedom to be a total jerk while dealing with an off-on problem.

To dream of a helicopter crashing represents feelings about failed plans or projects being carried out with full discretion. Versatile progressive situations that have failed. New experiences which you can start and stop at your leisure which have resulted in failure.


*Please See DNA


To dream of being in hell represents agony suffering, or an unpleasant situation that feels like it never ends. You may be experiencing a situation that feels inescapable, that totally lacks respect, or feels like nobody cares about you. You may feel tortured or frustrated by a problem.

A job you hate, a serious illness, nightmare situation, unending punishment, or feeling that you are surrounded by terrible evil or mean people. An abusive situation.


To dream of someone saying hello or hi to you may represent feelings about something new about to happen. Beginning or adjusting to a new situation. Surprise that something new has to start or stop. A new situation that you feel is “introducing” itself. A new situation that makes you feel like your feelings are important. Liking something for the first time. Experiencing something deserving to be acknowledged. A mutual wish to adjust comfortably to a new situation. A reminder of some sort. Having to “greet” some kind of situation whether you want to or not.

Negatively, dreaming of someone saying hello may reflect new dangerous, unpleasant, or negative situations that presenting themselves. Surprise that a bad situation, argument, or problem is calmly presenting itself in your life. Something new starting to happen that you don’t want to happen. Feeling greeted by a problem in your life. Alternatively, it may reflect unpleasant reminder.

To dream of yourself saying hello or saying hi to someone represents your willingness to give a situation a chance. Your willingness to respect someone else adjusting to you in a new way.

To dream of saying hello to someone and they don’t say hello back to you may represent your feelings about yourself politely giving a situation a chance or respecting someone first when the politeness or respect is not felt in return. Feelings about being embarrassed being too nice or open to someone else. Feelings of willingness or openness not returned.

Dreams of saying hello to people you have romantic interest in who don’t say hello back to you may reflect waking life situations where you feel embarrassed that feelings aren’t shared or that you were too nice to someone you like. Jealousy that someone or something doesn’t like you as much as you like them.

*Please See Telephone


To dream of a helmet represents psychological protection. You or someone else may be resisting influence or changing beliefs. Protected opinions and attitudes.

Positively, it may reflect resisting negative influences, maintaining principles, or never giving in to problems. Negatively, it may reflect stubbornness, being overprotective, being over cautious, or an unwillingness to change.


To dream of giving someone help represents awareness of yourself encouraging or supporting a cause. It may also reflect a decision to respect yourself, take action, or believe in yourself. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are encouraging behavior or situations that may not be in your best interest. Encouraging something that you know is wrong.

To dream of helping an enemy or evil person may represent giving in to negative intentions or bad behavior. It may also reflect feelings about yourself succumbing to “evil.” Alternatively, it may reflect problems you are giving up on. Throwing away power on purpose or choosing to be a loser. Helping enemies or evil people may also symbolize your wish for bad things to happen to yourself or others.

To dream of needing or asking for help represents feelings of being lost, overwhelmed, or inadequate in some way.

Negatively, needing help in a dream may be a sign that you are not being vocal enough or trying hard enough to get people’s attention focused on your problems. Silently suffering with your problems. Being too introverted about your problems. Feelings about observing dishonesty that helps to avoid unpleasant consequences. Awareness of lies or cheating assisting you life. Excuses used for avoidance.

To dream of seeing someone asking for help may reflect an awareness of yourself not taking enough action on problems when you are lost, overwhelmed, or feelings inadequate. Negatively, it may reflect your willful blindness of other people’s problems.

*Please See Helpless


To dream of being helpless represents feelings about yourself or others having no chance to succeed on their own. Feelings about yourself being desperate. Not believing in yourself enough. Giving up too easily. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling sorry for yourself and giving up. Thinking of yourself as a victim.

Negatively, seeing helplessness in a dream may reflect people in your waking life that make you feel sorry for them. Feeling that you need to do things for people. A sign that you may benefit from letting others people figure out their problems on their own. Being too involved in other people’s problems. A warning dream about bad judgement.


*Please See Bleeding


To dream of hemp represents a person, situation, or behavior that has to be recognized as respectable. Difficult honesty, moderation, or a compromise that nobody can question. A very brave moment of total honesty.

Negatively, hemp may reflect a dangerous moment of total honesty. Telling the truth or being responsible when it feels risky or may end up disastrous for you. Moderation or taking the middle ground when it’s very uncomfortable. Feeling stupid for having told the truth.

*Please See Marijuana


*Please See Chickens


To dream of a herb represents making a situation more interesting, special, or with zest than normal. Looking at a situation from a different perspective. Your wish to make a situation different than usual. Doing something different to make a situation work. Changes that are both different and good for you. Trying something new to get an advantage.

Negatively, dreams of herbs may be reflect feeling that that you don’t need to do anything
substance because you can simply do something different than other people do to trick people into making a situation work. Dishonest or evil intentions to do something different to make getting back at someone work when normal methods don’t work. Terrible jealousy that care about special care about doing something different to get back at someone. Dishonest attempts to get an advantage.

Dreams of herbs commonly accompany symbolism of magic, black magic, or witches.

Consider the type of the herb for additional meaning.


To dream of Hercules represents a display of unlimited strength. You or someone else that’s focused on proving they’re stronger than anyone else. Embarrassing other people with superiority that can’t be outdone. Showing off with superior strength.

Positively, Hercules may reflect displays of protectiveness or looking out of weaker people. Showing off being supportive and protective of smaller or weaker people.

Negatively, Hercules in a dream may be a sign that you are too concerned with proving your superiority or that you’re stronger than other people. Arrogance or showing off may need to be toned down. Male bravado.


To dream of a hermaphrodite represents an aspect of yourself that combines both feminine and masculine traits.

Alternatively, a hermaphrodite may reflect unpleasant feelings about yourself never being accepted or able to fit in. Feeling that there is no normal place for you.

*Please See Androgynous


To dream of a hero represents recognition for an outstanding achievement or facing difficult obstacle. Feeling that you’ve “saved the day.” Having done something that nobody was could have done or that nobody else was prepared for. Being a hero may also reflect feelings of bravery or courage. It may also mean you’ve done something really well.

Admiration for superior skills, abilities, or principles. Standing up to fear when nobody else will. Setting a good example.


To dream of the drug heroin represents obsession or euphoria with believing how wonderfully perfect something is. Believing that something perfect is so good it will never go away.

Negatively, heroin represents ignorance or stupidity about thinking that there can never be anything wrong or dangerous with something perfect you are interested in. An inability to be objective or critical about negative aspects of a perfect situation. Thinking “the bill” won’t come or that there is no “fine print.” Naively believing that good times are forever. Pleasure or optimism overrides your good judgement. Annoying people you know with your personal stories about how perfect your life is.

Emotional addiction to a perfect experience. Risking serious losses because you can’t separate your need for experiencing perfection from objective reality. Obsessive or compulsive behavior with something you like a lot. Obsessive behavior that makes other people want to stop talking to you or know you anymore.

Heroin addiction in a dream may reflect how you are continually screwing yourself over being too optimistic or to obsessed with something you feel is perfect. It may also reflect hurting yourself desiring someone exceptionally beautiful who keeps embarrassing you. Perfection that you can’t resist or once experienced is dangerously difficult to cut off.

*Please See Opium


To dream of a heron represents careful forethought. Herons may show up in dreams when you are carefully planning something. Thinking about everything you need before you do it.


To dream of herpes represents a pleasant situation that has turned bad and permanently requires constant care. Having to keep managing the consequences of a disappointment. Alternatively, herpes may reflect a tragedy that never goes away.

Herpes in a dream may be a sign that you need to let go of something or move in a new direction. You may be managing a failure because you can’t except that it’s over.

Example: A man dreamed that his best friend caught herpes. In waking life his attempt to improve his business with a new opportunity turned into a giant failure. He felt trapped into having to manage the increasing costs in order to stay in business.

*Please See Cold Sores


To dream of a hexagon represents your life being totally dedicated to confronting negativity. You might also be experiencing so much negativity that you don’t know what to do about it.

To dream of a hexagon hallway represents a path in life or transitional period where you are confronting negativity or feel overwhelmed by negativity.


*Please See Star Of David


To dream of a hickey represents feelings of embarrassment that you or someone else is liking themselves too much. Frustration or annoyance at having too much attention drawn to your private life. Not liking to have to keep discussing something that you feel is “getting old.”

A hickey may also reflect the embarrassment of having enjoyed revealing too much about yourself to others. A spur of the moment idea or instance of spontaneity that embarrasses you that you went too far with it.

Negatively, a hickey may reflect feelings of embarrassment about a misconception that others believe you enjoyed more than you honestly did. Not liking others thinking you had too much of a good time.

Positively, a hickey may reflect feelings of pride that you have proof that you are too important or too well liked.

To dream of giving someone else a hickey may represent feelings of embarrassment for having liked doing something too much. Obsession or going overboard enjoying yourself to point that it causes yourself or others embarrassment.

Hidden Cameras

To dream of discovering hidden cameras represents unpleasant feelings about others not trusting you. Feeling that you privacy or personal space has been violated. Feeling scrutinized or monitored with your knowledge. Embarrassment or surprise at how jealous of you someone else is. Feeling shocked at how nosy or controlling someone in your life is. Feeling that someone is too interested in your life for your comfort level.

To dream of setting up hidden cameras may represent your jealousy of someone else. Keep tabs on others without their knowledge. A lack of trust you have in someone.

*Please See Security Cameras

*Please See Video Camera


To dream of hiding represents your fear of confronting an issue. You may have a secret or are withholding the truth. You may have anxiety about facing a problem or revealing weakness. It may also reflect guilt or a fear of repercussions.


To dream of Egyptian hieroglyphics represents feelings about a situation being interesting, but foreign. Meaning or purpose that is beyond your grasp. Feelings about an interesting situation sending you signals that there is purpose or fate that you don’t fully understand. An interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes in your life.

Negatively, Egyptian hieroglyphics may represent too much desire for someone that is impossible to have a real relationship with. An nonobjective wish to get to know someone foreign that may be unrealistic. Too much interest in something you can never do anything about. Too much interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes. Hopeless fascination. Reading in to the something that isn’t happening.


*Please See Drugs

*Please See Heights

High Heels

To dream of high heel shoes represents an approach to a situation that is focused on never being rejected or losing. Ambition or drive to guarantee winning. You feel confident and self-assured. A dominating attitude. Wanting to “seal the deal” or being a “closer.”

Alternatively, high heel shoes may reflect someone or something that is difficult to say no to. Feminine dominance.

High School

To dream of being in high school represents anxiety or concerns you have in regards to gaining power, resources, or status. How well you are being perceived by others or how well you are performing in life. You want more responsibility, status, or to feel more capable. You are trying to improve yourself in some manner. Negatively, high school may reflect too much concern with developing power or status.

High school points to insecurities, or anxieties about how powerful or capable you feel as a person.

To dream of not completing or dropping out of high school may reflect feelings about not having done enough to achieve power or status. Feeling that you didn’t try hard enough to achieve your goals. Feeling that you surrendered or gave on an accomplishment you cared a lot about. Feeling like a loser for not having tried hard enough at something important to you.

Attending specific classes in a school may represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes your attempts to solve a difficult problem.

If you attended a number of different high schools then each school may reflect a different level of difficulty or stress in your life.

Examples life situations that may encourage school dreams may be nervousness about dating someone, anxiety about work, or caring deeply about how others will react to a project you are working on or plans you have.

Dreaming of certain memorable locations at a school you attended may reflect current emotional states based on those memories. For example if someone hurt your feelings or made you concerned about what they thought in a certain location (hallway, doorway, or back of a room) in a dream it may reflect your concerns about what other people think.

*Please See Tests

*Please See Exams

*Please See School

*Please See Elementary School

*Please See College

*Please See University

*Please See Private School

*Please See Preschool

High School Credits

*Please See School Credits

High School Reunion

To dream of a high school reunion represents remembering of old conflicts, challenges, or power struggles. Revisiting old issues or how things used to be in relationships. Open discussion about who is luckier.

Positively, a high school reunion may reflect feelings of being luckier than other people you know.

Negatively, a high school reunion represents feelings of rivalry, jealousy, or rubbing achievements in others faces. You or others that are openly discussing being better than other people. Difficulty letting go of the past. Resurfacing tensions. Bitterness. Open discussions you may be having with others about who is more deserving or respectable.

Alternatively, a high school union may reflect competitiveness or old quarrels between friends or family that are resurfacing. Noticing that others are petty or can’t get over something that happened in the past. Comparisons of social status or achievements.


To dream of a highway represents situations in your life where you are experiencing momentum or progress. A situation is moving along quickly.

If you’re pulled off to the side of the road, have an accident, or find yourself driving a vehicle in poor condition it may symbolize problems or emotional issues you are experiencing during fast paced situations. Difficulties or delays you are having while “moving ahead” with something.

To dream of getting into an accident with another car on the highway represents conflicting ideas or agendas during a fast paced or progressive situation. A fight with another person while experiencing a life situation that is moving quickly ahead.

To dream of getting lost on the highway represents feelings that a face paced situation has left you feeling way in over your head. Feeling that a life situation has moved much too quickly for you. A sign that you need to slow down or ask for help. Insecurity about losing your sense of direction or purpose during a high momentum situation. You may have “gotten ahead of yourself” by moving too quickly.


To dream of something being hijacked represents beliefs, opinions, or situations that are taking over. Hijacking may also reflect panic that is taking over your better judgment.

Alternatively, hijacking may represent a loss of control. You may feel someone has taken over an area of your life or seized your moment.

To dream of an airplane being hijacked represents plans or projects that you feel are being taking over. An unwelcome person may be asserting themselves in your life. Fear, panic, or negative emotions may be overwhelming your decisions.


To dream of hiking represents slow tough progress and achievement. Perseverance and a strong will as you deal with a problem or uncertain conditions. A long project that will take time to finish. A ‘long haul” situation. A difficult protracted situation. A long challenge that doesn’t scare you. Negatively, hiking in a dream reflect feelings about choosing to endure a longer more difficult option than you need to.

Alternatively, hiking in a dream may reflect your enjoyment or preference for a situation to be longer more difficult situation. Feeling good that a situation is never challenging enough. Confidence that something difficult and time consuming doesn’t matter.

People who are spending a lot of time looking for a new home often dream of hiking. This may reflect their confidence getting a new place to life after long time of enduring a painstaking process of visiting homes and filing rental applications.


To dream of a hill represents an obstacle in your life. A struggle to achieve a goal. The steepness of hill reflects how big the challenge is that you’re facing.

To dream of moving uphill represents your attempt to work against an obstacle. Feeling the difficulty of a situation or that something is getting harder. Feeling that a problem is too much for you. You may also be experiencing an enormous challenge or lots of pressure to meet a deadline. Fighting against the odds. A sign that you need to “tough it out.” Patience and dedication will benefit you.

To dream of moving downhill represents a sense of ease with an obstacle or feeling that you are moving away from a problem. Life may feel like it’s getting easier. Moving downhill too fast may reflect an improvement that is happening too quick to respond to. Something is good is happening too fast.

To dream of standing on top of a hill represents success or overcoming a challenge. You are noticing that you struggle is over with.

To dream of a steep hill represents feelings about an obstacle in your life being particularly difficult. A challenge which requires you to try your hardest or be stubborn to overcome it. Feelings about needing to push yourself hard to achieve your goals. Negatively, a steep hill may reflect feelings about how an obstacle is demanding too much from you. Feeling it’s too much work to overcome a challenge that other people may not think is difficult.

*Please See Mountain